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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/2/09 (Repost)

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WWE open, Raw open, then Cole and Lawler welcome us LIVE to Saint Louis, Missouri!  Tonight: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho!

Lillian Garcia introduces Shane McMahon.  They show the closing angle from last week’s Raw.  He announces that he will be facing Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match at No Way Out.  Shane says he’ll do everything he can to make sure Orton is unable to compete at WrestleMania.  “I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD!”  Orton comes out.  Orton says he, Dibiase, and Rhodes didn’t fight back and let Shane beat them up last week.  At No Way Out, he’s going to put Shane in the hospital right next to Vince.  Orton teases getting in the ring, then Legacy to try jump Shane.  Shane pulls out a hidden Singapore cane and smacks them with it.  Commercial.

WWE Intercontinenal Champion CM Punk & Mickie James vs. William Regal & Layla.  Regal gets his rematch against Punk for the title next week.  The men start.  Punk nails some kicks, then the women come in.  Layla attacks, Mickie comes back, then they both go down from a double clothesline.  Men come back in.  Punk his a flurry of strikes.  Regal bails.  James dives off the apron onto Layla.  Regal pulls Punk off the apron to the floor.  Mickie helps Punk beat the count back in the ring, but Regal blasts him with the knee kick for the win at 3:17.  I’m sure they’ll have a great match next week, as long as it’s not a stupid schmoz like the first two matches of this series were.

WrestleMania hype video, emphasizing WrestleMania II.

Tonight, JBL is going to give Shawn Michaels a Employee Performance Appraisal.

Ted Dibiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme.  JTG starts with Dibiase and hits a neat facebuster, but Dibiase gets the advantage, then tags out to Rhodes.  JTG takes the heat, then makes the hot tag to Shad.  The ref DQ’s Dibiase and Rhodes at 2:45 for Rhodes being in the ring too long as the illegal man.  Dibiase and Rhodes beat down Shad after the match.

Chris Jericho/Mickey Rourke video package.  Jericho is going to speak in the ring, NEXT!

I went to make a sandwich, then Jericho ripped into Rourke.  Jericho says The Wrestler glorifies washed up has-beens, naming Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, and Ric Flair.  He then focuses his words on Flair.  Jericho wants WWE to take away their status as Hall of Famers.  John Cena appears on the big screen.  Hey says Jericho blasts the legends for living in the past, but Jericho does the same thing.  Cena says he’ll shut Jericho up in their match tonight.

Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston are headed to the ring!

Last week: Kofi Kingston upset Kane to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out.

Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs. Kane & Mike Knox.  Kofi sends Kane out of the ring at the half minute mark, then we go to commercial.  Kane and Kofi are still going at it when we return.  Kofi tags Mysterio, who goes for the 619, but Kane bails, so Rey hits the Bombs Away off the ring apron.  Knox comes in and goes after Mysterio.  Kofi makes the blind tag.  They double team Knox a bit, then Kofi covers for a two count.  Knox nails Kofi with a big boot for a near fall.  The big guys take turns beating up Kofi.  Kofi tries to make the tag, but Kane gives Rey a big boot, knocking him off the apron.  Kofi gets beaten up some more.  Rey finally makes his way back the apron, but Kane prevents Kofi from tagging out.  Kofi finally manages to make the hot tag.  Mysterio comes in and hits the springboard leg drop on Kane, but Knox breaks the cover.  Kofi sends Knox out and dives onto him, but Knox turns it into a backbreaker.  Rey goes for the 619, but Rey prevents it.  Kane catches Rey coming off the ropes and hits a chokeslam for the victory at 11:41.  Shockingly good match.

Shane and Stephanie McMahon are walking backstage when Shane is jumped by Legacy.  They beat up some security guys too.  Orton teases giving Shane the punt of death, then goes to give it to Stephanie instead, but Shane scrambles up and takes the kick in the gut.  Road agents, including DEAN MALENKO! break it up.  Commercial.

Back from break, the replay the angle from before the break, then Cole and Lawler run down the No Way Out card so far: Orton vs. Shane in a No Holds Barred Match, WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match, and World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

WrestleMania hype video, emphasizing WrestleMania X.  Bret and Owen Hart had an awesome match, and there was the Shawn/Razor Ladder Match too.

JBL was watching.  He’s giving Shawn an employee performance review tonight.

Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix (w/ Santino Marella & Rosa Mendez).  Beth hits a swank backdrop driver, then tries to make her submit with a backbreaker type hold.  Candice goes for a crucifix hold, then transitions into a sunset flip for a near fall.  Candice gets another near fall with a springboard kick.  Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win at 2:36.  Beth orders Rosa to ross Candice out of the ring after the match.

Ric Flair will be at Raw next Monday!

JBL comes out.  He’s going to evaluate his employee.  Michaels comes out.  JBL says Michaels has done a poor job.  Michaels says it’s not his fault.  JBL challenges Michaels to a match at No Way Out.  If Michaels wins, he gets the money JBL owes him.  If JBL wins, he owns Michaels for the rest of his life.  Michaels accepts, then JBL reminds him that he still works for him, so Michaels can’t touch him or the deal is off the table.  JBL verbally berates him and pokes him, which is extremely annoying.  He slaps him too.  Michaels looks near tears.  Cena vs. Jericho is next!

ECW tomorrow has Jack Swagger vs. Finlay.

Another replay of the Orton/McMahons angle.  I want Orton to punt Stephanie.

Stephanie McMahon has made a deal with Kane.  Kane is in the Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out. In return, Kane got The Undertaker to face Randy Orton next week!

Non-Title: Chris Jericho vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena.  Cena jumps Jericho before the opening bell.  He’s intent on shutting up Jericho.  Cena kicks Jericho’s ass and hits a backdrop suplex.  Jericho manages to reverse an Irish whip, but then gets his ass kicked more.  Cena clotheslines Jericho out of the ring.  Cena chases him out, but ends up taking a bump into the announce table.  Commercial.  When we come back, Jericho has Cena in a rear chin lock.  Cena powers out and goes for the victory, but Jericho counters into a DDT.  Jericho hits his classic springboard dropkick.  Cena barely beats the count back in the ring.  Jericho beats on Cena some more, but Cena hits a belly-to-belly suplex.  Jericho hits a dropkick and gets a two count.  Cena makes a comeback and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  They counter each other’s respective submission holds into inside cradles for near falls.  Jericho hits the Lionsault for a near fall.  Cena hits his spinning slam thing and the Five Knuckle Shuffle, then goes for the victory.  Lawler says it’s now called the Attitude Adjuster.  Whatever it’s called, he doesn’t get it.  Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but fails.  Schoolboy gets a two count for Jericho.  Jericho finally manages to lock in the Walls of Jericho.  Cena somehow rolls through it and locks in the STF for the victory at 12:31.  Good match.

Next week: Flair returns to Raw, plus Undertaker vs. Orton.  Cena celebrates his victory as the show goes off the air.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/12/10

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WWE open (slightly updated), “Last week on Raw…” video, Raw open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are the announcers.  Tonight, John Cena faces The Nexus in a 6-on-1 Handicap match (Darren Young is fucked up from last week’s beating and can’t wrestle).  Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

John Cena comes out to cut a promo about his Steel Cage Match against Sheamus for the WWE Championship this Sunday, then about his match against The Nexus tonight.  The Nexus come out to the stage.  They have t-shirts now.  Wade Barrett cuts a promo on Cena.  Cole gets an email from the iBooker 9000 saying that any Superstar who helps Cena tonight will be suspended for 90 days.  Also, the Nexus have to abide by tag team rules or they will also be suspended.  Barrett says it doesn’t matter.  Cena says they might take him down tonight, but he’ll take a few of them with him.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Eve Torres joins Cole and Lawler for commentary on the next match.

Non-Title: WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim.  They lock up.  Gail is FIRED UP!  Fox holds onto the ropes to block a monkey flip and lands a kick for 2.  Fox applies a sleeper hold.  Gail fights out and hits a flapjack.  Gail hits a clothesline, a dropkick, and a forearm.  Gail goes up top, but Fox pulls her back down.  Fox blocks the Eat Defeat and hits the scissors kick for the pin in 1:37.  Whatever.  Cole gets an email from the iBooker 9000 announcing that Fox will defend the title against Eve at Money In The Bank.

Tonight, Randy Orton takes on Edge.  Ugh.  Also, Cena vs. The Nexus 6!  Commercials. plug.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty & Natalya vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso & Tamina.  Kidd and Jimmy start.  Kidd sends Jimmy to the outside, then hits a cannonball of the apron onto both Usos.  Kidd tries to springboard, but Tamina trips him.  The Usos work over Kidd.  Smith gets the hot tag and runs wild.  Smith hits a backdrop suplex on Jimmy, but Tamina saves.  Natalya attacks Tamina.  CAT FIGHT!  Jey gets the blind tag and superkicks Smith.  Jimmy nails Kidd.  Jey hits the Superfly splash on Smith for the pin in 2:43.  Not enough time to do anything.  Shame, since they did the match a PPV or two ago and it was quite good.

Wade Barrett thanks Chris Jericho for his help when they were rookie and pro on NXT.  Josh Matthews tries to interview Jericho, but Jericho no sells him.  Barret encounters Yoshi Tatsu and bitches at him for fighting against the Nexus last week.  Yoshi says Cena is his friend.  The rest of the Nexus shows up and they beat down Yoshi.  Those bastards!  Commercials.

I Fight Dragons, who did the crappy Money In The Bank theme song, are in the crowd being total dorks.

Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase Jr. and Maryse come out all dressed up.  Last week, Dibiase beat John Morrison with Maryse’s help.  Dibiase talks about the million dollar couple, then says he’s referring to himself and the Money In The Bank briefcase.  He tells Maryse he’ll shower her with gifts if he wins.  He babbles more about whatever, then John Morrison comes out.  Morrison says the French don’t shower.  Maryse bitches at Morrison in French.  Morrison hilariously mistranslates what she said.  Maryse tries to slap him, but he catches her arm.  Dibiase jumps Morrison.  Morrison fights back and kicks his ass.  Morrison goes for the Starship Pain, but Maryse pulls Dibiase to safety.

Tonight, Cena vs. The Nexus!  Commercials!

Brady Bunch parody video with Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Great Khali, Goldust, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Primo, and Doink the Clown, It’s Santino’s Bunch vs. Regal’s Bunch, because Florence Henderson is the guest host.  Henderson gives Santino an apple pie.  They do a silly Brady Bunch parody complete with piped in laughter.  Regal speculates that Gilligan is the GM.  That would rule.  Regal says something about the Partridge Family and Henderson slaps him.  Santino tries to kiss her, but she no sells him.

Rupp Arena in Lexington!

Cole and Lawler hype Money In The Bank.  They talk about R-Truth being out of the match and say his replacement will be announced tonight.

They show Edge winning Money In The Bank in 2005 and cashing in against John Cena to win the WWE Championship 10 months later.  Edge is headed our way.  Commercials.

Tomorrow night, the Nexus return to NXT!

Edge vs. Randy Orton.  They show clips of the tag match from last week where Orton & Evan Bourne beat Edge & Jericho, then Orton RKO’d Bourne.  They lock up.  Orton backs Edge into the ropes and doesn’t break until the referee makes him.  They lock up again.  Edge pushes Orton into the corner and beats on him.  Orton beats on Edge in response.  Orton clotheslines Edge and does the Garvin Stomp.  Orton hits a knee drop for 2.  Orton clobbers Edge some more.  Orton hits the bottom rope decapitator and Edge falls out of the ring.  Orton throws Edge back inside.  Edge boots him off the apron.  Edge brings Orton back in and stomps the back of his head.  Orton avoids a second stomp and hits the snap powerslam.  Edge throws Orton out of the ring.  Again.  Commercials.  Edge tries to suplex Orton into the ring, but Orton pulls Edge across the top rope.  Edge hits a drop toe hold, then clamps on a rear chin lock.  Orton hits a backdrop suplex to escape.  Orton makes his comeback.  Orton goes for the DDT OF MURDER!, but Edge counters and hits the Edgecution for 2.  Edge goes for the spear, but Orton kicks him in the head and humps the mat.  Edge counters the RKO.  Orton leapfrogs the spear and schoolboys Edge for 2.  Orton hits the 3.0 and pounds the mat again.  Chris Jericho comes out to distract Orton.  Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic for the pin in 11:35.  Lame match, but a pretty good finishing stretch.  I still don’t want to see these two wrestle ever again.  Jericho comes in and hits the Codebreaker on Edge.  Orton hits the RKO on Jericho.  Evan Bourne runs in and lays out Orton with a kick, then goes for the Shooting Star press.  Orton CATCHES HIM IN FUCKING MID-AIR WITH AN RKO.  Holy shit that was cool.

Josh Matthews asks Skip Sheffield whose asses they’re going to kick on NXT tomorrow.  Sheffield no sells him, then bumps into John Morrison.  They get in each other’s faces and bicker.  The rest of the Nexus shows up.  Morrison goes on the attack, but they overwhelm him.  Sheffield throws him into some doors.  Slater kicks hi HARD in the ribs, then throws him over a rolling trunk.  Commercials.

Satan’s Prison DVD, available tomorrow!

WWE United States Champion The Miz comes out to cut a promo.  They show him taking out R-Truth last week.  Cole gets an email from the iBooker 9000 saying that Miz will face R-Truth’s replacement in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.  The email ends with “Just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions.”  Last week they tease Stone Cold, this week it’s Piper.

Non-Title: WWE United States Champion The Miz vs. Mark Henry.  Miz takes a swing, but Henry catches his arm and headbutts him.  Henry whips Miz into the corner, then press slams him.  Miz bails.  Henry follows and throws him into the side of the ring.  Miz side steps Henry, who collides with the laptop podium.  Miz throws a blue box at him, then dumps trash on him and throws the trash can at him.  Commercials.  I guess it’s a no-contest in about 2 minutes.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Florence Henderson comes out (to the Brady Bunch theme) to be the guest ring announcer for the next match.  She says “groovy” a couple of times, since she was a star in the 70s.

Regal’s Bunch (William Regal, Zack Ryder, Primo, & Doink the Clown) vs. Santino’s Bunch (Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Great Khali, & Goldust).  Santino does silly poses.  Regal mauls a fucker like only Regal can do.  Florence puts on Regal’s robe.  Santino hits Regal with the Cobra.  Cover, but the heels save.  Clusterfuck ensues.  Doink goes after Santino.  Khali tags in.  Doink begs off and stomps Khali’s foot, then tries to slam him.  Doink squirts Khali with a water gun.  Khali hits the big chop for the pin in 1:46.  Florence Henderson no sells Santino again and makes out with Khali.  There’s our obligatory comedy segment for the night.

Tonight, Cena vs. The Nexus!

SummerSlam Recall: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Ladder Match II for the Intercontinental Championship from 1995.  Commercials.

Tonight, The Nexus return to NXT!

Cole and Lawler talk about the Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match.  They show CM Punk, who is injured and not on the PPV, winning the Money In The Bank in 2009 and cashing in to beat Jeff Hardy for the World Title.  Subtle dig at TNA?

Josh Matthews interviews Edge.  Edge says he hears voices in his head.  I thought that was Randy Orton?

The trainer ices Evan Bourne’s neck.  Sheamus shows up to insult him.  The Nexus how up.  Sheamus tells them Bourne was bragging about fighting against them last week, then leaves.  The Nexus beat up Bourne.  Sheamus comes back to taunt Bourne.  The Nexus come back.  Sheffield takes a swing.  Sheamus runs away and asks somebody where Cena’s locker room is.  Commercials.

The Nexus are in the ring.  They show John Cena destroying Darren Young last week.

Handicap Match: The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater, & Michael Tarver) vs. John Cena.  Tarver starts.  Cena kicks his ass.  Cena hits the Fisherman buster.  Gabriel tags in and gets his ass kicked too.  Sheffield tags in.  He’s actually something of a match for Cena.  Cena works to stay out of the Nexus corner.  The Nexus drop down to ringside to talk strategy.  They surround Cena.  Slater cheap shots Cena from behind, allowing Sheffield to get the advantage and pound on him.  Slater tags in and hits some backdrop suplexes.  Otunga tags in.  Cena fights back, but gets dropped with a clothesline.  Otunga beats up Cena.  Cena hits a backdrop suplex on Otunga.  Barrett tags in.  They brawl, then Barrett drops Cena with a big boot.  Barrett goes for his move, but Cena counters and makes his VINTAGE! comeback.  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment.  Sheffield, who apparently made a blind tag, makes the save.  Sheffield kills Cena with a lariat.  Otunga hits the spinebuster.  Gabriel hits the 450 splash for the pin in 7:17.  It was what it was.  I’m not sure what beating 1 guy in a 6-on-1 match does for the Nexus, though.  The Nexus get ready for a beatdown, but Cena escapes and grabs a steel chair to run them off, giving Slater some nasty shots in the process.  The Nexus surround the ring.  Sheamus runs out with a steel chair to make the save for Cena.  Cena and Sheamus clean house.  Cena is bloody.  Fade to black.

Okay show, but they did kind of a lame job building the PPV.  Mostly a bunch of short, pointless matches, but nothing offensive.

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/29/10

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WWE open, followed by highlights of the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match from last night’s WrestleMania.

Raw open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are the announcers.  Tonight is Shawn Michaels’ farewell.

Batista comes out and cuts a promo.  Cena beating him was a fluke, nobody will remember WrestleMania (WTF?), etc. etc.  Crowd chants “YOU TAPPED OUT!”  He did.  Batista wants his rematch.  He says Cena can’t beat him, despite the fact that Cena beat him clean as a sheet last night.  The NEW WWE Champion John Cena comes out.  Cena says he beat Batista at WrestleMania.  He did.  Crowd chants “CENA SUCKS!”  He makes fun of Batista for tapping out, then offers Batista his rematch TONIGHT!  Cena says Batista will bitch out and refuse the match tonight.  Batista bitches out and refuses the match tonight.  They brawl for a second, then Batista bails.  Jack Swagger ambushes Cena with the briefcase and says he’s cashing in Money In The Bank!  Cena comes back to life and goes for for the STF.  Swagger bails, changes his mind, grabs the briefcase, and leaves.

Shawn Michaels moment: The Rockers make their WWF debut against the Rougeau Brothers.

Slam of the Week: The Orton/Dibiase/Rhodes match from last night.

A whole bunch of legends come out!  Ted Dibiase, Nick Bockwinkel, Pat Patterson, Irwin R. Schyster, and Arn Anderson!  Roddy Piper, Sergeant Slaughter, Tony Garea, and Ricky Steamboat follow!  Jerry Lawler joins them around the ring.  Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s guest hosts, Clark Duke and Rob Corddry from Hot Tub Time Machine.  Ah, I get it.  They announce Batista & Swagger vs. Cena & a partner of his choice, and a hot tub match with Duke & Corddry vs. The Divas.  The legends are around the ring for a Legends Lumberjack Match.

Legends Lumberjack Match: Christian vs. Ted Dibiase Jr.  JIP.  Christian hits his diving sunset flip for 2.  They slap each other.  Christian throws Dibiase out of the ring and the lumberjacks throw him back in.  Dibiase counters Christian’s tornado DDT and lands a kick to the face for 2.  Dibiase clamps on a rear chin lock.  Christian escapes and hits a missile dropkick for 2.  Dibiase goes for the Dream Street, but Christian counters.  Christian hits his corner kick and the diving European uppercut, then goes for the Killswitch.  Dibiase counters and clotheslines him, taking them both of the ring.  The lumberjacks throw them in, then start brawling amongst themselves.  Christian hits the Killswitch for the pin (about 3 minutes shown).  This was fun.  Dibiase Sr. comes in the ring to help his son up.  Dibiase Jr. shoves him and leaves.  Major boos for that.

Shawn Michaels moment: Throwing Marty Jannetty through the Barber Shop window.  Michaels’ farewell is TONIGHT!

Triple H is headed our way!

Plugs for the shitty Mania theme song and

WrestleMania Week highlights.

Clark Duke and Rob Corddry are backstage talking.  Santino Marella randomly walks by, says something, and leaves.  Duke and Corddry get in a hot tub with the very hot Bella Twins, the very hot Rosa Mendez, and the very hot Tiffany.  They agree to give whoever can stay in the longest a future Divas Championship match.  They drink champagne.  Whatever.

Triple H comes out to the stage and cuts an emotional promo about his friend, Shawn Michaels.  He says he has something to say to Shawn that he’s never said before.  Sheamus clobbers Triple H from behind with a lead pipe and we don’t get to hear Hunter profess his homosexual love for Michaels.

Moments ago, ^ happened.

Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, & Eve Torres vs. WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, WWE Divas Champion Maryse, Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox, & Layla.  Great, have a rematch of the worst match on the show.  Eve and Maryse yell at each other.  Maryse poses and looks FINE.  Eve schoolgirls her for the pin in 21 seconds.  Vickie yells at the faces.  They take her jacket off an she bails.  The heels jump the faces, but the faces clean house.  Quick and painless.  All divas matches should be this long.

Shawn Michaels moment: The Ladder Match with Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X.

Tonight, Cena/X vs. Batista/Swagger!

Bret Hart is headed our way!

Shawn Michaels moment: The Iron Man Match with Bret at WrestleMania XII.

Bret Hart comes out.  He puts over Shawn Michaels and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.  He talks some more.  He has an awesome shirt on that has a photo of him and Owen wrestling.  He thanks the fans.  The Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show & The Miz come out.  Miz insults Bret and puts himself over.  He’s the Tag champion and the United States Champion, people should be talking about him, etc.  He says he’s 1-0 at Mania, only 17 wins away from tying Undertaker’s streak.  Everybody laughs.  He calls Bret and his family overrated.  Bret challenges them to make him leave.  The Hart Dynasty come out to back up Bret.  Miz Show bail.  Bret challenges them to come back and wrestle the Hart Dynasty.  Miz is ready to go, but has to talk Show into it.  Commercials!


Non-Title: Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Big Show & WWE United States Champion The Miz vs. The Hart Dynasty (w/ Bret Hart & Natalya).  JIP.  Smith hits the stall suplex on Miz.  Miz catches Smith with a kick, then gets clotheslined out of the ring.  Smith backdrops Kidd out of the ring to wipe out Miz.  Kidd chases Miz around the ring.  Show tags in.  Kidd goes right after him, but is overcome.  Show Miz get heat on Kidd.  Smith gets the hot tag and runs wild on Miz.  Springboard Hart Attack on Miz.  Kidd locks Miz in the Sharpshooter.  Show yells at Miz for not listening to him, then pulls Miz out of the ring.  Show Miz leave and get counted out (about 4 minutes shown).  It was good for what it was.  I hope this leads to the Harts getting a title shot.

Shawn Michaels moment: DX.

WWE Rewind: Money In The Bank Ladder Match from last night.

The hosts and the divas are still in the hot tub.  The divas look bored.  Tiffany and Rosa get creeped out and leave.  Their co-star Craig Robinson appears on the TV and tells the Bellas they win, then sends Mark Henry to get in the tub with them.  In a speedo.  Gross.  Hornswoggle is snorkeling in the tub.  At least the chicks were hot.

Earlier tonight, Sheamus killed Triple H with a lead pipe.

Jack Swagger comes out and cuts a promo about his briefcase.  The main event is next, I assume.

Batista & Jack Swagger vs. WWE Champion John Cena & Randy Orton.  So I guess Orton is officially babyface now.  Cena and Swagger lock up.  Cena hits the Fisherman’s suplex, then tags in Orton.  Orton does the Garvin Stomp to Swagger.  VINTAGE ORTON!  Orton humps the mat.  Swagger bails.  Commercials.  The bad guys get the heat on Cena.  Swagger hits the springboard Vader Bomb for 2.  Batista hits the spinebuster and goes for the Batista Bomb, but Cena backdrops his way free and makes the hot tag.  Swagger tags in as well.  Orton runs wild on him.  Orton hits the powerslam and then the 3.0.  Cover, but Batista saves.  Batista spears Cena.  Orton RKOs Batista, then RKOs Swagger for the pin in 8:05.  Fine match.  Orton celebrates.

Shawn Michaels moment: Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV.  Shawn’s farewell is next.

Tomorrow night on NXT, the results of the first Pros Poll!

Justin Roberts introduces Shawn Michaels.  Before Michaels can speak, The Undertaker comes out to the stage, tips his hat to Michaels, and leaves.  Shawn says he doesn’t know what to say.  Crowd chants “PLEASE DON’T GO!”  Shawn talks about his career.  They show and old lady crying.  Crowd chants “THANK YOU SHAWN!”  Shawn talks for a bit more.  He says he’s reluctant to thank people for fear of forgetting someone, but he does thank Triple H for being his friend.  He puts over the cameramen, production crew, announcers, and Adam the video package guy.  The crowd ridiculously chants “ONE MORE MATCH!”  Shawn says he knows how people feel about career ending matches, and he doesn’t want to go back on his word.  He thanks Bret Hart and says he drove Bret crazy in the  90s and that Bret had every right to say everything he’s ever said about Shawn.  He thanks Bret for forgiving him, etc. etc.  He puts over Vince McMahon and thanks the fans, then puts over Jesus.  Can’t go wrong there.  He says to his wife and kids “Daddy’s comin’ home.”  He finishes by saying “‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels has left the building.  I apologize for the shitty job I did of recapping this segment.  When he makes it to the top of the ramp. Triple H appears and they do all but make out.  Fin.

Fun show.  Nothing outstanding, but definitely worth watching.