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ROH Supercard of Honor III (Repost)

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Originally posted on 1/3/09.

That’s right, I’m back with more ROH!

Delirious vs. Go Shiosaki is our first match.  As always, Delirious goes crazy and runs all around when the bell rings.  After over a minute, they finally lock up.  Go backs Delirious into the corner, and Delirious begs “No chops!”  Delirious does all he can to avoid being chopped, and manages to do so for the almost the first 5 minutes.  Go then proceeds to chop the shit out of him.  Delirious comes off the top with a lariat, but then takes more abuse from Shiosaki.  Shiosaki hits a delayed Fisherman buster for a near fall and follows with a moonsault, but Delirious got his knees up.  Delirious goes on the offensive.  Delirious gets a Cobra Clutch in, but Go backs him into the corner and some chops.  Go ends up back in the corner and Delirious hits the Panic Attack and goes for the Shadows over Hell, but Go catches him with a kick and gets a near fall with a German suplex.  Delirious locks in the Cobra Stretch, but Go gets a rope break.  Go shrugs off an enzuigiri and hits a lariat for two.  Delirious tries an inside cradle but Go rolls through, picks him up, and hits the Go Flasher for the win at 12:14.  Go is a good sport and gives Delirious props after the match.

Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn are backstage.

The YRR of Chasyn Rance, FIP Tag Team Champion Kenny King, & FIP Florida Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro (w/ generic bimbos) vs. Bushwhacker Luke Williams, Alex Payne, & Dingo.  Dingo and Rinauro start with mat work.  They resort to punching, then Dingo tags Payne in.  King and Rance work over Payne on the outside before they throw him back in the ring and the YRR take turns picking him apart.  Payne finally makes the hot tag to Dingo.  After his flurry, Luke finally comes in.  He uses Payne as a battering ram, then they do the Bushwhacker strut.  A kick from the top rope from Rinauro puts Dingo down for the pin at 8:13.

Sweeney and Hagadorn come out.  Sweeney again tries to recruit the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero, who are in the ring having just wrestled a match taped for the upcoming PPV, into Sweet N Sour Inc.  Roderick Strong comes out and tells him “No” again.  Erick Stevens comes out and attacks the NRC.  He’s challenging Strong for the FIP World Heavyweight Title tonight.  They fight in the ring, and a referee is there to start the match, but they kick his ass, so this isn’t a match.  They fight all over and bloody each other.  Stevens eventually hits a TKO, dropping Strong face first onto a chair.  I thought that would be it, but they keep on fighting.  They’re having a pretty good match, except it’s not a match.  If they’re going all out anyway, why not just have the fucking match?  Strong calls for Richards and Romero to come back out.  They bring clippers and scissors, and Strong cuts Stevens’ mohawk.  Then my DVD won’t play any further.  Apparently when my friend burned it for me, it didn’t burn all the way.  Dammit.  I guess I’ll have to get another copy.


Video package of the Age of the Fall/Briscoe Brothers feud.

Relaxed Rules Match: Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black w/ Lacey & Rain) vs. The Briscoe Brothers.  Jacobs cuts his usual promo before the match.  So what exactly is the difference between a Relaxed Rules match at a Fight Without Honor?  Didn’t I just watch these teams in a Relaxed Rules match yesterday?  Mark springboards off of a trampoline over the guardrail onto Jacobs and Black.  That was neat.  This another wild brawl that goes all over the arena.  The announcers leave because “they’re getting close.”  I always thought ROH commentary was added in post-production.  There’s a clip, then they make it back in the ring.  Mark is down from a big dive in the crowd onto a hobo, so Jay is all alone.  Mark finally makes it back after several minutes.  Briscoes for the springboard Doomsday Device, but Jacobs catches Mark in the End Time for the win at 15:05 + whatever was clipped.

Erick Stevens is bloody and missing some hair, but he still wants to kick Strong’s ass and take his title.

AOTF says the Briscoes are done, Aries will win the World title and join AOTF, and he and Black will regain the ROH Tag titles.

SHINGO & BxB Hulk vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico.  New Hazard vs. Steenerico.  Dragon Gate vs. ROH.  Okay, I’m done.  Fun Generico/Hulk exchange to start, then we get the battle of chunky guys with Steen and SHINGO.  Generico does a crazy suicide flip onto SHINGO.  Stuff happens.  Generico takes an accidental friendly fire senton from Steen.  More stuff happens.  Yeah, I suck and doing reviews.  Who cares?  Nobody ever reads this shit.  I type it and that’s it.  It’s fun, though, and for some reason having a place to write about wrestling makes me want to watch more.  Hulk hits the E.V.O. on Generico for a near fall.  Steen goes the Package Piledriver on Hulk, but Hulk gets out.  Match gets a little crazy.  Steen clotheslines SHINGO and the both go out of the ring, leaving Hulk and Generico alone.  Steen hits a Swanton on Hulk and Generico covers for a two count.  Steen goes for a moonsault on Hulk but misses.  SHINGO hits the Blood Fall, but Generico breaks the cover.  Hulk hits a pumphandle E.V.O. on Generico, but Steen breaks it.  Doomsday Device-style kick on Generico gets a near fall, Steen breaks the cover.  Hulk moonsaults onto Steen on the floor.  Top rope DVD from SHINGO on Generico gets a two count.  SHINGO hits the Last Falconry on Generico and gets the win at 17:50.

Backstage, Erick Stevens is finishing his haircut since the NRC fucked his mohawk all up.

ROH World Championship Match: Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Austin Aries.  Aries works Nigel’s arm.  He tries the Last Chancery early, but Nigel gets a rope break.  Aries continuously works on Nigel’s neck, weaking him for the Last Chancery.  Nigel gets the advantage and works on Aries’ arm, trying to weaken him for the London Dungeon.  At 13 minutes, Aries gets the Last Chancery seemingly out of nowhere, but Nigel counts out of it.  Nigel goes for the Tower of London, but Aries pushes him away and hits a missile dropkick.  Nigel tries again and hits it, but Aries kicks out.  Nigel goes for a lariat to Aries on the ropes, but Aries ducks.  At 17 1/2 minutes, Nigel nails the lariat, but it took all of Nigel’s energy too, and they both lay out.  They barely make it to their feet before the 10 count.  Aries hits the brainbuster, but misses the 450 splash.  Nigel locks in the London Dungeon.  Aries rolls through into a cradle and has a near fall so convincing I thought he was going to win even though I know the results of the match.  Aries goes the Last Chancery, but Nigel gets the London Dungeon again.  Aries gets out, Nigel goes the lariat but Aries gets a backslide for a near fall.  Aries hits the brainbuster and the 450 splash, but Nigel gets his foot on the ropes.  Son of a bitch!  Nigel ducks out and Aries tries to dive on him, but Nigel moves and Aries hits the guardrail head first.  Nigel sets Aries on the guardrail and gives him the lariat.  Nigel drags Aries back into the ring and covers, but Aries kicks out.  Nigel picks him up and nails the lariat, but Aries kicks out again.  Aries ducks another lariat and hits the Crucifix Bomb, but Nigel rolls through, hits the ropes, and nails another lariat to win at 24:44.  Awesome match.

Afterwards, Age of the Fall comes out and again try to convince Aries to join them.  Lacey says she’ll “show” Aries why he should join them and takes him by the hand.  Crowd chants “She has herpes.”  “Back In Black” hits, and Tammy Sytch comes out.  She chastises Aries for chosing Lacey over her.  Aries ignores her and leaves with Lacey.  Jacobs and Black hold Tammy and Rain slaps her.  Briscoes make the save.

SHILL SHILL SHILL!  Go to, they sell stuff!

Nigel says he’s still champ, and he’s still the best, and if anyone tries to take his belt, he’ll break their jaw.

Main event time!

Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, & Genki Horiguchi of the Muscle Outlaw’z vs. CIMA, Ryo Saito, & Dragon Kid of Typhoon.  This is almost a direct rematch of the first Dragon Gate six-man tag in ROH, with CIMA and Horiguchi switching sides.  Saito and Genki start with a fun and speedy exchange.  CIMA and Doi follow with their own exchange.  Then we get the REALLY fast guys, as Dragon Kid and Yoshino come in.  At the 5 minute mark, it’s Doi and CIMA who are legal.  Yoshino saves Doi from a submission hold.  Oh, it’s Dragon Gate rules, so tags are allowed, but not required.  A lot of people shit on the Dragon Gate style for being all spotty, but I love it.  It’s the most exciting wrestling out there that I’ve seen.  At 11 minutes, Dragon Kid is taking the brunt of the abuse from the MO’z.  The crowd chants for him in encouragement.  At 14 minutes, CIMA comes in and hits the Venus palm strike and the Iconoclasm on Horiguchi.  Kid comes in and does the deja-vu on Yoshino, then sends him out and its a moonsault to the floor.  The match gets crazy to the point where I can’t watch and type at the same time.  Everybody hits big, painful looking moves.  Doi counters a super Frankensteiner attempt from Kid into a very HIGH powerbomb.  CIMA hits a top-rope Perfect Driver on Yoshino for a near fall.  CIMA goes for the Crossfire, but Yoshino counters into a sunset flip for a near fall.  The counter each other, then CIMA hits the Schwein, Saito hits the German suplex, and Kid hits the Frankensteiner, but Yoshino STILL kicks out.  Doi goes the Doi 555 off the top rope on Kid, but Kid fights it.  Doi manages to hit it and follows with the Bakatare Sliding kick, but Saito makes the save.  Genki hits the Beach Break on Kid.  Doi hits the Muscular Bomb on Kid to win it at 25:47.  Awesome match.

Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn reflect on what a great weekend they had.  Sweeney says soon, he’ll be in control and have all the money… or something.

Another great show from ROH!

ROH Driven 2007

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Ring of Honor… in association with… G-Funk!

Chicago!  Dave Prazak welcomes us to the show.  He and Lenny Leonard are on commentary.  Delirious, Erick Stevens, and Matt Cross come out.  Stevens challenges the No Remorse Corps to a six-man tag.  Delirious rants in Delirious speak.

Opening video.

Delirious, Erick Stevens, & Matt Cross vs. The No Remorse Corps of Roderick Strong, Rocky Romero, & Davey Richards.  The NRC run to the ring and everyone brawls.  Nobody bothers to ring the opening bell.  The NRC get routed and bail.  Richards comes back in and gets beaten up by Delirious.  Strong comes in and brawls with Stevens, knocking him to the floor.  Romero and Delirious both hit dives to the outside.  Delirious rolls Romero into the ring and works him over.  Romero takes over and the NRC take turns beating up Delirious.  Delirious gets triple teamed by the NRC.  He finally makes the tag to Stevens, who runs wild on the NRC.  Cross and Stevens sandwich the NRC in the corner.  Delirious hits the Panic Attack on Strong.  Stevens hits a TKO on Strong for 2.  Cross hits a dive to the outside on Richards and Romero.  Stevens hits a powerslam on Strong, but Romero saves.  Stevens throws Romero out of the ring.  Richards his a missile dropkick on Stevens.  Cross hits a reverse Frankensteiner on Richards.  Everybody hits moves.  Cross gets triple teamed a spiked by a jumping DDT from Romero.  Clusterfuck continues.  Strong and Stevens chop each other.  Stevens and Cross hit a double team move on Romero for 2.  There’s way too much going on.  Delirious hits the Shadows Over Hell on Richards.  Cross follows with the Shooting Star press, but Romero saves.  Strong drops Delirious on the apron.  Stevens takes on Strong.  Richards hits Stevens with a tornado DDT off the apron.  Cross and Romero do stuff.  Cross hits a spinning splash off the top for 2.  Romero locks Cross in an ankle hold, but Cross turns it into a cradle for 2.  Romero kicks the crap out of Cross.  Richards hits the DR Driver on Cross for the pin in about 11 minutes.  Total clusterfuck, but it was fun.  The NRC continue the beat down, but Austin Aries (fresh off of his TNA run) runs in for the save.  Aries cleans house and hits a dive to the outside.

With everyone else gone, Austin Aries cuts a promo in the ring.  He signs an ROH contract and says he’s back where he belongs.

The Briscoe Brothers introduce a video package of the ROH shows in Japan.

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Matt Sydal vs. Claudio Castagnoli.  They trade arm drags.  Claudio blocks a hip toss and gets arm dragged again.  Sydal gets a series of 2 counts.  Claudio hits a monkey flip.  They do a neat chain wrestling bit.  Claudio hits a leg drop for 2, brother.  Claudio continues to work Sydal over.  Claudio does the giant swing for a 2 count.  Claudio hits a side suplex for 2.  Sydal side steps Claudio, sends him outside, and takes him out with a dive.  Back inside, Sydal lands a spinning kick for 2.  Claudio hits a spinning drop thing for 2, then the Alpamare Waterslide for 2.  Sydal blocks a bicycle kick and hits a Dragon screw leg whip, then gets a la magistral for 2.  Sydal hits a Frankensteiner, leaning to a cradle reversal bit.  Sydal hits a standing moonsault for 2.  Sydal ducks the bicycle kick and hits a DDT for 2.  Sydal goes up top, but Claudio cuts him off and hits an enzuigiri.  Claudio hits the bicycle kick for 2.  Claudio hits a European uppercut for 2.  Sydal hits a big head scissors, then lands some chops.  Sydal hits a Frankensteiner for 2.  Sydal goes for another Frankensteiner, but Claudio rolls through it and gets the pin in 8:19.  Good match.

Sweet N Sour Inc. (Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero, Tank Toland, and Bobby Dempsey) come out.  Sweeney wants to recruit Sydal.  Claudio tells Sydal that Sweeney is a scum bag.  Crowd chants “YOU’RE A SCUM BAG!”  Claudio rips up the contract, then nails Dempsey and Hero with European uppercuts.  He goes for Sweeney, but Sydal jumps him.  Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome on Claudio, then puts in a modified STF.  Sydal shakes hands and hugs Sweeney.  Crowd chants “YOU SOLD OUT!”

Jimmy Rave video package.

BJ Whitmer vs. Naomichi Marufuji.  They lock up and trade arm locks, with Marufuji doing his flippy stuff.  Whitmer backs Marufuji into the corner and gives a clean break.  They trade arm drags, then throw simultaneous dropkicks.  Japanese style stalemate and applause.  They trade chops.  Whitmer lands a dropkick that sends Marufuji to the outside.  Whitmer hits a dive.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  Whitmer hits a suplex for 2.  Marufuji tries to suplex Whitmer inside from the apron, but ends up DDTing him onto the apron.  Marufuji gets a cross armbreaker, but Whitmer gets a rope break.  Marufuji goes up top, but Whitmer cuts him off and hits a superplex.  They get to their feet and trade chops and forearms again.  Whitmer hits a German suplex, rolls through and hits a Dragon suplex, then goes for a powerbomb.  Marufuji counters, but gets kicked in the face a bunch.  Marufuji hits a straight jacket German suplex hold for 2.  Marufuji hits a Codebreaker-like move for 2.  Whitmer catches Marufuji in mid-air and hits a powerslam for 2.  Marufuji hits a lariat for 2.  Marufuji goes for the Shiranui, but Whitmer counters and hits a brainbuster for 2.  Whitmer goes up top, but Marufuji hits the ropes.  Whitmer ends up in the tree of woe.  Marufuji hits the coast to coast dropkick for 2.  Marufuji hits a superkick and goes for the Shiranui again, but gets countered.  He lands on his feet from a suplex attempt, then lands another superkick and hits the Shiranui for the pin in 10:56.  Pretty good match.

Becky Bayless is super hot.  She’s also in the crowd to plug live events.

Pelle Primeau vs. Brent Albright.  Albright slaps Pelle before the match.  Pelle tries, but gets massacred.  Albright lands some hard forearms.  Albright throws Pelle across the ring.  Pelle tries to get something going, but gets killed with a series of suplexes.  Albright covers after a half nelson suplex, then lifts Pelle’s shoulder at 2.  Albright says he’s going to break Pelle’s arm.  Albright press slams Pelle into the Crowbar and gets the submission win in 1:40.  Total squash and a good way to make Albright look like a beast, which I’m sure was the intent.!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico.  Jay and Generico shake hands, then start the match.  Jay backs Generico into the corner and gets an aggressive clean break.  Jay and Generico wrestle some more.  Jay wants a test of strength.  We he gets it, he takes Generico down and hits him in the face, then clamps on a front face lock.  Another speedy exchange, then back to the front face lock.  Generico backs Jay into a corner and gives his own aggressive clean break.  Speedy arm drag routine from Generico.  Steen tags in and trades strikes with Jay.  Mark comes in to trade shots with Steen as well.  Mark does his goofy karate chops and gets dropped with an enzuigiri.  Jay tags in and runs wild a bit.  Double dropkick into the corner by Briscoes on Steen.  Jay hits a dropkick on Steen for 2.  Steen throws Jay into Mark to knock Mark off the apron, then hits a neckbreaker on Jay for 2.  Generico tags in.  Steenerico double team Mark a bit.  Steen blind tags in and beats up Jay some more.  Steen chokes Jay with the middle rope.  Steen knocks Mark off the apron again.  Generico tags in to work over Jay some more.  Dropkick gets 2 for Generico.  Jay manages to tag in Mark.  Briscoes double team Generico.  Mark finally gives Steen a receipt by knocking him off the apron.  Mark hits a brainbuster for 2.  Mark hits a fist drop and a knee drop for 2.  Jay tags in and hits a diving leg drop to the back of the head for 2.  Jay locks Generico in the stretch plum.  Jay kicks Generico in the back of the head, then makes the tag.  Mark hits a diving knee drop for 2.  Mark hits a Samoan drop for 2.  Briscoes cut off Generico from making the tag.  Generico sends Jay out of the ring.  Steen hits a dive on Jay, then grounds and pounds him.  Mark hits a dive on Steen.  Jay clotheslines Generico and they both go out of the ring.  Mark hits a moonsault off the barricade on Steen.  Briscoes hip toss Generico into chairs in the crowd.  Steen spears Jay into the barricade, then powerbombs Mark into chairs in the crowd.  Steen asks Generico “What are you doing all the way over there?”  Steen and Jay go at it back in the ring.  Jay goes for a Frankensteiner, but Steen powerbombs him for 2.  Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Mark cuts him off.  Generico throws Mark outof the ring and takes him out with an Asai moonsault.  Steen hits a pumphandle backbreaker thing and a Swanton Bomb for 2.  Steen goes for the Package Piledriver again, but Mark cuts him off again.  Generico hits a swinging DDT on Mark.  Mark catches Generico with a boot in the corner, then dives outside and puts Steen through a table.  Jay hits a Death Valley Driver on Generico for 2.  Briscoes hit a spiked Jay Driller on Generico and Jay gets the pin in 16:07.  Typically crazy Briscoes match, but pretty good.  Steen lays out the Briscoes with a ladder, then blows his nose on them.

Larry Sweeney and Chris Hero talk to Matt Sydal backstage, then Sweeney rants at Claudio Castagnoli.  Toland has Dempsey on some kind of workout machine.  They all make fun of Dempsey.  Toland uses a cookie to motivate him, then doesn’t give him the cookie.  That dick.

ROH World Championship Match: Takeshi Morishima (c) vs. Jimmy Rave.  Morishima goes into ass kicking mode immediately.  He throws Rave out of the ring.  Rave reverses Morishima into the barricade.  The ring is still covered with streamers.  Back inside, Rave spears Morishima and goes up top.  Morishima catches the dive and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Morishima goes up top, but Rave cuts him off.  Morishima pushes Rave away and hits a missile dropkick.  Morishima hits a handspring forearm into the corner for 2.  Morishima hits a lariat.  Rave goes for a sunset flip.  Morishima tries to sit on him, but Rave avoids it and hits a running knee for 2.  Rave goes for the Pedigree, but gets backdropped out.  Rave locks in his heel hook finisher.  Morishima gets a rope break.  Morishima hits a sidewalk slam and a lariat for 2.  Morishima hits the backdrop driver for the pin in 3:57.  Fine little match.  I like Morishima’s short, explosive title defenses.  He’s a beast.

“We’ll go to Philly in a moment…”

Adam Pearce talks to Shane Hagadorn in an empty gymnasium somewhere, then to the camera.  He hugs BJ Whitmer, then punches him out.


ROH World Championship #1 Contender Match: Nigel McGuinness vs. Bryan Danielson.  They shake hands, then lock up.  Nigel gives a clean break.  Danielson takes Nigel to the mat.  Nigel gets to the ropes to escape.  Danielson gives a clean break.  “YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKIN’ HEAD KICKED IN!” chant.  That’s my favorite chant ever.  Gorgeous mat wrestling.  Stalemate, applause.  Nigel grabs a side head lock.  Nigel gets thrown into the ropes, but drops Danielson with a shoulder block.  They lock up again.  Danielson takes Nigel down for some worked MMA.  Nigel escapes and keylocks Danielson into a pinning predicament, but they’re in the ropes.  Danielson offers a handshake, then slaps Nigel in the face.  Crowd chants “YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!”  Danielson lands some kicks to Nigel’s chest.  Nigel gets to his feet and slaps Danielson.  Danielson slaps Nigel several times in the corner.  Nigel head stands in the corner and kicks Danielson in the head.  Nigel goes to work on Danielson’s arm.  Danielson escapes a painful looking hold strangles Nigel with his own arms.  Nigel hits a lariat and Danielson bails.  Nigel follows and beats up Danielson out the outside.  Danielson fights back.  Danielson turns the time keeper’s table over onto Nigel’s head.  Danielson throws Nigel back into the ring, but Nigel comes back with the rebound lariat and knocks Danielson into the crowd.  Nigel hits a dive from the top rope into the crowd.  “ROH!” chants.  Nigel goes for a lariat on the outside, but Danielson nails him with a forearm.  Danielson suplexes Nigel across the guardrail.  Fucking ouch.  Danielson suplex Nigel from the barricade to the floor.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  Danielson attacks Nigel’s injured back, then locks him in the crossface.  Danielson works the back some more and grinds his elbow into the back of Nigel’s neck.  The ref counts, but Danielson reminds him that he has until 5, referee!  Danielson lands some forearms across Nigel’s nose.  Ouch.  Danielson throws European uppercuts.  Nigel responds with a forearm.  Danielson attacks the side of Nigel’s face.  Nigel starts asking for more slaps.  He’s FIRED UP!  Nigel hits the lariat, but can’t make the cover.  Nigel hits a European uppercut to the corner.  Nigel lands another lariat for 2.  Nigel fails a suplex because of the injured back and gets driven into the corner.  Danielson kicks Nigel in the ear for 2.  Danielson goes up top, but Nigel cuts him off and goes for the Tower of London.  Danielson fights him off and hits a diving sunset flip, but Nigel rolls through it and they do some commercials.  Nigel catches a leap frog and powerbombs Danielson for 2.  Nigel locks in a half crab.  “THIS IS WRESTLING!” chant.  Danielson gets a rope break.  Nigel head stands in the corner again, but Danielson dropkicks him the head.  Danielson throws some more kicks at Nigel’s back, then hits the avalanche-style backdrop suplex for 2.  Danielson locks in the crossface chickenwing.  Nigel forces a break and hits the Tower of London almost out of nowhere, but fails to make the cover.  Nigel sets Danielson on the top rope and hits a diving lariat for 2, as Danielson manages to get a foot on the rope.  Danielson connects with an enzuigiri.  They come face to face again and start slapping each other, then trading headbutts.  Nigel hits a lariat.  Danielson is BUSTED WIDE OPEN!  Danielson lands some elbows.  Danielson hits a Tiger suplex hold for 2, then turns into the Cattle Mutilation.  Nigel rolls through for 2.  Danielson lands the elbows, then locks in the Cattle Mutilation for the win in 24:31.  Fucking awesome match.  Crowd chants “BEST IN THE WORLD!”  Nigel gets up.  Crowd chants “THANK YOU BOTH!”  They shake hands again.

Good show.  The main event was fucking awesome.

ROH Respect Is Earned 2007

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The first ROH PPV!

Ring of Honor in association with G-Funk!

New York City!

BJ Whitmer is in the ring.  He issues an open challenge.

Respect Is Earned open.

The challenge is answered by the ROH World Champion, Takeshi Morishima!  He indicates that he’s putting the title on the line.  Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard are on commentary.

ROH World Championship Match: Takeshi Morishima (c) vs. BJ Whitmer.  They trade elbows.  Whitmer can’t knock Morishima down.  Morishima can hit a sidewalk slam.  Morishima just shoves the referee out of his way.  He goes for backdrop driver, but Whitmer lands on top for like 0.  Whitmer hits the Exploder for 2.  Whitmer hits a lariat for 2.  Whitmer hits a frog splash for 2.  Whitmer goes for the wrist-clutch Exploder, but fails.  Whitmer still can’t knock Morishima down.  Morishima nails Whitmer with a lariat, then a big boot for 2.  Morishima hits another lariat for 2.  Morishima hits the backdrop driver for the pin in 2:52 to retain the title.  Good way to make Morishima look like a beast.

Nigel McGuinness comes out and challenges Morishima for the next title shot.  Bryan Danielson comes out to a big pop, returning from a 5 month absence.  He also wants a title shot.  Danielson and Nigel banter, then start brawling.  Danielson and Morishima team up to take out Nigel.  Danielson picks up the belt and says it’s his.  Morishima snatches it away and leaves.  Nigel gets up ready to fight, but Danielson leaves.

Brent Albright hype video.

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Rocky Romero vs. Naomichi Marufuji.  They have neat little video packages to show highlights of the wrestlers.  Romero takes Marufuji down.  Marufuji does some gorgeous wrestling.  Romero locks in an Octopus hold.  He turns it into a cradle for 2.  Marufuji locks in an abdominal stretch.  He turns it into a ground Cobra Twist for 2.  More gorgeous mat wrestling to a stalemate and applause from the crowd.  Marufuji runs the ropes and ducks a knee.  Marufuji leap frogs Romero.  Romero lands with some kicks.  Really quick action, which I love, but it’s hard to transcribe.  I don’t know how court transcribers do their job.  I could never keep up with every little thing like that.  Romero takes Marufuji down into a cross armbreaker.  Awesome.  He lets go and throws hard kicks at Marufuji’s arm.  Romero works the arm.  Marufuji turns a cross armbreaker into a cradle for 2.  Romero keeps punishing the arm in awesome ways.  Marufuji backdrops Romero to the apron, then springboard dropkicks him off and into the barricade.  Marufuji tries to work feeling back into his arm, then follows Romero outside.  Marufuji rams Romero’s knee into the post.  Back inside, Marufuji goes to work on the knee.  Gorgeous leg work.  Marufuji brings Romero off the middle rope with a Dragon screw leg whip, then locks in the figure-four leglock.  Romero gets a rope break.  Romero fights back and brings Marufuji down RIGHT ON TOP OF HIS FUCKING HEAD!  Romero goes for a flying dropkick, but Marufuji catches his legs.  Romero flips around and kicks Marufuji, then dances.  They counter suplex attempts.  Romero hits a tornado DDT for 2.  Romero goes for the Tiger suplex, but Marufuji lands on his feet and hits a Codebreaker-like move.  They get to their feet and trade chops.  Marufuji hits a lariat.  Marufuji hits a powerbomb for 2.  Marufuji goes up top, but Romero cuts him off and hits an avalanche-style cross armbreaker!  Crowd chants “PLEASE DON’T TAP!”  Marufuji gets a rope break.  Romero kicks the arm.  Marufuji kicks the face.  Romero kicks the head to drop Marufuji.  Marufuji powerbombs Romero into the corner, then ties him to the tree of woe.  Marufuji hits a coast to coast dropkick for 2.  Marufuji goes for the Shiranui, but Romero hits the Tiger suplex and a head kick for 2.  Marufuji lands some kicks and hits the Shiranui for the pin in 16:04.  Awesome match!

Larry Sweeney and Tank Toland are backstage.  Sweeney says Sweet N Sour Inc. have signed a new client… Sara Del Rey.  Toland says he’s going to get Bobby Dempsey in shape.  He makes Dempsey do squats.  Del Rey joins in.  Toland says this is an exercise for men.  Del Rey says she can do more squats than Toland, so they have a squats challenge.  Dempsey falls down.  This was stupid.  There’s something going on in the ring!

Takeshi Morishima and Nigel McGuinness brawl in the ring.  Bryan Danielson joins in to help Morishima.  KENTA makes the save for McGuinness.!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Matt Sydal.  No entrances for the challengers.  The Code of Honor is observed.  Mark and Claudio lock up.  Nice mat wrestling.  Claudio works Mark’s arm a bit.  Mark gets a Northern Lights suplex, but Claudio holds on and turns it into a front face lock.  Sydal tags in and wrestles with Mark.  Jay tags in and clamps a side headlock on Sydal.  Sydal wrestles him to his feet and into the ropes.  Sydal chops Jay instead of giving a clean break.  Really fast exchange with ranas between Jay and Sydal.  Sydal catches Jay with a spin kick, then tags in Claudio.  Claudio schoolboys Jay for 2, then twists him into a wacky crucifix hold for 2.  Mark tags in.  Briscoes double team Claudio.  Claudio takes Mark down and tags in Sydal.  Sydal hits a Cannonball leg drop for 2.  Briscoes double team Sydal.  Mark hits a knee drop on Sydal for 2.  Briscoes double team Sydal some more.  Jay locks Sydal in a stretch plum, then chops him.  Sydal fights back, but Jay hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and holds Sydal so Mark can hit a split legged moonsault.  Cover by Jay gets 2.  Mark tags in and hits a belly to belly suplex for 2.  Sydal rallies, sends Mark outside, and ranas Jay off the top rope (jumping up from the ground).  Claudio gets the hot tag and runs wild on Jay.  Diving elbow drop gets 2.  Mark catches Claudio with a knee from the apron and comes in with a double stomp.  Briscoes double team Sydal.  Briscoes double team Claudio.  Claudio hits one Briscoe with a diving European uppercut while Sydal hits the other an enzuigiri.  Claudio works over Jay.  Sydal tags in and works over Jay as well.  Now it’s Jay’s turn to play face in peril.  He gets double teamed.  Mark and Sydal fight outside.  Claudio gets Jay with the giant swing.  Cover gets 2.  Sydal tags in and plants Jay with a bulldog.  Sydal hits a springboard twist senton for 2.  Claudio tags in and hits a springboard elbow drop for 2.  They try setting up Jay on the top rope, but Jay fights them off and makes the hot tag to Mark.  Mark runs wild and does a bunch of karate chops.  Briscoes send Claudio out of the ring.  Jay wipes him out with a suicide dive.  Mark and Sydal do some fast stuff in the ring.  Briscoes hit the veg-o-matic on Sydal for 2.  All 4 guys in now.  Claudio hits the Match Killer (I think that’s what they called it).  Sydal covers for 2.  Claudio tags in and hits the Alpamare Waterslide on Mark for 2.  Claudio with a flying headscissors and a big boot on Mark for 2.  Sydal hits a leg Final Cut on Mark for 2, then a standing moonsault for 2.  Mark makes a comeback against Claudio and tags in Jay.  Jay hits a diving cross body for 2.  Jay hits a front suplex on Claudio.  Hart Attack-style kick on Claudio.  Mark hits a springboard kick on Claudio and Jay covers for 2.  Claudio hits a springboard European uppercut on Jay and sends him outside.  Sydal dives off of Claudio shoulders onto both Briscoes with the knee strike.  Sydal throws Jay into Claudio.  Claudio hits the Ricola Bomb, but Mark saves.  Claudio throws Mark out of the ring.  Sydal tags in and hits the Shooting Star press.  Mark barely makes the save.  Claudio and Mark trade shots.  Mark sends Claudio out.  Jay hits a Death Valley Driver on Sydal.  Mark takes Claudio out with a dive.  Jay covers for 2.  Sydal counters the Jay Driller with a Frankensteiner for 2.  Jay ducks a kick and lifts Sydal.  Briscoes hit the springboard Doomsday Device.  Jay pins Sydal in 20:07.  Another really good match.

Prazak and Leonard put over the sell-out crowd.  Kevin Steen and El Generico come out.  They want a title shot.  The Briscoes seem to challenge them to come to the ring.  They do, and the 2 teams brawl.  Security and other geeks try to break them up with limited success, as some of them get beaten up int he process.  Steen and Generico in the Package Piledriver/brainbuster combo on somebody, then Genero hits a suicide dive onto a big pile of people.  The Briscoes and Steenerico brawl to and around the back.  Steen eventually lays on Jay with a chair shot.

Delirious/Roderick Strong video package.

Roderick Strong vs. Delirious.  No entrances.  Delirious goes ape shit at the bell, as always.  Strong bails before any contact is made.  Delirious gives chase and beats up Strong on the outside.  They make it inside and Delirious continues to dominate.  Strong goes for the Strong Hold, but Delirious turns it into a cradle for 2.  Delirious hits a cross body for 2.  Delirious hits a diving rana.  Strong finally manages to get the advantage briefly.  Delirious hits a clothesline and a backdrop suplex for 2.  Strong avoids a shot in the corner and hits a uranage backbreaker for 2.  Back and forth action.  Strong goes for a springboard dive, but Delirious catches him mid-air with a headbutt.  Delirious hits some clotheslines.  Delirious dropkicks Strong into the corner and hits the Panic Attack.  Delirious goes up top, but Strong avoids him.  Delirious hits the Bizarro Driver for 2.  Delirious goes for the Cobra Stretch, but Strong backs him into the corner.  Delirious hits a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2.  Strong hits a Torture Rack backbreaker for 2.  Strong hits a fall away slam off the middle rope for 2.  Delirious counters a fireman’s carry into a crucifix hold for 2.  Delirious hits an enzuigiri and goes up top, but Strong cuts him off and goes for a superplex.  Delirious fights him off and hits the Shadows Over Hell to the back for 2.  Delirious goes for the Cobra Stretch.  They do a sweet cradle reversal sequence.  Strong hits a sick powerbomb backbreaker.  They fight on the apron.  Delirious dropkicks Strong to the floor and hits a suicide flip from the top rope.  Delirious sends Strong into the guardrail and hits the Panic Attack.  Back to the apron.  Strong hits a backdrop suplex onto the ring apron.  Ouch.  Cover gets 2.  Strong goes for the Tiger Driver, but Delirious blocks it.  They trade blows.  Strong gouges Delirious eyes.  Strong hits a gut buster for 2.  Strong locks in a crab hold.  Delirious gets a rope break.  Strong goes for another backbreaker, but Delirious counters and hits the Chemical Inbalance II for 2.  Delirious locks in the Cobra Stretch and turns it into a Cobra Clutch suplex.  Cover, but Strong gets a rope break.  Delirious whiffs a kick, but lands a serious of blows.  Strong ducks a clothesline and hits the half nelson backbreaker, a big boot, and the Tiger Driver for the pin in 17:06 (estimate, as I didn’t hear a closing bell).  Very good match.  Strong’s No Remorse Corps mates, Rocky Romero and Davey Richards, bring out a piece of steel barricade.  They beat down Delirious and set up the barricade between the ring and… well, the barricade.  Strong hits the Tiger Driver on the barricade.  Erick Stevens of the Resilience runs in and takes out Romero and Richards.  He and Strong brawl, then Stevens hits a powerslam to send him running too.

Adam Pearce talks to Shane Hagadorn backstage.  He tells Hagadorn to go find someone, then cuts a promo.  Hagadorn says “he” is around the corner.  “He” is BJ Whitmer, who got destroyed earlier tonight.  Pearce talks some more, then goes to console Whitmer.

Main event time!

Nigel McGuinness & KENTA vs. ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima & Bryan Danielson.  Danielson and KENTA lock up and wrestle, and it’s great.  Morishima and Nigel tag in and go at it.  Nigel can’t knock Morishima down, but Morishima can knock Nigel down.  Danielson tags in and takes Nigel down to the mat.  Awesome stuff there as always.  Nigel tries to set up the Tower of London, but Morishima provides a distraction that lets Danielson hit a diving European uppercut.  Brief clusterfuck ensues as everybody comes in to hit moves.  Order is restored and Morishima dominates Nigel some more.  Danielson tags in and gets on Morishima’s back as Morishima stands on Nigel’s throat in the corner.  Danielson has until 5, referee!  Danielson works over Nigel.  Danielson does a sweet grounded Dragon sleeper, but Nigel turns it into a cradle for 2.  Morishima tags in to beat up Nigel some more.  There isn’t really a clear face/heel dynamic, but Nigel is the de facto face in peril.  He takes a beating from Morishima and Danielson.  He finally makes a comeback on Danielson.  Morishima comes in and Nigel connects with the rebound lariat.  KENTA tags in and runs wild on Danielson.  Danielson fights back and we get an awesome exchange.  Danielson makes the tag to Morishima.  Morishima hits a flying dropkick on Danielson.  KENTA hits a powerslam on Morishima and makes the tag to Nigel.  Nigel and Morishima start throwing bombs.  Nigel takes a flying dropkick, but hits the lariat for 2.  Nigel hits another lariat for 2.  KENTA and Danielson brawl outside.  Nigel goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Morishima sits on him.  Morishima blocks the lariat and hits the backdrop driver, but KENTA saves.  Morishima throws KENTA out of the ring.  Morishima goes up top, but KENTA grabs his leg.  Nigel hits the Tower of London on Morishima.  Tags to KENTA and Danielson.  They trade blows.  KENTA slingshots Danielson into the ropes, then hits a diving knee drop to the back of the head for 2.  Danielson hits a Dragon suplex hold for 2, then locks in the cross face chickenwing.  KENTA kicks off the turnbuckles and lands on top of Danielson for 2.  Danielson goes for a backdrop suplex off the top, but Nigel powerbombs Danielson.  Morishima catches KENTA and hits a move on him.  Nigel hits the lariat on Danielson.  Morishima throws Nigel outside, then tries to throw him back in, but Nigel hits the lariat.  Nigel comes off the top rope and dives onto Morishima in the crowd.  Danielson hits a double-arm suplex on KENTA.  Nigel and Danielson face off and trade European uppercuts.  Danielson kicks Nigel’s elbow and sends him outside.  Danielson goes for a diving heatbutt on KENTA, but gets kicked in the head.  KENTA hits the KENTA rush and the Busaiku knee kick for 2.  KENTA hits the Go 2 Sleep on Danielson, but Morishima saves.  Nigel tapes up his elbow.  Danielson hits a diving headbutt on KENTA for 2.  Danielson hits the rolling elbow on KENTA.  Morishima hits a lariat.  Danielson covers for 2.  Morishima and Danielson set up a Doomsday something, but Nigel saves and hits the lariat on Morishima.  KENTA hits an avalanche-style Falcon Arrow on Danielson for 2.  Danielson and KENTA trade blows.  Danielson goes for the cross face chickenwing and ends up hitting the backdrop suplex off the top for 2.  Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation, then turns it into the MMA elbows.  KENTA lifts Danielson and goes for the Go 2 Sleep, but Danielson counters into a Tiger suple xhold for 2.  Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation again.  Morishima cuts off Nigel from making the save.  KENTA submits to Danielson’s Cattle Mutilation in 24:56.  Awesome match.  Danielson picks up the title belt.  Morishima hits him with the backdrop driver.  Nigel picks up the belt and hands it to Morishima.  Morishima clotheslines him.  Don’t fuck with Morishima.

That’s the PPV, and it was an awesome show.  Now for the bonus matches!

Tank Toland (w/ Larry Sweeney & Bobby Dempsey) vs. Brent Albright.  They shake hands.  Toland looks like a buff midget.  Albright dominates the match.  Toland finally manages to press slam Albright into the top rope, then knocks him down for 2.  Toland hits a slam, then does jumping jacks on Albright, then drops an elbow for 2.  Toland locks Albright in a body scissors, then hits some sit up elbows for 2.  Dempsey does squats at ringside.  Toland hits a one armed delayed chokeslam for 2.  Albright connects with a dropkick and makes his comeback.  Albright hits an enzuigiri and a 619-style knee (“6-1-knee”).  Toland hits a spear for 2.  Albright gets a reverse cradle for 2.  Albright hits the half nelson suplex for the pin in 6:47.  Fine little match.  Albright plays with Toland’s bendy thing that weight lifters have after the match.

We get a No Remorse Crops promo backstage.  Strong puts over being the FIP World Champion, then they beat up Pelle Primeau, just to be dicks.

Erick Stevens vs. Davey Richards.  It’s Resilience vs. No Remorse Corps.  Richards refuses the handshake and they just go at it.  Richards tries to bail, but Stevens pursues him and kicks his ass all over the place.  A fan pours beer on Richards.  What a fucking prick.  That guy should have been kicked out.  Richards catches Stevens coming back in the ring and gets the advantage for like a second, then gets his ass kicked some more.  Stevens clotheslines Richards out of the ring.  Stevens hits a shoulder block off of the apron.  Richards makes it back into the ring and boots Stevens off of the apron into the barricade.  Richards throws Stevens into the barricade.  Richards works over Stevens in the ring.  Diving leg drop gets 2.  Richards clamps on a leg scissors hold.  Stevens suplexes Richards out of the ring.  Back inside, they trade chops.  Richards hits a flurry of strikes, then Stevens hits a German suplex.  Stevens hits the Choo Choo and a TKO for 2.  Richards hits a handspring enzugiri.  Stevens hits a cool pumphandle powerbomb for 2.  Richards hits a springboard dropkick, a running elbow to the corner, and a backdrop suplex.  Stevens no sells.  Richards kicks his arm and hits an other backdrop suplex for 2.  Richards locks in the Kimura.  Stevens gets a rope break.  Stevens goes for the TKO, but Richards counters and goes for the DR Driver.  Stevens counters, but Richards hits a tornado DDT, then locks in the Kimura for the win in 10:03.  Good match.

Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey go shopping in Chicago, then he drops her off at her hotel room and they hug.  Pointless.  He’s in love with her and she doesn’t reciprocate, apparently.

Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze.  Hand shake.  They lock up and go back and forth with some good stuff.  Haze fails a diving cross body and gets fall away slam’d.  Del Ray covers for 2.  Del Ray works Haze’s arm.  Del Rey gets another near fall.  Haze gets a sunset flip, but Del Rey rolls through.  No count.  Del Rey locks in a crab hold and walks around the ring with it.  Haze gets a rope break.  Del Rey ties Haze to the tree of woe and puts the boots to her.  Haze fights out and hits an Ace Crusher to start her comeback.  Haze gets a cross body for 2.  Haze goes up top, but Del Rey cuts her off.  Haze fights Del Rey off and hits a diving lariat for 2.  Del Rey locks in the Royal Butterfly, then turns it into a modified Gory Special.  Haze gets free and gets a sunset flip for 2.  Del Rey puts her knees on Haze’s shoulders for the pin in 5:51.  It was fine.  They shake hands again afterward.

Another stupid Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey video.  I’m fast forwarding.

Tag Team Scramble Match: Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin vs. The Irish Airborne vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Adam Pearce & Jimmy Rave (w/ Shane Hagadorn).  Everybody shakes hands.  Rave and Pelle start.  Pelle sends Rave out with a tilt a whirl head scissors.  Generico comes against Pelle and they do stuff.  Pelle hits a dropkick on Rave coming off the apron.  Pearce comes in and heels it up against Generico.  Crowd chants “REPO MAN!” at Pearce, so he puts on a Repo Man mask.  Awesome.  Franklin comes in and slaps Pearce.  Pearce slaps Franklin.  Franklin slams Pearce again.  Pearce launches Franklin across the ring from the top rope.  The Irish Airborne double team Pearce.  Steen and Generico go with the Airborne.  Dave Crist hits a cross body on Generico that takes them both out of the ring.  Steen and Jake Crist go at it in the ring.  Steen sends him out and hits a flip dive on everybody.  Rave drops Steen face first on the apron.  Pearce beats up Pelle in the ring.  Rave tags in and beats up Pelle too.  Pelle fights back.  Rave backdrops Pelle out.  Pelle hits a springboard Bombs Away and a double stomp.  Jake Crist and Kevin Steen go at it again.  Jake hits a sweet springboard neckbreaker.  Generico hits a tilt a whirl gut buster on Dave.  Pearce hits a lariat on Generico, followed by a diving leg drop, but the Irish Airborne save.  Irish Airborne hits stereo Asai moonsaults outsdie on Pearce, Rave, and somebody.  Franklin hits a Franklinsteiner (I just made that up) up Generico for 2.  Generico hits a sick spinning powerbomb on Franklin for 2.  Pearce low bridges Franklin out of the ring.  Pelle cradles Genericho for 2.  Steen catches Pelle’s dive and hits a spinning Samoan drop for 2.  Generico hits a tornado DDT on the blonde Airborne… Dave, I think.  It’s a clusterfuck now.  Rave hits Jake with a knee lift and goes for the Pedigree, but Steen breaks it up.  Steen hits the Package Piledriver on Dave Crist for the pin in 7:33.  Fun little clusterfuck.  Steenerico, the Irish Airborne, and the students shake hands after the match.

Another stupid Jimmy & Lacey video.  He gives her a ring.  She puts on something naughty and invites him into her room.  “Some time later…” the camera man comes back to find Jimmy’s shirt on the floor.  Stupid.

The show was really good, especially the actual PPV.  The Jimmy & Lacey crap was stupid.

New Japan “Resolution ’09” 4/5/09 (Repost)

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Originally posted on June 18, 2009.

Here we are with another great New Japan Sumo Hall event.  We get a video package, then the announcer running down the card for the audience, and at last, we’re off!

Kazuchika Okada vs. Koji Kanemoto.  Young lion Okada is full of piss and vinegar, and takes the fight right to the more experienced Kanemoto.  Kanemoto gets tired of this shit and delivers an ass kicking, consisting of kicks and bitch slaps.  Repeated face washes in the corner from Kanemoto, then Okada fights back and gives him a taste of his own medicine.  Kanemoto lays in some kicks and Okada is knocked outside.  Kanemoto follows him out for a moment, then comes back in to await the count.  Okada makes it back in at 16.  Kanemoto misses his diving flippy senton thing and Okada makes a comeback.  He goes up top, perhaps for a moonsault, but Kanemoto follows him up and teases a Tiger suplex off the top rope.  Okada fights him off and hits a diving lariat for a near fall.  Okada keeps fighting and gets some more near falls.  They trade strikes, then Kanemoto delivers a vicious head kick and a punch to the face, prompting the referee to stop the match at 8:28.  Fun match.  Okada is helped to the back.

Tomohiro Ishii, Jado, & Tomoaki Honma of GBH vs. Wataru Inoue, Milano Collection AT, & Taichi Ishikari.  Ishii and Inoue have been at war recently, and they go straight at each other to start.  Tag to Ishikari, who beats up Ishii for a moment before Ishii carries him to the GBH corner and tags in Honma.  Honma quickly tags out to Jado, then Ishikari tags in Milano.  Milano gets some kind of weird hold on Jado and the other guys start fighting outside.  Milano ties Jado up in the ropes and goes to hit the ropes on the other side, but Honma pulls him out and takes him out into the crowd to hit him with a chair.  Ishikari comes back in the ring to get his ass kicked by Jado.  The match gets back in order and Ishii tags in to beat up Milano.  Honma tags in and bites Milano’s head, then pounds him in the corner.  Ishii comes back in and goes for a lariat, but Milano avoids with the Matrix dodge and makes the hot tag to Inoue, who cleans GBH house.  Inoue hits a double underhook facebuster on Ishii for a near fall.  Tags to Ishikari and Honma.  Honma takes some punishment and gets superkicked by Ishikari and Milano for a near fall, which he is saved from.  Ishikari fires away again, but Honma drops him with a lariat, then hits a diving headbutt for the pin at 8:53.

NJPW Greatest Heritage: Masahiro Chono, Jushin Thunder Liger, & AKIRA vs. Riki Choshu, Super Strong Machine, & El Samurai.  Choshu is like 300 years old and sucks at this stage, but damn his music is catchy. Chono and Choshu start us off with some grumpy old guy brawling.  Machine comes in and works over Chono a bit, locking him in a leg hold before AKIRA saves.  Chono tags in AKIRA, and after a brief AKIRA/Machine exchange, Samurai tags in.  We finally get some Samurai/Liger goodness for a moment.  Samurai hits a tope suicida, then tags Choshu back in.  Team Chono works over Choshu a bit, then Samurai tags in and brawls with Chono.  Lots of quick tags, I presume because all of these guys are old and easily winded.  Choshu hits the Riki Lariat on AKIRA, then Machine follows with a senton for a near fall.  Samurai tags in and gets some quick cradle near falls on AKIRA.  Samurai hits the reverse DDT and a diving headbutt on AKIRA, then locks in the chickenwing armlock.  Liger makes the save.  Chono blasts Samurai with the Shining Yakuza kick, then AKIRA follows with the Musasabi press for the win at 8:21.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Ryusuke Taguchi & Prince Devitt.  Taguchi and Devitt are collectively known as Apollo 55.  Sabin and Devitt go a bit, then Taguchi and Shelley.  There are two suicide dives in the first two minutes.  Taguchi and Devitt double team Shelley, then Sabin and Shelley double team Devitt.  Guns make quick tags and continue to work over Devitt.  Devitt fights back and makes the hot tag to the Funky Weapon, who proceeds to show the Guns why he is called the Master of the Dropkick.  Taguchi lands a superplex on Sabin, then turns it into the three amigos.  Taguchi goes for the Dodon, but Sabin counters it.  Guns hit the Magic Killer on Taguchi, and Sabin covers for a near fall.  Sabin lands a big dropkick that knocks Devitt off the apron.  Guns double team Taguchi and set up a Doomsday Device or something, but Devitt prevents it.  Taguchi gets a front cradle for a near fall, then a cross armed German on Shelly for another.  Devitt and Taguchi do some swank double teaming on Shelley and go for a cover, but Sabin makes the save.  Sabin gets sent out and Shelley gets double teamed some more.  They set up another big move, but Sabin saves again.  Shelley hits an Air Raid Crash on Taguchi, then Sabin hits a suicide dive to the outside onto him.  Quick stuff from Shelley and Devitt.  Devitt gets the better of it until Sabin comes back in.  Guns blast Devitt with a double superkick for a near fall.  Guns hit the Made In Detroit on Devitt and Shelley gets the pin at 12:55.  Really good match.  They shake hands afterwards.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match (Title vs. Mask): Tiger Mask IV (c) vs. Black Tiger V.  BT works an armlock to start, but TM hits a cool rolling thing to get out of it.  They work around slowly for a bit, then it gets quick and kinda interesting.  The ref gets knocked down at the 3 minute mark and BT lands a low blow.  BT tries to take off TM’s mask.  He yells in English that he’s the real tiger.  Well there goes the rumor that he’s Tatsuhito Takaiwa… TM dropkicks BT out of the ring and lands a tope suicida, which sends BT into the barricade.  It goes to a double count-out at 6:47.  BT thinks he won and grabs the belt, but the referee takes it away.  Some bald guy, I’d guess from the IWGP committee, tells the referee something.  The referee takes the mic and says something… I guess that the match will be restarted.  BT goes on the attack and hits a sweet jumping DDT, then a weakish avalanche-style Frankensteiner, a Tiger suplex hold, and a Michinoku Driver II or a half-assed Tombstone, all of which get 2 counts.  TM gets a front cradle and a backslide for quick 2 counts.  BT throws some kicks at him and heads up top.  TM hits the turnbuckle to send BT into it balls first.  They slap each other on the top rope, then TM hits his avalanche Butterfly suplex for 2.  TM hits a Tombstone for 2, then a cobra clutch suplex, following by the Destroy suplex hold for the victory at 4:51, for a total match time of about 11 minutes.  The match had its moments.  Bald guy orders him to unmask, and he does, revealing… Rocky Romero!  But wait, Romero was Black Tiger IV!  Something isn’t right about this!  Romero shakes Tiger’s hand, then raises his arm in victory and leaves.  Wait, there’s the real Black Tiger V, who gives TM a Death Valley bomb and rips off his mask!  Tiger covers his face with t-shirts from the young lions and leaves.  The bald guy might be Masahito Kakihara.

G1 Climax 2009 hype video.

Intermission, featuring highlights of the earlier matches, then the announcers talking.  I fast forward since I don’t understand Japanese.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan comes out and talks.  I think he announces that he will be returning from injury soon.  If I recall correctly, he went out with an eye injury the day before the January 4 Tokyo Dome show.

Big Comeback WILD HEART: Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson of GBH vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Takao Omori.  Nakanishi and Omori reform their “Wild Child” tag team!  Anderson and Omori start with some fair wrestling.  Bernard tags in, and Orton tries to be abusive and elusive.  Tag to Nakanishi, so we get the battle of the hosses.  Bernard manages to drop Nakanishi with a shoulder block, but then Nakanishi gets Bernard up with an impressive suplex.  Omori tags in FIRED UP and takes out an interfering Anderson, but Bernard drops him with a lariat.  Omori takes the heat for a while, but shows much fighting spirit!  Hot tag to Nakanishi, then I had a phone call, during which there were a couple of cool spots including Nakanishi getting Bernard in the Argentine backbreaker and a big German suplex, and Wild Child hitting their Washington Jouyaku double team move.  Omori MURDERS Anderson with the Axe Guillotine Driver for 2.  Seriously?  Anderson kicks out of THAT?  Omori counters a powerbomb attempt from Bernard, but Anderson catches him with a stunner for the pin at 15:51.  Pretty decent match.

HUGE RIOT: Toru Yano vs. Hirooki Goto.  They trade elbows early on, then Yano claws Goto’s face.  More elbows, then Goto attacks Yano’s shoulder and goes to work on it.  Yano bails to the outside and Goto tries to dive on him, but Yano avoids it.  Yano attacks Goto’s knee with his GBH chair.  They go into the crowd where Yano attacks Goto’s knee with audience chairs.  He’s not picky about what kind of chair he attacks the knee with, apparently.  Yano continues working the knee back in the ring.  Goto tries to make a comeback, but Yano ducks under a big spin kick attempt.  Yano tries to use the timekeeper’s bell, but the referee stops him.  Yano smacks the referee, who goes down, and Goto uses him as a prop for a Poetry In Motion.  Goto mounts his comeback.  Diving elbow drop gets 2.  Goto goes for the Shouten, but can’t do it with the bad knee.  Goto catches a cross armbreaker out of nowhere, but Yano turns it into a cradle for 2.  Goto gets a German, even after Yano tries to fight it by holding onto the ropes, for 2.  Goto goes for the Shouten again, but Yano inside cradles him for 2.  Yano hits a spear and a spinning slam thing for 2.  Yano goes for his powerbomb, but doesn’t get it.  Goto hits a lariat and gets FIRED UP, but then Yano hits his powerbomb.  Goto manages to kick out, and Yano can’t believe it.  Yano goes for the powerbomb again, but Goto counters and gets his armlock on for the win at 16:11.  It wasn’t bad.

Nagata/Iizuka video package.

Bolt from the Blue – Chain Death Match: Takashi Iizuka vs. Yuji Nagata.  Iizuka is seconded by Ishii and Jado, while Nagata has Taguchi, Ishikari, and somebody else (Mitsuhide Hirasawa, I think).  Anyway, it’s a chain match, so they use the chain a lot.  Nagata bleeds less than 2 minutes in, which pisses him off, so he kicks Iizuka’s ass for a while.  Iizuka hits him with the GBH chair, then hits him with the chain and pounds him right in front of the commentators.  Iizuka bites the bloody wound on Nagata’s head.  Now THAT is heel.  I think this is my first time seeing heel Iizuka, and fuck is he great.  Iizuka hits an Exploder and covers, but pinfalls don’t count here.  You can only win by KO or submission, I think.  Nagata gets FIRED UP again and beats the shit out of him.  Nagata bites Iizuka’s forehead and bloodies him.  Iizuka tries to bail.  You’re chained to him, moron!  Nagata cleverly uses the chain to pull Iizuka into the turnbuckle.  Iizuka fights it all he can, but Nagata pulls him back in the ring and kicks the shit out of him.  Nagata tries for a cross armbreaker, but Iizuka bites his leg.  Iizuka wraps the chain around Nagata’s neck and goes for the sleeper, but Nagata backdrop suplexes his way out of it.  Nagata locks on the demon armbar with the chain, then beats the shit out of an interfering Ishii.  Iizuka nails Nagata with some sort of foreign object that Jado handed him.  Iizuka chokes out Nagata with the chain for the win at 21:59.  I liked it.  Probably the second best chain match I’ve seen.

Nakamura/Makabe video package.

The End of Discord:
Togi Makabe (w/ Tomoaki Honma) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.  Makabe meets Nakamura on the stage and they brawl to the ring.  Nakamura throws lots of kicks early on, then applies a front sleeper.  He doesn’t quite put him to to sleep, as the following cover only gets 2.  Makabe tries to fight back, but Nakamura throws lots more kicks and continues to destroy him.  Nakamura hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Nakamura goes for the Landslide, but Makabe escapes it and drops him with a lariat.  Makabe finally starts to build some momentum.  Makabe hits a strange Death Valley bomb for 2.  They do a couple of double lariat spots where neither guy does down, then Nakamura hits a cool suplex thing that I don’t really know what to call.  Tiger suplex from Nakamura gets 2.  Makabe hits a spider German suplex and goes for the King Kong knee drop, but Nakamura avoids it.  Nakamura starts building a comeback, but Honma hits him with a chair while the referee was down.  Honma hands Makabe the chair, but Toru Yano comes in and takes it.  He gets ready to nail Nakamura… but nails Makabe instead!  Nakamura hits the Landslide for the win at 12:42.  Yano nails Honma with the chair, then he and Nakamura beat down Makabe!  Makabe is stretchered out.

Tanahashi/Angle video package.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match – WHICH IS GENIUS: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Kurt Angle.  Hirooki Goto is watching intently at ringside, as he will challenge the winner on May 3.  They start slow.  Tanahashi works a headlock.  Angle hits a move out of it, but Tanahashi keeps it clamped on.  Angle keeps trying to escape it, but Tanahashi seems obsessed with it.  Angle finally gets out of it and hits a big belly to belly overhead throw.  Angle applies a rear chinlock.  Tanahashi escapes it, but gets caught with a knee to the gut.  Cover gets 2.  They hit the ropes and do the double cross body spot.  They trade European uppercuts.  Tanahashi has a flurry of offense and hits a pair of sentons for 2.  Rolling senton off the second rope gets 2 as well.  Angle throws Tanahashi out of the ring and Tanahashi skins the cat back in.  Appropriate, since the announcers keep saying “Shawn Michaels.”  Tanahashi hits the Sling Blade and goes for it again, but Angle goes for the Angle Slam.  Tanahashi arm drags out of it and body slams Angle.  Tanahashi goes up top, but Angle catches him and hits a sort-of Angle Slam off the top for 2.  Angle does the rolling Germans, but Tanahashi counters one and hits a sort-of release Dragon suplex.  Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow, but Angle moves and hits the Angle Slam for 2.  Angle lowers the straps and locks the ankle lock in.  Tanahashi tries to fight out of it, but Angle keeps it clamped on.  Tanahashi finally escapes it and hits a Dragon screw, then locks in the Texas Cloverleaf.  Angle counters back into the ankle lock.  Tanahashi rolls through with a front cradle for a very close 2.  Tanahashi counters another Angle Slam attempt and hits the Sling Blade for 2.  He goes up top again.  Angle tries to meet him, but gets decked.  Tanahashi hits a cross body and two High Fly Flows for the win at 15:12.  It wasn’t the super great match I expected from these two, but it was still very good.  Usual big post-title match deal with the belt and trophy presentation.  Goto steps in the ring to hype their upcoming title match, but it doesn’t really go anywhere.  Tanahashi talks, then the announcers talk, but it’s all in Japanese, so I don’t understand it.

Pretty good show altogether.  It took me over a week to watch it all due to various circumstances.