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WWE ECW 6/23/09 (Repost)

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WWE open, ECW open.  Matt Striker and Josh Matthews hype the Championship Scramble Match at the Bash.  Tonight, in a preview match, Tommy Dreamer & Christian take on Mark Henry & Jack Swagger!

Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd (w/ David Hart Smith and Natalya).  This will rule.  Bourne still has his ribs tapped from his recent beatings at the hands of Mark Henry.  They’re awesome for a minute, then Smith tries to interfere.  The rest of the Hart Dynasty gets ejected, then Bourne and Kidd are awesome some more.  “ECW” chants after Bourne hits a dive to the outside.  Kidd works Bourne’s injured ribs.  Bourne turns a move attempt in a cover for 2.  Kidd attacks the ribs again.  Bourne takes the chest first bump into the turnbuckle made famous by Bret Hart.  Bourne hits a sort of frog splash to Kidd’s back and hurts his ribs again.  Bourne gets a sweet modified cradle for 2.  Striker plugs WWE Classics.  Bourne hits a sweet rana and another move and gets 2.  Kidd lands a spin kick to the ribs.  Bourne catches Kidd with a knee to the face, then goes up top and lands the Shooting Star press for the pin at 5:25.  Awesome little match.

Replay of last Finlay’s attacks on everybody last week.  Finlay is headed our way!  Commercials!

Finlay comes out.  He’s pissed because Christian and Dreamer texted instead of calling him after they hurt his eye.  Zack Ryder comes out and talks shit.  His music is fucking gay.  Finlay vs. Ryder is NEXT!  Which means it will be half over after the commercials.

Finlay vs. Zack Ryder. JIP, of course.  Ryder is wearing half trunks/half pants.  WTF?  Finlay kicks his ass, and rightfully so.  They end up conking heads, which apparently hurts Finlay’s bad eye.  This allows Ryder to get some heat on him.  Ryder targets the injured facial area.  Finlay makes a comeback.  Finlay Roll gets 2.  Finlay hurts the eye again.  Ryder uncovers a turnbuckle while the referee checks on him.  Finlay gets a quick flash pinfall at around the 10 minute mark.  Match was ok.  Commercials!

Raw Rebound.  Striker and Matthews hype the Bash card, then Striker explains the rules of a Championship Scramble Match with the aid of his chalk board in the ring.

Gregory Helms tries to interview Mark Henry.  Something heavy falls on one of the backstage guys.  Helms disappears, then The Hurricane helps the other backstage guys left the heavy thing.  He disappears, then Helms reappears with Henry and Atlas.  Yeah…  Commercials!

Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas) & Jack Swagger vs. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer & Christian.  Christian and Swagger lock up.  Swagger does his amateur stuff.  Dreamer tags in.  He and Christian don’t seem to be at each other’s throats this week.  Henry tags in.  Dreamer manages to drop him.  Dreamer and Christian hit dives on Henry and Swagger, respectively.  Commercials!  Back!  Christian fights off Swagger and nails a European uppercut, then tags in Dreamer.  Dreamer cleans house.  Swagger gets some heat on him.  Tags on both sides.  Christian tries to knock down Henry, and finally does after 2 missile dropkicks.  Cover gets 2.  Swagger runs in and gets taken out by Christian.  Christian avoids the World’s Strongest Slam and goes for a sunset flip.  Swagger tags in.  Christian avoids Henry’s butt drop.  Christian counters the Doctor Bomb with a reverse cradle for 2.  Killswitch on Swagger.  Atlas pulls Swagger’s foot under the ropes and points it out to the ref.  Dreamer disposes of Atlas.  Henry slams Christian into the post.  Swagger hits the Doctor Bomb for the pin at 13:03.  Alright match.  Henry drops Dreamer, then hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Swagger for good measure.  Henry looks strong heading into the Championship Scramble Match!

Fin.  Alright show.

WWE ECW 2/2/10

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WWE open, ECW open.  Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton are our hosts, from Memphis, Tennessee!  Tonight, Mr. McMahon will be in the house!

Savannah introduces Tony Atlas, who introduces Abraham Washington.  Washington babbles for a while, then introduces his guest: the ECW Champion, Christian!  Christian is the longest reigning current champion in WWE.  Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez interrupt.  Ryder says the real news this week is The Hurricane’s recent arrest.  Ryder says this proves he’s the heart and soul superhero of ECW.  Christian says Ryder is jealous of Hurricane.  They banter back and forth.  Abraham ends the show before they can fight.

Matthews and Saxton talk.  Tonight, Mr. McMahon addresses the future of ECW!  Commercials! plug.

Shot of the FedExForum.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer.  They show Archer attacking Benjamin from behind last week.  Shelton kicks Archer’s ass, because he’s pissed.  Archer bails.  Benjamin takes him out with a dive.  Back inside, Archer takes control briefly until Shelton hits a move, then sends him out of the ring.  Benjamin goes for another dive, but Archer moves and sends him into the barricade.  Commercials.  Archer has Benjamin in an arm hold, having taken over during the break.  Archer keeps the pressure on.  Shelton avoids Archer in the corner and chop blocks his leg.  Shelton Stinger Splashes into Archer’s elbow.  Archer goes for a suplex or something, but Shelton counters it into a neckbreaker for 2.  Archer tries to pin Shelton by holding the ropes, but gets caught, then seconds later, gets the pin with his feet on the ropes in 9:45.

Raw Rebound.  This Friday on Smackdown, exclusive footage of what happened after Raw went off the air!

Tonight, Christian takes on Zack Ryder!

Yoshi Tatsu (w/ Goldust) vs. Trent Barreta (w/ Caylen Croft).  They lock up, then have an awesome fast paced exchange.  Yoshi works a hammerlock.  Barreta sends Yoshi out of the ring.  Yoshi comes back and throws a big kick that Barreta ducks.  Barreta takes over.  Tatsu hits a big back body drop and throws some kicks.  Double knees in the corner, then a snapmare and a kick to the middle for 2.  Yoshi goes up top, but Barreta meets him and goes for a superplex.  Yoshi fights him off, but Barreta springs back up and hits a Frankensteiner for 2.  Barreta argues with the referee, then Yoshi kicks him in the head for the pin in 3:58.  Yoshi and Goldust celebrate.

Mr. McMahon’s announcement is NEXT!

Royal Rumble highlights.

Savannah introduces Mr. McMahon.  Vince announces that ECW will be going off the air in 3 weeks, to be replaced by “the next evolution of WWE… [and] television history.”

Gregory Helms is in the ring.  He introduces Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal).  He tries to interview Zeke, but they kick his ass instead.  Christian makes the save with a Singapore cane.  Commercials.

Non-Title: ECW Champion Christian vs. Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendez).  They wrestle.  Christian hits a baseball slide dropkick to the outside on Ryder.  Back inside, Christian goes to the middle rope.  Rosa distracts him, allowing Ryder to grab his legs and do the old bottom rope decapitator spot.  Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for 2.  Christian goes up top again.  Ryder tries a superplex, but Christian pushes him away and hits a cross body for 2.  Christian hits a flapjack and his standing on the guy on the bottom rope bit.  Slide out of the ring, palm strike, missile dropkick gets 2 for Christian.  Christian goes for the springboard sunset flip, but Ryder sits on it for 2.  Christian hits his kick through the ropes and a diving elbow smash, then hits the Killswitch.  Ezekiel Jackson attacks Christian to cause the DQ in 5:25.  Zeke and Regal beat down Christian.  Zeke stands over a fallen Christian to close the show.

WWE ECW 1/26/10 (Repost)

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WWE open, hype for the main event (Christian & Kane vs. Regal & Zeke), ECW open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton are our hosts.

William Regal is already in the ring.  He introduces “the next ECW Champion,” Ezekiel Jackson.  Zeke cuts a promo on Christian.  Christian comes out to retort and makes a Pulp Fiction reference, which makes me happy.  They go back and forth, eventually leading to…

ECW Champion Christian & Kane vs. William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson.  JIP.  Christian and Regal go at it, which is always good times.  The big guys tag in and have their big guy fight.  Christian tags in and tries to out-quick Zeke, but eventually gets caught and powerslammed.  Kane tags in and the bad guys start getting heat on him.  Christian comes in and tries to chop down big Zeke.  Christian hits a missile dropkick for 2, then goes for the Killswitch but fails.  Christian hits his reverse DDT, knocks Regal to the floor, throws Zeke out, and hits a dive out onto them.  Commercial.  Kane tags Christian back in and Zeke throws Christian out of the ring.  Christian brawls with Regal, then gets dropped by Zeke.  The bad guys get heat on Christian.  Kane gets the hot tag and runs wild on Regal.  Kane hits the diving clothesline and goes for the chokeslam, but Zeke interrupts.  Christian tags in and Kane throws him onto Zeke.  Kane and Zeke brawl outside.  Regal counters Christian’s Killswitch and hits an Exploder.  Zeke sends Kane into the steps.  Christian avoids the knee trembler and goes for the Killswitch, but Zeke tags in mid-move and hits his uranage on Christian for the pin in about 18 minutes.  Okay match.

Tonight, The Hurricane, Goldust, and Yoshi Tatsu take on Zack Ryder, Trent Barreta, and Caylen Croft!

Matthews and Saxton hype the Royal Rumble card, followed by the great Rumble “By the numbers” video.

Shelton Benjamin cuts a promo about the Rumble match, but gets jumped midway through by Vance Archer.

Zack Ryder comes out with Rosa Mendez for his match.  They show last week’s incident where Rosa berated Savannah, who was saved by The Hurricane.

Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendez), Trent Barreta, & Caylen Croft vs. The Hurricane, Goldust, & Yoshi Tatsu.  Goldust and Croft start.  Hurricane tags in and gets a near fall on Croft.  Ryder tags in and goes at it with his rival, Hurricane.  Hurricane low bridges Ryder out of the ring.  Ryder and Croft jump in, but get run out by the other faces.  Commercials.  Man, what a long commercial break.  Finally back to action, with Yoshi and Croft having a fine exchange.  Goldust tags in and hammers Croft.  Barreta and Hurricane tag in and go at it.  Hurricane hits a nice hurricanrana (a term I never use, but it fits here).  Barreta bails to avoid the Shining Black, then Hurricane dives on him.  Ryder distracts Hurricane to let the heels get the advantage, then tags in to administer some punishment.  Ryder hits the Rough Ryder, hammer Hurricane some more, and tags in Croft.  Hurricane plays face in peril for a while until he manages to drop Croft with the Shining Black and make the hot tag to Yoshi, who runs wild on Barreta.  Yoshi hits a spinning kick off the top on Barreta, but Ryder saves.  Brief clusterfuck ensues, then Yoshi drops Barreta with another kick for the pin in 14:54.  Good little match to cap off a fun show.

WWE ECW 1/19/10 (Repost)

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WWE open, ECW Homecoming highlights, ECW open.  Tonight, Christian takes on William Regal!  YES!

Savannah introduces Tony Atlas, who introduces Santino Marella, guest host of tonight’s Abraham Washington Show.  Santino and Atlas banter.  Santino introduces his guest, babyface Vladimir Kozlov.  I hope Kozlov throws out an “I LOVE DOUBLE DOUBLE E” for old time’s sake.  Kozlov said he was  in a Ukrainian biker gang until someone ran over his face.   They go in in their hard to understand accents.  Comedy gold here.  Santino suggests that they become a tag team.  Kozlov says no.  He asks the crowd.  Crowd also says no.  Santino ends the show early.

Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu are headed our way!

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft.  Goldust goes with both.  Tatsu tags in and Croft and Barreta manage to get the advantage on him and work him over.  Yoshi plays face in peril and finally makes the hot tag to Goldust.  Goldust hits the snap powerslam on Croft.  Barreta saves.  Goldust cradles Croft.  Barreta nails him while the ref’s back is turned, allowing Croft to get the pin in 6:13.  Good little tag match.  Apologies for skimping so much on the match details.

Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez are headed our way!

Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez do indeed come to the ring.  He says since he beat The Hurricane last week, he now wants to be referred to as the new heart and soul superhero of ECW.  He has Savannah announce his as such.  Twice.  Rosa yells at her in Spanish.  The Hurricane runs out and hits a diving cross body on Ryder.  Hurricane kisses Savannah’s hand.

Christian vs. Regal TONIGHT!  Awesome!

Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton hype the Royal Rumble card.  Then, they show clips of the recent issues between Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer.  Those two will meet this Thursday on Superstars.

Non-Title: ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal (w/ Ezekiel Jackson).  As always, they wrestle, and it’s good.  Regal, awesome motherfucker that he is, stretches Christian’s arm.  Regal ends up on the floor and Christian hits him with a baseball slide dropkick, then brings him back in.  Christian gets distracted by Jackson looking at him.  Commercials.  They continue wrestling, and it’s still good.  Regal counters a backslide and evilly mauls Christian.  Christian fights back.  Regal drops him with an elbow smash for 2.  Christian goes for the Killswitch.  Regal counters and hits an Exploder.  Regal kicks Christian’s head into the post.  Ouch.  Regal continues to fuck Christian’s shit all up.  Christian makes his comeback and hits a tornado DDT for 2.  Regal avoids a missile dropkick and goes for the knee trembler.  Christian catches him with a jackknife hold for 2.  Christian does his springboard sunset flip.  Regal drops him with a blow for a 2 count.  Christian dropkicks Regal in the corner, then hits a diving European uppercut.  Christian goes for the Killswitch again.  Regal counters him.  Christian throws Regal out of the ring and prepares to dive on him.  Jackson runs in and attacks Christian to cause the DQ at 16:12.  A good match between these two as always.  Regal and Jackson beat down Christian as the show ends.

Sorry for the poor review this week.  I have things on my mind.

WWE ECW 1/12/10 (Repost)

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WWE open, ECW Homecoming video package, ECW open , pyro and ballyhoo. Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton are our hosts.

Rosa Mendez dances to the ring, then introduces her man, Zack Ryder. He calls himself the new heart and soul of ECW, he’s above the ECW Championship, yadda yadda. The Hurricane comes out. They bicker. Rosa speaks Spanish. Hurricane makes fun of her. Rosa slaps Hurricane. Hurricane decks Ryder and throws him out of the ring.

Tonight, ECW Homecoming!

The Hurricane vs. Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendez). JIP. Tiffany made the match during the break. Hurricane beats up Ryder until Ryder throws him shoulder first into the post and starts working him over. Rough Ryder gets 2. Hurricane throws some punches, then gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Ryder covers for 2. Hurricane makes his comeback. Ryder hits the Zack Attack for the pin in about 5 minutes.

CM Punk (w/ bitchin’ beard and Luke Gallows) says he’ll become ECW Champion and cause ECW to cease to exist and become his Straight Edge Society. Huh?

Goldust vs. Trent Barreta (w/ Caylen Croft). They go fast and furious to start. Man, Goldust has really made a comeback lately as far as his work goes. Goldust drops Barreta with the butt butt, then clotheslines him out of the ring. Barreta gets back in the ring and clamps on a rear chin lock. Goldust fights out and backdrops him. Goldust hits the powerslam, then drops Barreta with clotheslines. Goldust with an inverted atomic drop and the bulldog for 2. Barreta elbows Goldust in the head and BLASTS him with a knee to the face for the pin at 4:52. Good little match.

William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson talk about the ECW Homecoming Finale.

Kane is headed our way! The Finale is NEXT!

Matthews and Saxton lead into the Raw Rebound.

Savannah introduces ECW GM Tiffany (w/ slutty music). She’s gonna play ring announcer. She introduces ECW Champion Christian to be a guest commentator.

ECW Homecoming Battle Royal: CM Punk vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy vs. Vance Archer vs. Kane. Shelton jumps Archer before Kane’s entrance. Once the match starts, Kane immediately throws out Bourne. Everybody fights. Archer wakes up and fights Kane. Everybody else fights too. Commercial. Everybody fights some more. Punk almost gets eliminated by Jackson. Benjamin eliminates Archer and himself. Jackson eliminates Hardy. Jackson tosses Punk. Kane eliminates Tatsu. It’s down to Kane and Jackson. They fight. Kane goes for the chokeslam. Zeke fights it off. Kane drops him with the big boot and goes up top. Zeke ducks the diving clothesline and clotheslines Kane out of the ring to win it at 13:54. Zeke celebrates with William Regal. He glares at Christian at ringside.

Another fun ECW. I’m sad that I’ve missed it the past couple of weeks.