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ROH 3/21/09 (Repost)

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Nice opening video.  Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are our hosts.  They explain the Code of Honor (that’s still around) and hype the main event.  Then. it’s on to the first match!

Delirious vs. Jerry Lynn.  They show a brief “smack talk” segment before each wrestler’s entrance where they have a moment to speak, then, during the entrances they show a little information on the wrestlers.  Delirious goes crazy at the bell, then they lock up and go at it.  Delirious gets a knock down, then Lynn takes him down and locks in a surfboard.  Delirious counters.  Fast paced match.  Lynn hits a head scissors and a backbreaker and gets a two count.  Delirious drops Lynn and hits a senton for a near fall.  Delirious works a hold, but Lynn fights out.  Delirious hits a couple of lariats, then Lynn ducks one and gets a near fall with a backslide.  Lynn hits a Gory Bomb for a near fall.  Back and forth stuff.  I haven’t done a review in a while so I’m off my mark.  Lynn hits the Cradle Piledriver for the win at 5:41.

Kyle Durden (who?) interviews Tyler Black, who apparently grew up watching Jimmy Jacobs, so he must be about 10 years old.

Sami Callihan vs. Kenny King.  King leapfrogs Callihan to start, then they lock up.  Callihan grabs a hammerlock, but King swankly counters it.  They have a nice little exchange, then King drapes Callihan across the ropes as he jumps out of the ring.  King goes to work on him.  King hits an enzuigiri and a huge spinebuster for a near fall.  Callihan makes a comeback and hits a sweet Exploder, then works him over a bit and locks in the Koji Clutch.  King manages to get a foot on the ropes.  King hits a running double knee in the corner and follows with the Coronation for the win at 5:43.  Fun little match.

Kyle Durden interviews Jimmy Jacobs.

Sweet ROH History highlight video, showing lots of WWE and TNA guys and legends who have appeared in ROH over the years.

Rhett Titus vs. Brent Albright.  Albright fires away with vicious chops.  Titus fights back and tries to suplex Albright, but can’t get the bigger man up.  Albright does the suplexing, complete with stall.  Titus stands on the ropes and Albright pulls him down straight into a backbreaker.  Neat.  Albright hits a Crucifix Bomb and covers, but Titus gets a foot on the ropes.  Albright clotheslines Titus out of the ring and dives onto him.  Albright throws Titus back in, but gets his eyes scraped and is knocked off the apron.  Titus gets the offensive and goes to work on Albright.  Albright battles back with chops, but Titus scrapes his eyes again and hits a move for a near fall.  Titus keeps up the beating, complete with his homo taunts.  Albright makes a comeback, but Titus hits a dropkick for a near fall.  Albright hits the half-nelson suplex and locks in the Crowbar for the victory at 6:33.

They show footage of Austin Aries murdering Jacobs at Rising Above, leading to the break up of Jacobs and Black at Final Battle.  The main event is next!

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tyler Black.  They lock up, then shove each other.  Black gives the stronger shove.  They lock up again and tear into each other.  Jacobs throws some chairs into the ring, then jumps Black from behind as Black removes the chairs.  Jacobs beats on Black for a bit, then Black makes a comeback and beats on Jacobs until Jacobs counters with a neat headscissors that sends Black face first into the turnbuckle.  Jacobs beats on Black for a bit.  Black gets some shots in and goes up top, but Jacobs pushes him off the top rope into the guardrail.  Jacobs continues his beatdown.  Black finally makes a comeback and hits a huge springboard lariat for a near fall.  Black misses a moonsault but hits a standing Shooting Star press for a near fall.  Black goes up top and goes for the Phoenix Splash, but Jacobs avoids it and spears Black for a near fall.  Jacobs works over Black again, and starts to get frustrated when he can’t put him away.  Black gets his knees up to counter Jacob’s diving senton.  Black goes for the God’s Last Gift, but Jacobs locks in the End Time.  Black finally manages to escape it.  Jacobs avoids a kick and gets a schoolboy for a near fall.  Jacobs locks in the End Time again.  Black manages to turn into into a bridge to pin Jacobs at 13:51.  Good little match.

Next week: Nigel McGuinness takes on Jay Briscoe!

ROH Supercard of Honor III (Repost)

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Originally posted on 1/3/09.

That’s right, I’m back with more ROH!

Delirious vs. Go Shiosaki is our first match.  As always, Delirious goes crazy and runs all around when the bell rings.  After over a minute, they finally lock up.  Go backs Delirious into the corner, and Delirious begs “No chops!”  Delirious does all he can to avoid being chopped, and manages to do so for the almost the first 5 minutes.  Go then proceeds to chop the shit out of him.  Delirious comes off the top with a lariat, but then takes more abuse from Shiosaki.  Shiosaki hits a delayed Fisherman buster for a near fall and follows with a moonsault, but Delirious got his knees up.  Delirious goes on the offensive.  Delirious gets a Cobra Clutch in, but Go backs him into the corner and some chops.  Go ends up back in the corner and Delirious hits the Panic Attack and goes for the Shadows over Hell, but Go catches him with a kick and gets a near fall with a German suplex.  Delirious locks in the Cobra Stretch, but Go gets a rope break.  Go shrugs off an enzuigiri and hits a lariat for two.  Delirious tries an inside cradle but Go rolls through, picks him up, and hits the Go Flasher for the win at 12:14.  Go is a good sport and gives Delirious props after the match.

Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn are backstage.

The YRR of Chasyn Rance, FIP Tag Team Champion Kenny King, & FIP Florida Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro (w/ generic bimbos) vs. Bushwhacker Luke Williams, Alex Payne, & Dingo.  Dingo and Rinauro start with mat work.  They resort to punching, then Dingo tags Payne in.  King and Rance work over Payne on the outside before they throw him back in the ring and the YRR take turns picking him apart.  Payne finally makes the hot tag to Dingo.  After his flurry, Luke finally comes in.  He uses Payne as a battering ram, then they do the Bushwhacker strut.  A kick from the top rope from Rinauro puts Dingo down for the pin at 8:13.

Sweeney and Hagadorn come out.  Sweeney again tries to recruit the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero, who are in the ring having just wrestled a match taped for the upcoming PPV, into Sweet N Sour Inc.  Roderick Strong comes out and tells him “No” again.  Erick Stevens comes out and attacks the NRC.  He’s challenging Strong for the FIP World Heavyweight Title tonight.  They fight in the ring, and a referee is there to start the match, but they kick his ass, so this isn’t a match.  They fight all over and bloody each other.  Stevens eventually hits a TKO, dropping Strong face first onto a chair.  I thought that would be it, but they keep on fighting.  They’re having a pretty good match, except it’s not a match.  If they’re going all out anyway, why not just have the fucking match?  Strong calls for Richards and Romero to come back out.  They bring clippers and scissors, and Strong cuts Stevens’ mohawk.  Then my DVD won’t play any further.  Apparently when my friend burned it for me, it didn’t burn all the way.  Dammit.  I guess I’ll have to get another copy.


Video package of the Age of the Fall/Briscoe Brothers feud.

Relaxed Rules Match: Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black w/ Lacey & Rain) vs. The Briscoe Brothers.  Jacobs cuts his usual promo before the match.  So what exactly is the difference between a Relaxed Rules match at a Fight Without Honor?  Didn’t I just watch these teams in a Relaxed Rules match yesterday?  Mark springboards off of a trampoline over the guardrail onto Jacobs and Black.  That was neat.  This another wild brawl that goes all over the arena.  The announcers leave because “they’re getting close.”  I always thought ROH commentary was added in post-production.  There’s a clip, then they make it back in the ring.  Mark is down from a big dive in the crowd onto a hobo, so Jay is all alone.  Mark finally makes it back after several minutes.  Briscoes for the springboard Doomsday Device, but Jacobs catches Mark in the End Time for the win at 15:05 + whatever was clipped.

Erick Stevens is bloody and missing some hair, but he still wants to kick Strong’s ass and take his title.

AOTF says the Briscoes are done, Aries will win the World title and join AOTF, and he and Black will regain the ROH Tag titles.

SHINGO & BxB Hulk vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico.  New Hazard vs. Steenerico.  Dragon Gate vs. ROH.  Okay, I’m done.  Fun Generico/Hulk exchange to start, then we get the battle of chunky guys with Steen and SHINGO.  Generico does a crazy suicide flip onto SHINGO.  Stuff happens.  Generico takes an accidental friendly fire senton from Steen.  More stuff happens.  Yeah, I suck and doing reviews.  Who cares?  Nobody ever reads this shit.  I type it and that’s it.  It’s fun, though, and for some reason having a place to write about wrestling makes me want to watch more.  Hulk hits the E.V.O. on Generico for a near fall.  Steen goes the Package Piledriver on Hulk, but Hulk gets out.  Match gets a little crazy.  Steen clotheslines SHINGO and the both go out of the ring, leaving Hulk and Generico alone.  Steen hits a Swanton on Hulk and Generico covers for a two count.  Steen goes for a moonsault on Hulk but misses.  SHINGO hits the Blood Fall, but Generico breaks the cover.  Hulk hits a pumphandle E.V.O. on Generico, but Steen breaks it.  Doomsday Device-style kick on Generico gets a near fall, Steen breaks the cover.  Hulk moonsaults onto Steen on the floor.  Top rope DVD from SHINGO on Generico gets a two count.  SHINGO hits the Last Falconry on Generico and gets the win at 17:50.

Backstage, Erick Stevens is finishing his haircut since the NRC fucked his mohawk all up.

ROH World Championship Match: Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Austin Aries.  Aries works Nigel’s arm.  He tries the Last Chancery early, but Nigel gets a rope break.  Aries continuously works on Nigel’s neck, weaking him for the Last Chancery.  Nigel gets the advantage and works on Aries’ arm, trying to weaken him for the London Dungeon.  At 13 minutes, Aries gets the Last Chancery seemingly out of nowhere, but Nigel counts out of it.  Nigel goes for the Tower of London, but Aries pushes him away and hits a missile dropkick.  Nigel tries again and hits it, but Aries kicks out.  Nigel goes for a lariat to Aries on the ropes, but Aries ducks.  At 17 1/2 minutes, Nigel nails the lariat, but it took all of Nigel’s energy too, and they both lay out.  They barely make it to their feet before the 10 count.  Aries hits the brainbuster, but misses the 450 splash.  Nigel locks in the London Dungeon.  Aries rolls through into a cradle and has a near fall so convincing I thought he was going to win even though I know the results of the match.  Aries goes the Last Chancery, but Nigel gets the London Dungeon again.  Aries gets out, Nigel goes the lariat but Aries gets a backslide for a near fall.  Aries hits the brainbuster and the 450 splash, but Nigel gets his foot on the ropes.  Son of a bitch!  Nigel ducks out and Aries tries to dive on him, but Nigel moves and Aries hits the guardrail head first.  Nigel sets Aries on the guardrail and gives him the lariat.  Nigel drags Aries back into the ring and covers, but Aries kicks out.  Nigel picks him up and nails the lariat, but Aries kicks out again.  Aries ducks another lariat and hits the Crucifix Bomb, but Nigel rolls through, hits the ropes, and nails another lariat to win at 24:44.  Awesome match.

Afterwards, Age of the Fall comes out and again try to convince Aries to join them.  Lacey says she’ll “show” Aries why he should join them and takes him by the hand.  Crowd chants “She has herpes.”  “Back In Black” hits, and Tammy Sytch comes out.  She chastises Aries for chosing Lacey over her.  Aries ignores her and leaves with Lacey.  Jacobs and Black hold Tammy and Rain slaps her.  Briscoes make the save.

SHILL SHILL SHILL!  Go to, they sell stuff!

Nigel says he’s still champ, and he’s still the best, and if anyone tries to take his belt, he’ll break their jaw.

Main event time!

Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, & Genki Horiguchi of the Muscle Outlaw’z vs. CIMA, Ryo Saito, & Dragon Kid of Typhoon.  This is almost a direct rematch of the first Dragon Gate six-man tag in ROH, with CIMA and Horiguchi switching sides.  Saito and Genki start with a fun and speedy exchange.  CIMA and Doi follow with their own exchange.  Then we get the REALLY fast guys, as Dragon Kid and Yoshino come in.  At the 5 minute mark, it’s Doi and CIMA who are legal.  Yoshino saves Doi from a submission hold.  Oh, it’s Dragon Gate rules, so tags are allowed, but not required.  A lot of people shit on the Dragon Gate style for being all spotty, but I love it.  It’s the most exciting wrestling out there that I’ve seen.  At 11 minutes, Dragon Kid is taking the brunt of the abuse from the MO’z.  The crowd chants for him in encouragement.  At 14 minutes, CIMA comes in and hits the Venus palm strike and the Iconoclasm on Horiguchi.  Kid comes in and does the deja-vu on Yoshino, then sends him out and its a moonsault to the floor.  The match gets crazy to the point where I can’t watch and type at the same time.  Everybody hits big, painful looking moves.  Doi counters a super Frankensteiner attempt from Kid into a very HIGH powerbomb.  CIMA hits a top-rope Perfect Driver on Yoshino for a near fall.  CIMA goes for the Crossfire, but Yoshino counters into a sunset flip for a near fall.  The counter each other, then CIMA hits the Schwein, Saito hits the German suplex, and Kid hits the Frankensteiner, but Yoshino STILL kicks out.  Doi goes the Doi 555 off the top rope on Kid, but Kid fights it.  Doi manages to hit it and follows with the Bakatare Sliding kick, but Saito makes the save.  Genki hits the Beach Break on Kid.  Doi hits the Muscular Bomb on Kid to win it at 25:47.  Awesome match.

Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn reflect on what a great weekend they had.  Sweeney says soon, he’ll be in control and have all the money… or something.

Another great show from ROH!

ROH 4/26/10

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…on HDNET!

Kyle Durden interviews ROH World Champion Tyler Black.

ROH open.

Jim Cornette shows off the ROH World Television Championship belt.  The first champion will be crowned TONIGHT!

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are the announcers.  Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Non-Title: Rhett Titus vs. ROH World Champion Tyler Black.  Black offers a handshake, but Titus fondles himself first, making Black not want it.  They trade arm locks.  Black holds on to the ropes to avoid a dropkick, then clamps on a side headlock.  Black lands a stomp for 2.  Black lands a cross body for 2.  Black gets Titus up in a fireman’s carry, but Titus fights out.  Black hits a backbreaker and goes for a Lionsault, but Titus gets his knees up.  Titus clotheslines Black out of the ring.  Titus slams Black on the outside.  Back inside, Titus lands a dropkick for 2.  Titus hits a backdrop suplex, then locks on a body scissors.  Back up, Black lands some punches.  Titus hits an enzui leg lariat for 2.  Black takes Titus down and punches him.  Titus gets Black in a grounded abdominal stretch and pounds on the ribs.  Black blocks a hip toss and hits a rana.  Black hits some clotheslines and a back body drop.  Black rocks Titus with a kick from the apron and hits a springboard lariat for 2.  Black fails the Lionsault again, but hits a standing Shooting Star press for 2.  Kenny King and Austin Aries run out.  King distracts the referee.  Aries holds Black, but Roderick Strong runs out and pulls Aries off the apron.  Black superkicks Titus.  Strong runs off Aries and King.  Black hits the God’s Last Gift for the pin in 8:38.  It was fine.  Strong gets in the ring and basically tells Black he’s going to protect him until Strong gets his title shot.  Black tells him to stop acting like a little bitch.  Strong slaps Black and they brawl.  Referees and other geeks separate them.

Hogewood and Prazak talk.

Roderick Strong/Tyler Black video package.

“Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown vs. James Stone.  Stone puts a cigarette in his mouth, then behind his ear.  They shake hands.  Brown kicks Stone’s ass and throws the cigarette at him.  Stone picks it up and puts it back in his mouth.  Brown beats him up some more.  Brown avoids a moonsault and spears Stone.  Brown hits a Burning Hammer for the pin in 1:15.

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards in the TV Title Tournament Final TONIGHT!

American Wolves video package.

Shawn Daivari comes out and cuts a promo against “modern day Americans.”

The main event is NEXT!

Live event plugs.

The chick brings the belt out.  Shane Hagadorn comes out to be in the neutral corner, since he’s both guys’ manager.  Entrances, intros, and we’re off!

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Final: Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards.  They shake hands, then lock up.  Break, lock up again, repeat.  They do some face paced stuff and both fail dropkicks.  They work a test of strength.  They work in and out of holds, which is wonderful.  Richards lands a dropkick, then hits a clothesline.  Richards hits a snap suplex for 1.  Richards goes for a figure-four head scissors.  Edwards gets a rope break.  Richards goes for a handspring, but Edwards dropkicks him in the back.  Edwards hits a backbreaker for 1, then applies a rear chin lock.  Richards ends up on the apron and they both tease suplexes.  Richards ends up suplexing them both out of the ring.  They make it back to the apron and trade blows.  They big boot each other.  Edwards comes off the apron and gets caught with a middle kick.  Richards hits a dive INTO THE CROWD, and knocks Edwards into the barricade in the process.  Back inside, Richards lands some kicks.  Handspring kick gets 2.  Richards hits a Northern Lights suplex for 2, then transitions into the Kimura.  Richards gets a rope break.  Edwards hits a belly to belly throw.  Edwards hits an elbow to the corner, then a snap suplex, then a missile dropkick.  Richards bails.  Edwards hits a tope suicida.  They go at it back in the ring, with more great counter wrestling.  Edwards hits a diving Codebreaker and a… backdrop face plant… for 2.  They fight on the top rope.  Richards connects with some slaps.  Richards goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Edwards blocks it.  Richards climbs back up, but Edwards fights him off again.  Richards finally hits a FUCKING GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP.  Richards hits a German suplex hold for 2.  Richards gets a cross armbreaker and transitions into a triangle choke.  Edwards powers him to the top rope.  They fight over it again.  Edwards hits a FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP.  Edwards hits a powerbomb for 2, then transitions into the half crab.  Richards turns it into a cross armbreaker.  Edwards turns into a pinning predicament for 2.  They trade kicks.  Edwards his a German suplex.  Richards hits a lariat.  They fight on the apron again.  Crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME!”  Edwards avoids a kick and Richards kicks the post.  Edwards hits a shin breaker on the apron.  Richards works the arm, Edwards works the leg.  Edwards gets the half crab.  Richards kicks himself free.  Edwards’ shoulder hits the post.  Richards hits a missile dropkick to the arm.  Richards hits a Shooting Star press for 2, then locks in the Kimura.  Edwards turns it into a cradle for 2.  Richards turns it into the cross armbreaker.  Edwards turns it into the half crab!  Richards submits at 20:01.  Really good match.  Richards straps the belt around Edwards’ waist.

Alright show.  The main event was good.

ROH 4/19/10

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…on HDNET!

“Last week…” video.

Tonight, Davey Richards takes on Kenny King in a TV Title Tournament Semifinal!

ROH open.

Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood are the announcers.  Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Ricky Reyes vs. Colt Cabana.  Reyes refuses the handshake, so Colt shakes the referee’s hand.  Cabana shines early.  They go outside the ring a little bit.  Back inside, Cabana gets some 2 counts from cradles.  Reyes finally starts connecting with some kicks.  Reyes works Cabana’s shoulder.  Cabana avoids Reyes in the corner and back body drops him, then connects with some Dusty Rhodes elbows.  Colt hits a Lionsault body block for 2.  Reyes hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Cabana hits the Colt 45 for the pin in 4:08.  Fine little match.

This Saturday in Chicago, Colt Cabana & El Generico take on Steve Corino & Kevin Steen in a Chicago Street Fight!  They show highlights of their match at the Big Bang.  They show both teams’ post-match promos in the locker room.

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak talk.  They show Davey Richards calling out ROH World Champion Tyler Black last week.

Kyle Durden interviews the aforementioned Tyler Black.

They show the highlight video of the Black/Roderick Strong/Austin Aries match.

Austin Aries will speak, NEXT!

TV Title Tournament recap.

Kyle Durden interviews Kenny King.  Davey Richards interrupts.

Hogewood and Prazak talk some more.

They show the Kings of Wrestling Tag title win over the Briscoes at the Big Bang, then Mark Briscoe bitching about being cheated while Jay sulks.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Josh Raymond & Christian Able.  Mark and Raymond start.  I remember Raymond from WSX.  The Briscoes dominate.  Raymond cheap shots Mark from the apron.  They work over Mark a bit.  Raymond and Able do some cool double team moves to Mark.  Mark fights back and makes the hot tag to Jay.  Able cuts off Jay when he goes for the J-Driller on Raymond.  Jay hits an elbow on Able for 2.  Able hits a cool almost Regal Plex and makes the tag.  Raymond hits an aided Lionsault on Jay for 2.  Raymond does an awesome corkscrew dive, but Jay avoids it.  Mark hits an avalanche-style Ace Crusher on Able.  Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Raymond.  Jay gets the pin in 5:45.  Fine little match.

Hogewood and Prazak talk some more.

Pre-taped Austin Aries promo.

The chick brings out the TV belt.

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Semifinal: Kenny King vs. Davey Richards (w/ Shane Hagadorn).  They trade Greco-Roman knuckle locks.  Richards turns it into a strangle hold.  King reverses it.  Richards gets a rope break.  Richards works King’s leg.  King gets a rope break.  They fuck around a bit, then no sell shoulder blocks.  King slaps Richards.  Richards kicks King.  King bails after a dropkick to the gut.  Richards goes for a dive, but King catches him with a kick.  King hits a spinny over the shoulder gutbuster, then puts the boots to Richards in the corner.  King applies a bow & arrow hold, but Richards gets a rope break.  King hits a suplex and applies a leg scissors.  Richards turns it into a like an inverted surfboard.  King escapes and stomps Richards in the middle.  Richards dodges a kick and lands some of his own.  King responds with a big one.  Cover gets 2.  Richards connects with some more kicks.  He rocks King with an enzuigiri.  Richards pulls King off the top into another middle kick for 2.  Richards hits an elbow smash and a snap suplex, then goes up top.  Richards hits a diving headbutt for 2, then locks in a cross armbreaker.  King gets a rope break.  Richards catches King with a kick in the corner and goes for a tornado DDT, but King counters it and suplex Richards into the corner for 2.  King sends up a superplex, but Richards brings him down with an arm takedown.  King fights out of a Fujiwara armbar.  Richards does some flippy stuff, then locks it in again.  King gets a rope break.  They do some awesome fast paced stuff.  King hits a springboard Blockbuster for 2.  Richards rocks King with a kick from the apron and goes up top.  King cuts him off and goes for the Royal Flush, but Richards turns it into a head scissors.  King lands a kick.  Richards nails a lariat for 2.  Richards hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Richards locks in a cross armbreaker.  King turns it into a cradle for 2.  Richards locks it in again, and King is forced to submit in 13:33.  Really good match.  It’s an all American Wolves final next week!

Good show this week!

ROH 4/12/10

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Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet!

They show highlights of the Tyler Black/Roderick Strong/Austin Aries match from The Big Bang, where Black retained the ROH World Title.

Jim Cornette introduces the ROH World Champion Tyler Black.  Of course, this show was taped before The Big Bang and Black is still carrying the old belt.  They cover up the continuity errors by not specifying what World Title match we just saw footage from.  Black talks for a while.  Davey Richards comes out to tell Black he’s coming after the title.

ROH open.  Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood are the announcers.

Same Jerry Lynn video package from last week.

We finally have a match!  Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Jerry Lynn vs. Jake Manning.  The shake hands.  Manning cheap shots Lynn to get the upperhand.  “JERRY!” chants.  Lynn can still go at his age, which is pretty damned impressive.  They do some nice wrestling.  Manning avoids a reverse cradle and hot shots Lynn into the top rope for 2.  Manning attacks Lynn’s previously injured neck.  Crowd chants “YOU SUCK!”  Manning goes for a sleeper.  Lynn reverses it.  More stuff happens.  Manning hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Lynn hits an avalanche-style Frankensteiner and some clotheslines.  Lynn hits the cradle piledriver for the pin in 3:40.  Good little match.  Kyle Durden comes out to interview Lynn, who wants to fuck Kenny King’s shit all up.

Highlights of the Kings of Wrestling beating the Briscoe Brothers for the ROH World Tag Team Title at The Big Bang.

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards in an ROH World Television Title Tournament Semifinal TONIGHT!

Kyle Durden interviews Steve Corino.

El Generico and Steve Corino come out for their match, but Corino is still wearing his suit.  Corino tells Generico is a loser and a masked freak, while Corino is a legend.  Corino continues to run down Generico for some time, forfeits the match, then runs him down some more.  Generico grabs Corino by his tie and kicks his ass.  Corino bails.  Generico wipes him out with a dive.  Geeks come out and separate them.  Generico wins a moral victory as well as a technical victory, I guess.

Hogewood gushes over El Generico, then the show highlights of the TV Title tournament.  Steen vs. Edwards is NEXT!

Hype for live events.

Christopher Daniels is back in ROH!

Earlier tonight, the beginning of the show happened.

Next week, Davey Richards takes on Kenny King in the other TV Title tournament semifinal!

Kyle Durden interviews Eddie Edwards (w/ Shane Hagadorn).  Kenny King interrupts.  He’s “the pretty boy pit bull,” eh?

Bobby Cruise is in the ring to introduce the main event.  The chick who comes out to hold the TV belt is there too… holding the TV belt.

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Semifinal: Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards (w/ Shane Hagadorn).  Before the opening bell, Steen talks for a while about their history, then attacks Edwards’ previously injured elbow to start the match.  Edwards hits a “desperation” dive to the outside and makes a comeback.  Steen avoids a baseball slide dropkick and attacks the elbow again.  He throws a chair into the ring to distract the referee, then uses another chair to hit the arm against the post.  Finally back inside the ring, Steen continues working on the arm.  Edwards rocks Steen with an enzugiri, then hit a Frankensteiner,  Steen avoids Edwards in the corner and Edwards spears the post.  Steen attacks the elbow some more.  Steen hits a Swanton Bomb for 2.  Steen clotheslines Edwards’ arm, then Edwards manages to hit a German suplex that Steen takes a front bump from.  Edwards gets rolling.  Steen cuts him off and beats him up some more.  Edwards his a crazy diving Codebreaker for 2.  That was awesome.  Edwards hits a diving stomp to Steen’s back for 2.  Steen fights out of a half crab attempt and powerbombs Edwards for 2.  Steen goes up top again.  Edwards cuts him off.  They fight, then Edwards goes for a backpack Stunner.  Steen counters and locks in a crossface, then lets go when El Generico comes out.  Edwards gets an inside cradle for the pin in 10:32.  It was fine.  Crowd chants “OLE!  OLE!  OLE!  OLE!” at Steen.

Richards vs. King next week!

Another disappointing ROH TV show.

ROH 4/5/10

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ROH open.  Tonight, Jay Briscoe takes on Chris Hero in a Pick 6 Challenge Series match!  What the fuck is that?

Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood are the announcers.  Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.

Steve Corino (w/ Kevin Steen) vs. Bobby Shields.  Corino reluctantly shakes Shields’ hand, then talks shit.  Shields does well early, hitting a couple of armdrags and a dropkick, causing Corino to bail.  Outside, Corino sends Shields into the barricade a couple of times.  Corino beats up Shields back inside.  Corino hits a Beach Break of all things.  Colt Cabana walks out to distract Corino, allowing Shields to make his comeback.  Corino drops Shields with a Complete Shot and hits a sliding lariat for the pin in 3:19.  Fine for what it was.  Corino calls for Cabana to come into the ring.  Cabana is ready to fight, but Corino just wants to talk to him.  Crowd chants “BULLSHIT!”  Corino gives Cabana his “last warning.”  Cabana kicks Corino’s ass and throws him out of the ring.

Prazak and Hogewood explain that the Big Bang has already happened by the time this show aired, but the show was already in the can.

Tyler Black/Austin Aries/Roderick Strong video package.

The Dark City Fight Club vs. The Set.  DCFC destroy The Set.  I don’t know who any of these people are.  DCFC hit a modified Total Elimination, then kill the skinny white member of the Set with a double team move and the DCFC member who wears trunks gets the pin in 1:27.  Jon Davis pinned Lance Lude.  It took me like 10 minutes to figure that out.

Jerry Lynn video package.  They show clips of his return match against Kenny King at the California show.  He returns to TV next week!

Erick Stevens (w/ Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris) vs. Pelle Primeau.  Pelle fails to get anything going, then does a head scissors.  Stevens bails.  Pelle tries a dive, but Stevens catches him and rams him into the post.  Stevens beats up Primeau.  Primeau fights back.  Stevens flapjacks him, then clamps on a bear hug.  Stevens hits a weird suplex.  Primeau hits a rana.  Stevens hits a slam and DDTs himself.  Primeau hits a springboard Bombs Away and a double stomp for 2.  Primeau goes for a jumping DDT, but gets caught a suplexed.  Stevens kills Primeau with a lariat, then hits the Doctor Bomb for the pin in 4:07.  Third squash in a row.  Pelle did get in a little offense, though.  The Embassy beats down Primeau after the match.  Necro Butcher, who is banned from TV, comes in through the crowd with a chair.  The Embassy bails.  They cut away, since Necro Butcher is banned from TV.  But it’s a taped show, so why even show Necro being on TV at all?

The announcers apologize for that stupidity, then they show highlights from the first round of the World Television Title tournament.  The semifinals are next week!

Pick 6 Challenge Match: Chris Hero (w/ Claudio Castagnoli, Shane Hagadorn, & Sara Del Rey) vs. ROH World Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe (w/ ROH World Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe).  Briscoe half asses the handshake, but technically follows the Code of Honor.  They lock up and do some wrestling.  That’s always a joy to see.  They go back and forth on the mat for the first couple of minutes, so I automatically love this match.  They get to their feet and wrestle a bit more, then start taking turns shoulder blocking each other.  Hero knees Jay in the middle.  Jay drops Hero with a shoulder block, then hits him with a series of strikes.  Jay hits a rana and a double stomp and beats up Hero some more.  Hero bails.  Claudio fans Hero with his jacket.  Heh.  Hero comes back in and gets beaten up some more.  Jay rolls through a sunset flip and hits a dropkick for 2.  Hagadorn grabs Jay’s boot.  Hero throws Jay out of the ring, where the heels get their shots in before Mark chases them off.  Hero kicks Jay from the apron, then throws him back in the ring and beats him up some more.  Hero hits some elbows for 2.  Jay makes his comeback and hits a backdrop suplex after pulling Hero’s hair.  Jay hits Hero with some strikes.  Jay hits a big boot for 2.  Hero dumps Jay with almost a Regal Plex.  Jay hits a Death Valley Driver out of nowhere for 2.  Hero rocks Jay with an elbow smash.  Jay hits a spinebuster, but fails to capitalize.  They get back to their feet and Hero bails after taking a Complete Shot into the middle turnbuckle.  Jay hits a suicide flip dive onto Hero and Claudio at ringside.  Back inside, Jay hits a diving cross body for 2.  They trade strikes.  Hero hits a series of elbows.  Jay catches him with a superkick for 2.  Jay goes for the J-Driller, but Hero counters and squashes an attempted sunset flip for 2.  Hero nails an elbow smash for 2.  Hero goes for a neckbreaker, but Jay turns it into a backslide for 2.  Hero hits another elbow smash for another 2 count.  Del Rey distracts the referee.  Mark Briscoe distracts the referee.  Some shits happens.  Mark chases Claudio out of the arena.  Hero hits another elbow smash for the pin in 14:11.  They did a lot of shit, but it didn’t really flow for me.  Mark Briscoe runs back out and throws a chair at Hero.

Ugh.  Another mediocre ROH TV show.

ROH 3/8/10

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About time I gave this show a look, I guess.

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling!

They show clips of Tyler Black beating Austin Aries for the ROH World Championship, then the backstage celebration.  Jim Cornette yells at Tyler Black for superkicking him.  Black said he didn’t know why Cornette was there, he was just doing what he had to do.  Aries in his locker room bitches and demands a rematch.  Roderick Strong yells at Cary Silken about wanting his title shot.  Cornette announces that at the Big Bang, Tyler Black will defend the title.  He’ll announce his decision about the challenger tonight.

ROH open.

Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood are the announcers.

A chick brings out the new ROH World Television Championship belt.  They show the brackets for the tournament.

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Round 1: Kevin Steen (w/ Steve Corino) vs. Rhett Titus.  Steen holds up a sign that says “Kiss me, Rhett,” then tears up the sign.  They lock up.  Steen backs Titus into the corner.  Titus ducks a cheap shot, struts, and swivels his hips.  Steen kicks his ass.  Titus hits a monkey flip.  Steen hits an arm breaker on Titus and goes to work on his arm.  Steen hits a side Russian leg sweep onto the bad arm for 2.  Ouch.  Steen talks smack to Titus, who pokes him in the eye.  Titus tries to make a comeback, but Steen hits another armbreaker for 2.  Titus makes his comeback.  He hits a fucked up move that turned out like a half assed Fameasser.  Titus hits a one legged Codebreaker and a swank neckbreaker for 2.  Titus goes for the Muff Driver, whatever that is, but Steen counters it and hits a powerbomb for 2.  Steen goes up top.  Titus catches him with a shot and tries a move, fails, goes for a Frankensteiner, but Steen avoids it and crotches him.  Steen cannonballs into Titus, tied to the tree of woe.  Steen locks in the crossface for the win in 7:16.  It was okay.

The announcers talk.

Jim Cornette sits down with Black, Strong, and Aries.  He tells them they’ll be in a Three-Way Match at the Big Bang.  Strong bitches him out and leaves.  Aries tells Black they should take Strong out first.  Black tells him to fuck off.  Strong comes back, argues with Cornette some more, and slaps Black.

The Kings of Wrestling (w/ Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey) vs. The Bravado Brothers.  Kings beat up the jobbers.  Hero kills one of them with an elbow.  Claudio tags in, hits a European uppercut, and tags back out.  Kings make quick tags and punish the Bravado.  Del Rey gets her shot in behind the referee’s back.  The Bravado makes a small comeback.  Harlem Bravado, according to Prazak.  I can’t tell them apart.  Hero throws Harlem into a backbreaker from Claudio.  Lance Bravado comes in and gets his ass kicked too.  Awesome double teaming by the KOW.  KOW hits the KRS ONE on (I think) Harlem and Hero gets the pin in 3:58.  Good squash match.  Hero and Claudio cut a promo on the Briscoes after the match.

Announcers talk again.  They show a recent brawl between Necro Butcher and Erick Stevens.  Necro has been suspended from TV.

Kyle Durden interviews Prince Nana.

“Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown vs. Caleb Connelly.  Brown destroys the jobber and finishes him off with a Burning Hammer in 1:19.

Durden interviews Colt Cabana about the TV Title tournament and El Generico.  Steve Corino interrupts.

The main event is NEXT!

The Big Bang hype.

They show the recent dissension between the American Wolves.

Ring announcer Bobby Cruise announces the main event.

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Round 1: Kenny King vs. El Generico.  They lock up and do some nice back and forth wrestling.  When that’s done, Generico throws some chops and hits some nice arm drags.  King bails for a minute.  Generico works the arm some more.  King hits a nice hip toss and nips up.  Generico drops him with a kick for 2.  King gets on the offensive and works on Generico’s arm.  Generico fights back with chops.  King dropkicks his bad arm.  King whips Generico into the corner, dances, and gets clotheslined.  Generico hits a big back body drop.  Generico clotheslines King out of the ring.  Generico hits an Arabian press to the outside.  Back inside, Generico gets a 2 count.  Generico tries to get some feeling back in his arm.  King elbows him in the back of the head.  Generico catches King with a Michinoku Driver II for 2.  Generico signals for the Yakuza kick, but King NAILS him with a big double knee kick.  King clotheslines Generico, avoids the Yakuza kick, and connects with some kicks and a clothesline for 2.  King fights off a half nelson suplex attempt, but Generico plants him with it a moment later.  Generico hits the Yakuza kick in the corner for 2.  Generico goes up top.  King rocks him with an enzuigiri and goes for a superplex.  Generico counters, ties King to the tree of woe, and hits a flip kick from the next corner.  Cover, but King gets a rope break.  Generico goes up top.  King uses the referee to crotch him.  King hits the Royal Flush off the top for the pin in 14:40.  Fine match.

ROH tour dates.

Fine show, but nothing great.