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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/14/10

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WWE open, “Last week on Raw…” video, then cut to the arena.

Wade Barrett is in the ring.  He says the GM ordered him to come out and apologize.  He calls for the other rookies to come in.  Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young, Heath Slater, David Otunga, and Justin Gabriel come in through the crowd.  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Justin Roberts leave ringside just to be on the safe side.  Barrett calls for each of the rookies to apologize and they all decline.  Barrett says they’re behaving like animals because they were treated like animals on NXT.  Raw GM Bret Hart comes out and talks about the heinous actions they did last week.  Barrett implies that they disposed of Daniel Bryan because he felt remorse for what they did last week.  Well, I guess that’s as good an explanation as any.  The rookies want contracts and first class treatment.  Hart declines and fires Barrett to boot.  He also lets a “WWF” slip in there.  Hart says if they don’t leave, he’ll have the police take them out.  Commercials.

Moments ago, ^ happened.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are the announcers.  They talk about the Fatal 4 Way PPV, and now they’re going to have one on free TV.  How TNA of them!  Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

Four-Way Match for the WWE United States Championship: R-Truth (c) vs. John Morrison vs. Zack Ryder vs. The Miz.  The heels jump on the babyfaces.  Morrison sends Ryder outside, then drops Miz with a dropkick.  Truth and Morrison lock up and go at it.  Truth gets a front cradle,  but Ryder saves.  Miz trips Truth from the outside.  Morrison schoolboys Ryder for 2.  Ryder dives outside at Truth and Miz, but they both move.  Miz catches R-Truth with a boot.  Morrison hits Miz with a sunset flip powerbomb out of the ring and into Ryder.  Commercials.  Morrison drops Miz with a big kick for 2.  Another cover for 2.  Ryder goes up top, but Morrison cuts him off and tries a superplex.  R-Truth powerbombs Morrison, who simultaneously superplexes Ryder.  Truth covers all 3 guys in turn for 2.  Miz cradles R-Truth for 2.  Truth hits a front suplex on Morrison.  Truth hits a scissors kick on Ryder for 2, as Miz saves.  Miz low bridges R-Truth out of the ring, then dropkicks Morrison out too.  Miz hits Ryder with a corner lariat.  Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring and hits him with a lariat.  R-Truth comes back in and hits Ryder with the Lie Detector, but Morrison saves.  Morrison and R-Truth send Miz back out as soon as he comes in.  Truth ducks the Flying Chuck and hits a suplex into a stunner for 2, as Ryder saves.  Ryder avoids Truth in the corner and hits the Rough Ryder.  Morrison knees Ryder out of the ring and hits the Starship Pain.  Miz throws Morrison out of the ring and pins R-Truth in 9:04 to regain the title.  Pretty decent little match.

Tonight, Randy Orton takes on Sheamus!  Yeah, let’s make sure Orton is completely crippled by Sunday!

Randy Orton is backstage.  Josh Matthews comes in to interview him.  He says the NXT guys got off lucky.  Commercials.


They show Big Show filming an episode of Royal Pains.

Guest host Mark Feuerstein of Royal Pains is backstage with the Bella Twins.  Ted Dibiase Jr. and Virgil come in.  Dibiase offers to buy him a new car if he makes hi co-guest host.  Why the fuck would he do that when the guest host has no power?  Feurstein refuses, then gets all tough when he sees that Big Show has arrived to back him up.  Show challenges them to a tag match.  Dibiase accepts.  The heels leave.  Feuerstein talks about being an ice skater and jumps into Show’s arms.  The Bellas leave.  How exactly is Dibiase supposed to get over when everybody he tries to buy off refuses?  Would his dad have ever gotten over if the people he tried to buy off always refused?

John Cena is headed our way!

WWE Rewind (or whichever one it is): Big Show beat Chris Jericho in a stupid body slam match last week, then beat him 2 other ways.

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne.  Jericho goes on the attack immediately.  Bourne hits a rana and a sliding kick for 2.  Jericho clotheslines Bourne for 2.  Jericho hits a backdrop suplex.  Bourne lands on his feet from a second backdrop suplex attempt and hits a running knee strike.  Jericho rolls through a sunset flip attempt and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Bourne counters.  Bourne gets his weird cradle for 2.  Jericho hits the Codebreaker, but Bourne kicks out!  Jericho puts the boots to Bourne, lightly pushes the referee, and gets DQ’d in 2:49.  Bourne kicks Jericho down from the apron and hits the Shooting Star press.  Good little match while it lasted.

John Cena speaks NEXT!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

WWE Champion John Cena comes out.  He thanks Bret Hart for not making him wrestle tonight, then talks about last week’s attack.  He calls for the guys to come out and finish it and promises he won’t press charges.  That’s because John Cena is a man, as opposed to being a big vagina like Michael Cole.  The NXT guys come back out through the crowd.  This week some help shows up for Cena.  Cena, Jerry Lawler, William Regal, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Edge, and Sheamus clean house.  Henry, Santino, and R-Truth chase the NXT guys clear out of the building.  I have no idea where they’re going with this angle now.

Moments ago, ^ happened.

Sheamus is backstage.  Josh Matthews asks him why he just helped John Cena.  Sheamus says he’s not going to let some rookies ruin his title shot.  He’ll be the one taking out Cena.

WWE Rewind: Divas Battle Royal from last week’s Raw.

WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs. Maryse & Alicia Fox.  These 4 will have a four-way match for the title at the PPV.  Eve and Maryse start cat fighting immediately.  Maryse lands a kick for 2 after Eve gets distracted by Fox on the apron.  Fox tags in and the heels hit a double face plant on Eve.  Fox covers for 2.  Fox hits a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2.  The bad girls get heat on Eve.  Fox accidentally kicks Maryse off of the apron.  Eve hits a neckbreaker on Fox for the pin in 2:31.  Gail, the best worker in the match, stood on the apron the whole time.

Tonight, Cena & Orton face Edge & Sheamus for absolutely no reason given that earlier tonight it was announced as being Orton vs. Sheamus in a singles match and Cena said he had the night off.

The Big Show and Mark Feuerstein get ready for their match, which is next.

This week in WWE History: Don Muraco defeated Pedro Morales for the Intercontinental Championship in Philadelphia on June 20, 1981.

The Big Show & Mark Feuerstein vs. Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase Jr. & Virgil.  Dibiase tries to take Show down.  He fails.  Show gives Dibiase the Stink Face, of all things.  Dibiase pokes Big Show in the eye to try to get the advantage, but that fails too.  Dibiase tags in Virgil and bails.  Virgil is like “WTF man?”  Show pulls Virgil into the ring.  Virgil bails out the other side.  Feuerstein throws him back in.  Show slams Virgil, then steps on him.  Show chokeslams Virgil and tags in Feuerstein.  Feuerstein deos the Worm and a half assed elbow drop for the pin in 3:55.  This was silly.  Dibiase stuffs a $100 bill on Virgil’s mouth, then takes it back and leaves.  Stupid segment.

Santino Marella vs. William Regal.  Vladimir Kozlov is the Special Guest Referee.  Santino clows around.  Regal nails him with an elbow smash and sets out to maul a fucker in awesome Regal fashion.  Santino gets a quick pinfall with a handful of tights in 1:20.

Bret Hart comes out and says he’s asked every Raw superstar to come out to the stage, presumably to make sure no shenanigans occur during the main event.  William Regal, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, Evan Bourne, The Hart Dynasty, John Morrison, Great Khali, Mark Henry, The Miz, R-Truth, Primo, Ted Dibiase Jr., Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, and the Usos all come to the backstage.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Edge & Sheamus vs. WWE Champion John Cena & Randy Orton.  Cena and Sheamus start.  Sheamus looks particularly pale this week.  They wrestle around.  Orton tags in and grounds Sheamus with a side headlock.  Edge tags in and beats up Orton briefly.  Orton hits the 3.0 and humps the mat, setting up the RKO.  Edge bails.  Commercials.  Cena makes a comeback on Edge.  Fisherman buster gets 2.  Edge bails again and pulls Cena across the top rope.  Sheamus tags in and beats up Cena.  At one point, Super Cena walks most of the way to his corner with Sheamus on his back, but Sheamus manages to cut him off from making the tag.  Edge tags in to continue the punishment.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Edge counters and hits the Edge-O-Matic.  Edge goes for the spear, but Cena avoids.  Orton finally gets the hot tag and runs wild on Sheamus.  Orton hits the DDT OF MURDER and humps the mat.  Edge comes in.  Orton hits him with the RKO.  Sheamus hits Orton with a Polish Hammer, then the uranage backbreaker for 2.  Sheamus keeps the heat on Orton.  Edge tags in to continue the beating.  Cena gets the hot tag and starts to run wild… and it’s a no-contest in about 18 minutes, because…

Cut to the back, where the NXT Season 1 guys are destroying the fuck out of backstage.  Sheffield and Barrett drag Bret Hart into a limo.  The limo backs into some cars in the parking garage.  They pull Hart out of the limo and Barrett tells him they want their contracts by Sunday.  Then they run away.

Lame show with stupid continuity errors.  I hope they don’t fuck up this NXT angle any worse.  We’ll see what happens Sunday.