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AJPW “Cross Over 2010″ 6/26/10

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Opening video with random shots of an amusement park.  They show Keiji Muto and some geeks on a talk show.  Ryota Hama shows up briefly.  After 15 minutes of that, we get Muto talking some more, then a video package.  Then more Muto talking.  What the hell?  After 18+ minutes of bullshit, we finally get a run down of today’s matches.

Antonio Thomas vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue.  Thomas was a member of the Heart Throbs in WWE years ago.  Nakanoue must be a new rookie, as I’ve never seen or heard of him before.  They shake hands.  Thomas keeps shooting for takedowns.  They lock up and work that a bit.  Nakanoue backs Thomas into the corner and gives a clean break.  They do some chain wrestling, which always makes me smile inside.  Stalemate, applause.  More chain wrestling.  I’m digging this.  Stalemate and lighter applause.  This crowd is dead as shit.  Thomas takes Nakanoue down with a headlock.  Nakanoue gets up and lands some forearms.  Thomas his a knee lift and puts the boots to Nakanoue.  Thomas beats up Nakanoue in the corner and hits a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2.  Thomas applies an abdominal stretch.  Thomas slams Nakanoue and hits a knee drop, then a diving club tot he back for 2.  Thomas locks in a crab hold, DEATH to young lions in Japan.  Thomas transitions into an STF.  Nakanoue gets a rope break.  Thomas goes for a Fisherman buster.  Nakanoue blocks it and eventually manages to suplex Thomas.  Nakanoue tries a backdrop suplex, but Thomas fights him off.  Nakanoue ducks a clothesline and hits his backdrop suplex for 2.  Nakanoue tries a superplex, but Thomas headbutts him down and hits a diving lariat for 2.  Thomas hits a Fisherman suplex hold for the pin in 8:21.  Good little basic match.

Ryota Hama & BUSHI vs. Masanobu Fuchi & TAKA Michinoku.  TAKA and BUSHI start with chain wrestling.  BUSHI takes TAKA down with a leg hold and transitions into a headlock.  BUSHI sends TAKA outside and teases a dive, but TAKA avoids it.  Old man Fuchi tags in to teach this young punk a thing for two.  The enormous Hama tags in.  Fuchi goes to tag in TAKA, but TAKA wants none of that.  Fuchi chops Hama, which has little effect.  Fuchi tries a shoulder block and bounces off of Hama out of the ring.  Hama wanders around outside for a bit, then comes back in.  TAKA still won’t tag in.  Fuchi stupidly keeps trying to shoulder block and failing.  This goes on for a while.  TAKA encourages Fuchi to try to slam Hama.  That ends poorly for Fuchi, as he’s the one who gets slammed.  Hama stands on Fuchi’s back.  That’s gotta suck for the old man.  TAKA jumps on Hama’s back, which doesn’t making things better for his partner.  TAKA tries to revive the injured and/or sleepy Fuchi outside the ring.  BUSHI and TAKA hold the ropes open.  Hama tries to do a tope sucida, but hits the ropes and sends BUSHI and TAKA across the ring.  TAKA attacks Hama from behind and gets knocked down by one forearm from the huge former sumo wrestler.  BUSHI tags in and dropkicks TAKA for 2.  BUSHI lands some forearms.  TAKA pokes him in the eyes.  Fuchi sits on the apron and doesn’t want to tag in.  TAKA chokes BUSHI with a boot in the corner.  Fuchi tags in and rams BUSHI’s head into the turnbuckles repeatedly.  TAKA tags in and works BUSHI’s face.  BUSHI fires back, lands an enzuigiri, and tags in Hama.  Hama runs wild on TAKA and knocks Fuchi off of the apron.  Hama squashes TAKA in the corner.  TAKA pokes Hama in the eyes, tries to shoulder block him, fails, and tags in Fuchi.  Fuchi rakes Hama’s eyes.  TAKA chokes Hama in the corner.  BUSHI tries to intervene and gets slammed by Fuchi.  Fuchi picks up BUSHI for another slam and holds him up there for a while this time before slamming him.  Repeat, but this time he spins around with him.  TAKA is still choking Hama in the corner all this time.  Fuchi tries to backdrop suplex Hama!  That’s not happening.  Hama squashes Fuchi in the corner.  BUSHI sends TAKA outside and takes him out with a dive.  Hama splashes Fuchi for the pin in 15:08.  Really fun comedy match.  Hama’s theme sounds like a remix of the Imperial March.

Minoru & Hate vs. Shuji Kondo & Hiroshi Yamato.  Hate cuts a promo before the match, then the Voodoo Murders go on the attack.  They fight at ringside and in the crowd.  Hate brings Kondo into the ring and tries to hit him with a gimmick, but Kondo blocks it, takes him down, and works his arm.  Hate still has the gimmick in his hand.  Oh, it’s hair clippers.  Kondo takes it away and feigns shaving Hate’s already bald head.  Yamato tags in  and gets beaten up by Hate.  Minoru tags in and has a good speedy exchange with Yamato.  Yamato hits Minoru with a backbreaker, then gives him a noogie.  Hate takes Yamato outside, throws him into the barricade, then suplexes him on the floor.  Minoru suplexes Yamato on the floor too.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  Minoru roughs up Yamato some more and tags in Hate.  Hate and Yamato trade chops.  Hate kicks Yamato in the balls.  Minoru tags in and the VM split the wishbone on Yamato.  Yamato fires back, but Minoru dropkicks his knee out from under him.  Hate rams the knee into the ring apron.  Minoru goes for a pin, but gets caught blatantly hold the ropes.  Minoru lands some kicks on Yamato.  Yamato catches him and hits a Capture suplex.  Kondo tags in and gets double teamed.  He rallies and takes them down with a bulldog/lariat combo.  Kondo spears Minoru for 2.  Minoru lands a dropkick and tags in Hate, then dropkicks Yamato off of the apron.  VM double team Kondo into oblivion.  Hate hits a Rock Bottom, but Yamato saves.  Minoru chokes Yamato ont he corner.  Hate goes after Kondo with the clippers.  The referee tries to take them away and almost gets a haircut.  Kondo hits a backdrop suplex.  Yamato sends Minoru outside.  Kondo gives Yamato an Iconoclasm onto Hate.  Minoru saves.  Kondo throws Minoru on top of hate.  Kondo powerslams Yamato onto Hate, then hits a lariat for the pin in 10:40.  It was okay.  Minoru attacks Kondo and Yamato with a chair.  Minoru tries to give Yamato a haircut, but Kondo comes to and chases him away.

KAI & Seiya Sanada vs. Triple Crown Champion Minoru Suzuki & Masakatsu Funaki.  Suzuki and Sanada start by trading arm locks.  I do enjoy my chain wrestling.  Sanada drops Suzuki with a dropkick.  KAI tags in and tries to slam Suzuki, but fails.  Suzuki hits him with a knee lift and a kick, then tags in Funaki.  Funaki totally schools KAI with kicks, then locks him in a rear chin lock.  Transition to a headlock.  Funaki drops KAI with a shoulder block, then awesomely teases a crab hold before locking him in a knee lock.  KAI gets a rope break.  Funaki teases a test of strength, then kicks the crap out of KAI some more.  Funaki works a headlock again, then drops KAI with another shoulder block.  KAI leapfrogs Funaki twice and drops him with a dropkick.  Sanada tags in and dropkicks Funaki too.  It seems to be the only thing that works.  Wait, no.  Sanada fails a dropkick and gets an elbow dropped on him.  Suzuki drags Sanada outside and beats him up in the crowd.  Back in the ring, Suzuki tags in to continue abusing young Sanada.  They trade shots until Suzuki slaps the piss out of Sanada.  Cover, but KAI saves.  Suzuki kicks KAI off the apron.  Funaki comes in to beat up Sanada some more.  Senton splash gets 2.  Funaki applies a half crab.  Suzuki adds a crossface to the equation behind the referee’s back.  Funaki stretches Sanada some more.  Suzuki tags in and continues the beating.  Suzuki locks on a half crab, but Sanada gets a rope break.  Funaki tags in.  He and Sanada trade chops and forearms.  Funaki kicks his knee.  Sanada rolls through a sunset flip and hits a dropkick.  KAI gets the tag and runs wild.  KAI hits Funaki with a diving Ghetto stomp for 2.  Funaki hits a powerslam and tags in Suzuki.  Suzuki beats up KAI.  In a funny bit, Suzuki charges KAI in the corner, stops cold, and slaps him.  Suzuki gets a cross armbreaker on KAI, but Sanada saves.  KAI rocks Suzuki with an enzuigiri and makes the tag to Sanada.  Suzuki avoids a springboard dropkick, but Sanada rallies and dropkicks him down for 2.  Sanada hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Sanada gets a reverse cradle for 2.  Funaki tags in kicks the shit out of Sanda some more, then spikes him with a Tombstone Piledriver for 2.  Sanada hits a missile dropkick and tags in KAI.  KAI runs Suzuki off of the apron.  KAI and Sanada double team Funaki.  KAI hits his cross legged Michinoku Driver II, but Suzuki saves.  Sanada tries to take out Suzuki with a dive, but Suzuki avoids it.  KAI superkicks Funaki for 2.  Suzuki kicks KAI in the sleeper, then Funaki kicks the shit out of him.  Suzuki hits the cradle piledriver on Sanada and Funaki hits a backdrop suplex on KAI for the double pin in 16:42.  I believe Funaki’s pin on KAI was the legal one.  Really fun match here.  Masayuki Kono attacks Suzuki after the match and brawls with him out into the theme park.  Kono leaves Suzuki laying.

Taiyo Kea & Akebono vs. Big Daddy Voodoo & Rene Dupree.  Kea and Dupree lock up.  Dupree now has a buzz cut and some shitty tattoos.  He backs Kea into the corner and gives something of a clean break.  Repeat, but in reverse and with a totally clean break.  They both do the Hogan ear cup pose.  Dupree drops Kea with a shoulder block, then gets hip tossed.  Kea works a side headlock, then drops Dupree with a shoulder block and hip tosses him again.  Big Daddy V yells at Dupree to “get mean!”  Dupree offers a handshake.  Kea declines and tags in Akebono.  Dupree flexes his muscles, then gets squashed in the corner.  Akebono groups Dupree with a headlock.  That can’t be fun.  Kea tags in and beats up Dupree some more.  Kea hits a lariat for 2.  Voodoo decks Kea from the apron.  Dupree throws Kea outside where Voodoo beats him up.  Dupree throws Kea back into the ring and tags in Voodoo.  Dupree hits Kea with a drop toe hold and Voodoo drops a leg on the back of his head.  Ouch.  Voodoo steps on Kea.  Double ouch.  Voodoo hits Kea with a loud Big Show chop on the corner, then clobbers him with some elbows.  Voodoo squashes Kea in the other corner and hits kind of a half assed senton splash (it looked save though).  Akebono saves.  Dupree tags in and beats up Kea.  Kea fights back and drops Dupree with a kick, then makes the tag to Akebono.  Akebono clocks Voodoo on the apron, then squashes Dupree with an elbow drop for 2.  Dupree drops Akebono and tags in Voodoo.  Fat guy fight!  Voodoo squashes Akebono in the corner, but it’s no sold.  Repeat in reverse.  Voodoo finally knocks down Akebono with a lariat.  Dupree tags in and hits Akebono with a diving headbutt.  Akebono throws Dupree off the cover at 2.  Akebono hits Dupree with the 64, but Voodoo saves, then accidentally squashes Dupree.  Akebono knocks Voodoo out of the ring.  Kea hits Dupree with the TKO.  Akebono follows with a big splash for the pin in 10:57.  Fun little match.

The Voodoo Murders of TARU, Lance Cade & MAZADA (w/ Minoru, Hate, & Rene Dupree) vs. Suwama, Masayuki Kono, & AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kaz Hayashi (w/ Ryota Hama, BUSHI, & Seiya Sanada).  TARU cuts a promo, then the VM attack.  That seems to be their MO for starting matches.  Everybody brawls in the crowd.  TARU chokes Kono with a cane.  MAZADA and Hayashi make into the ring while the others brawl outside.  MAZADA hits Hayashi with a DDT for 2.  Cade and Suwama have made it to the apron.  Hayashi hits a twirly arm drag, a regular arm drag, and a hip toss on MAZADA.  Suwama tags in as Kono and TARU finally join the match proper.  Suwama works over MAZADA.  MAZADA throws ineffective chops at Suwama.  Suwama drops MAZADA with one chop.  Repeat.  Suwama covers for 2.  Kono tags in.  MAZADA rakes his eyes and tries to slam him.  That fails, but Kono’s slam attempt doesn’t.  Repeat.  Kono hits a sidewalk slam for 2.  Hayashi tags in and hits a slam and a Lionsault on MAZADA for 2.  Minoru hits Hayashi with some kind of red box from the outside.  Minoru and Hate beat up Hayashi on the outside, then throw him into Cade and TARU.  TARU yells at Hama.  Hama tries to come in, but the referee stops him.  MAZADA chokes Hayashi behind the referee’s back.  Cade works over Hayashi.  Hayashi nails Cade with chops and Cade yells for more.  Cade hits a sit-out spinebuster.  Kono and Suwama saves.  Clusterfuck brawl ensues.  The outside VM guys attack Hayashi again.  TARU tags in and chokes Hayashi.  TARU hits Hayashi with a buzzsaw kick for 2.  Hayashi hits TARU with a handspring kick and and makes the tag to Kono, who runs wild.  Kono hits TARU with a jumping knee for 2.  Kono hits a stall suplex for 2.  TARU rakes Kono’s face.  Kono hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  TARU drops Kono and tags in Cade.  Cade hits Kono with elbow smashes and a bulldog headlock for 2.  Kono lands some elbows on Cade, then hits a side Russian leg sweep and makes the tag to Suwama.  Suwama hits a shoulder block.  Suwama hits a belly to belly suplex for 2.  Suwama tries a German suplex, but Cade fights out.  They trade strikes.  Cade whips Suwama into the referee.  Hate comes in and sprays Suwama with a fire extinguisher.  Clusterfuck brawl.  All of the VM attack Suwama.  MAZADA comes in to clean up and put Suwama away, but Suwama hits him with a belly to belly.  All of the faces attack MAZADA, including Hama squashing him in the corner.  Stuff happens.  Suwama hits MAZADA with the Last Ride for the pin in 17:05.  Fun match.  TARU and Suwama cut promos after the match.

This was my first time watching All Japan in a long time.  There was nothing really great, and there were a lot of comedy spots.  It was a pretty fun show, but I’m not sure I’m going to make a habit of watching All Japan TV.

New Japan “Wrestle Kingdom III In Tokyo Dome” 1/4/09 (Repost)

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Originally posted on January 10, 2009.

Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the show, then we get a cool video package of past occurrences on New Japan Tokyo Dome shows.  After that we get a rundown of the card.  This is New Japan’s 20th anniversary of running the Tokyo Dome.  Their first Tokyo Dome show was in April 1989.  Close enough.  It’s show time!

Wrestle Kingdom Grand Opening VIENTO DORADO: Mistico, Ryusuke Taguchi, & Prince Devitt vs. Averno, Jado, & Gedo.  Mistico is a HUGE star in Mexico for CMLL.  I watched a heavily pimped Mistico/Averno match a few years ago, but I just can’t get into Lucha.  Mistico and Averno both wear their respective CMLL titles to the ring: Mistico’s CMLL World Welterweight Title, and Averno’s CMLL World Middleweight Title.  Yes, I had to Wikipedia that to see what belts they were.  I know next to nothing about Lucha.  After a year wearing black trunks, Taguchi is finally wearing his Funky Weapon pants again!  Mistico and Averno start.  They do a sequence, then Mistico dives to the outside onto Averno.  Tags to Taguchi and Jado.  Taguchi sends Jado to the outside and teases a dive, but Jado moves.  Devitt and Gedo come in next.  The heels get the advantage on Devitt.  Devitt hits a gourdbuster on Gedo and tags in Mistico.  Mistico cleans house and hits another suicide dive on Averno.  Jado and Gedo fight Taguchi and Devitt on the outside as Averno and Mistico work the crowd in the ring.  Mistico sends Averno out again and hits an Asai moonsault.  That dude likes his dives, doesn’t he.  Taguchi dives outside onto Gedo, and Devitt does a helluva dive on Jado.  Averno and Mistico go at it again in the ring.  Nifty exchange, I guess.  Mistico utilizes his move, La Mistica, to force Averno to submit at 9:50.  Kind of a strange match.  Mistico’s music is kind of unsettling for some reason.

LEGEND and the Main Event Mafia arrive in a hummer.  Chono and Nash give each other the nWo sign.  That was neat.

Jushin Thunder Liger 20th Anniversary Match: Jushin Thunder Liger & Takuma Sano vs. Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto.  The Liger character debuted at the first New Japan Tokyo Dome show in 1989.  Sano is currently of NOAH, but back in the late 80’s or early 90’s, he had a big rivalry with Liger under the name Naoki Sano.  Inoue and Kanemoto jump Liger and Sano before the opening bell, then double team Liger.  Liger tries to fight back with shoteis, but takes a belly to belly from Kanemoto and the Staggerin’ Blow from Inoue.  When the match gets in order, Liger tags in Sano, who gets worked over and tags back out.  Like he does in every match, Liger makes me think he’s going to do a dive, but it’s just a baseball slide.  Liger powerbombs Inoue, who has gone from being a junior to a small heavyweight.  Tags, then Sano and Kanemoto trade strikes.  Quick tags on both sides in the early part here.  Sano dives outside onto Inoue, leaving Liger and Kanemoto in the ring to be awesome.  Kanemoto traps Liger in his ankle hold, but Sano makes the save.  Kanemoto hits the moonsault on Liger for a near fall.  Sano hits a Northern Lights bomb on Kanemoto and Liger follows with the brainbuster, but Kanemoto kicks out.  Liger unleases his avalanche-style brainbuster on Kanemoto to get the win at 8:48.  Everybody makes friends again after the match.  Ikari No Jushin Liger!  That music OWNS.

Video package hyping the NO LIMIT vs. Motor City Machine Guns match.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match ~Tread on!!~:
NO LIMIT (Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito) (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley).  Borash handles ring intros for the TNA guys.  MCMG dominate until NO LIMIT manages to double team Shelley, but that doesn’t last long.  Sabin dives out onto Naito.  We’ve got to be approaching 10 suicide dives on this show, and it’s only the third match.  The first 7 minutes are all MCMG except for that brief double teaming on Shelley earlier.  Naito finally manages to fight back and tag in Yujiro.  Yujiro beats up Shelley until Shelley manages to get a backslide for a near fall.  Tag on both sides.  NO LIMIT works over Sabin.  Naito gets a German suplex for a 2 count on Sabin.  Shelley comes back in the save Sabin from being double teaming.  Shelley has a busted nose.  Naito goes up for the Stardust press, but Shelley prevents it from happening.  Naito ducks a clothesline from Shelley and Sabin eats it.  Shelley saves Sabin from a pinning predicament.  Naito goes for the Stardust press, but Sabin moves out of the way.  Double superkicks from the MCMG gets a near fall on Naito.  Sabin pins Naito at 13:21 after the Made In Detroit, a double team move which looks remarkably like Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black’s double team Contra Code.

Low-Ki/Tiger Mask IV hype video.  Tiger is really hit-or-miss for me, but I dug their match in September when Ki won the belt.  Hopefully this one will be good too.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match ~Ballistic Interception~: Low-Ki (c) vs. Tiger Mask IV.  ROAR!  GO GO TIGAH!  GO GO TIGAH!  I love Tiger’s music.  Tiger is wearing a white costume here.  Ki blasts Tiger with a kick and hits the Ki Krusher ’99, but Tiger kicks out.  Yes, that was the first sequence of the match.  At least Ki’s going for the win earlier.  Jado and Gedo lost earlier, so I needs to get a win for GBH.  Ki tries to hi the Ki Krusher on the ramp, but Tiger counters and and hits a Tombstone Piledriver!  Ki barely beats the count to get back in the ring.  Back inside, Ki hits a springboard kick for a near fall, followed by a suplex with the same result.  Tiger dives from the top turnbuckle to the outside onto Ki.  That’s four matches in a row with dives to the outside.  Tiger goes on the offensive back in the ring.  Ki does his crazy handspring across the ring and kick thing.  Ki goes for the diving stomp, but Tiger moves.  Tiger tries a double arm superplex, but Ki fights him off and hits the diving stomp for a 2 count.  Ki goes for the Dragon Clutch, but Tiger fights back and hits a kind of sleeper suplex for a near fall.  Tiger suplex hold only gets two.  A modified version with one of Ki’s arms pulled between his legs gets the three count for Tiger at 8:49.  Not as good as their September because they didn’t have as much time and had to get their shit in quick, but still a fun match.  They shake hands after the match.

Fighting Holdings Competition: Giant Bernard, Takashi Iizuka, Tomohiro Ishii, & Karl Anderson of GBH vs. Riki Choshu & Masahiro Chono of LEGEND and Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash of the Main Event Mafia.  The LEGEND/MEM team get individual entrances, because they’re Legends and Main Eventers.  Nash and Bernard go face to face to start.  Bernard gets the better of it and tags in Iizuka.  Iizuka eats Chono’s Sliding Yakuza kick.  GBH uses heel tactics to try to get the advantage.  Choshu stops Ishii, who tags out to Anderson.  Anderson gets his ass kicked by Chono.  Chono tags in Angle to a big pop (by Japanese standards).  Angle owns him, then tags in Choshu.  Bernard tags in and beats up Choshu.  Bernard hits a Vader Bomb for a near fall.  Choshu takes a beating until he fights Anderson off and hits his lariat.  Angle suplexes Ishii and Iizuka, then locks Anderson in the ankle lock at the same time Choshu locks Iizuka in the Scorpion Death Lock and Chono puts Ishii in the STF.  Anderson submits to give LEGEND/MEM the win at 7:09.  Bernard lays out Angle with the Bernard Driver after the match to set up a singles match between them next month.  Match wasn’t anything spectacular, but served its purpose.

Nagata/Tanaka hype package, including highlights of their awesome match from this past October.

ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship Match ~ Crusade For Justice: Yuji Nagata (c) vs. Masato Tanaka.  Borash does the intros for this too.  That makes no sense.  Anyway, they start back where they left off in October, beating each other up.  Tanaka breaks a flimsy Japanese chair over Nagata’s head.  It’s funny, Japanese chairs are really flimsy, but their tables are tough.  Tanaka has the advantage in the early part of the match.  Nagata finally manages to start fighting back after four minutes.  Tanaka is BUSTED WIDE OPEN!  Nagata hits an Exploder off the top rope.  Tanaka elbows Nagata in the head a bunch.  Nagata hits a rebound suplex.  Nagata is bleeding too.  Tanaka hits the Sliding D, the Diamond Dust, and a lariat for a 2 count.  Tanaka hits a backdrop suplex off the top, but the champion kicks out again.  Nagata kicks out of a second Sliding D, then a third.  Nagata locks in an armbar and snaps into Kiler Nagata mode.  Nagata hits the backdrop suplex, but Tanaka kicks out.  Nagata KICKS TANAKA IN THE HEAD and hits another backdrop.  Backdrop hold gets the win for Nagata at 11:41.  After the match, there is a brief confrontation between Nagata and his former New Japan Dojo classmate and current ZERO1 President, Shinjiro Otani.  I expect that to be Nagata’s next defense.

They show video messages from Dixie Carter and Mick Foley on the big screen.  I think it’s intermission now.  They show replays from the matches that have happened so far.  Finally, we get a hype video for Akiyama/Nakanishi.

NJPW vs. NOAH Battle Tendencies ~the invasion~: Manabu Nakanishi vs. Jun Akiyama.  The first few minutes aren’t really interesting.  At 4 minutes they start chopping and slapping each other.  Akiyama gets in a front headblock, but Nakanishi, being the large, powerful man he is, gets out of it.  They fight some more, then Akiyama hits the Exploder off the top rope.  They clothesline each other, then Nakanishi gets Akiyama in the Argentine Backbreaker (Torture Rack).  Akiyama fights out and transitions it into a DDT.  Akiyama gets a near fall off of a Exploder, then a high knee.  Akiyama gets the win with the wrist-clutch Exploder at 10:27.

IWGP Tag Team Championship – Hardcore Match: Most Violent Players (Togi Makabe & Toru Yano) (c) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon).  TenKoji were supposed to be in this match as well, but Tenzan went out the day before the show for emergency eye surgery.  Bubba has a mohawk for some reason.  Yano and Devon start.  Yano backs Devon into a corner and gives a clean break, then rubs Devon’s head.  Devon returns in kind.  Isn’t this match supposed to be… ya know… hardcore?  Nothing interesting happens until Bubba Germans Makabe on his head.  Makabe responds with a lariat.  Bubba hits a superplex on Makabe.  Devon comes off the top with a headbutt for a near fall.  (I didn’t notice at the time, but I saw a gif image showing that Devon missed the headbutt and just bounced into it.  Funny.)  I must have missed the tag while I was typing.  Yano nails Devon with a Singapore cane, then throws it to Makabe, who nails Bubba with it.  Devon takes a spike piledriver at ringside.  Makabe uses a trash can lid.  Devon is bleeding.  Boring match.  Devon takes the heat for a bit, then Bubba tags in and cleans house.  Bubba no sells some trash can shots.  3D hit their reverse 3D on Makabe for a near fall.  Makabe takes the WASSUP headbutt, then Bubba recommends to Devon that he get the table.  However, against Bubba’s recommendation, he is the one that is put through the table.  MVP set up another table, which Makabe gets powerbombed through by Bubba.  Bubba follows with a splash for a two count.  A chain lariat from Makabe accidentally hits Yano.  Devon schoolboys Yano for a two count.  Makabe hits Devon with the chain.  The DVD stops.  I put in disc 2, then Devon sucks another chain lariat and Makabe takes the 3D.  Bubba gets the pin at 15:34.  I hate that it had to have the cut in mid match like that.  I tried to use AVI Splitter and Joiner to fix it, but it didn’t work out.  Bubba says a few words in Japanese after the match.  The last minute or two were okay.  Other than that, the match sucked, like, worse than their match last year.

Hype video for the New Japan vs. NOAH tag match.

NJPW vs. NOAH Battle Tendencies ~the encounter~:
Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Takashi Sugiura. Goto and Sugiura start by trading strikes.  Crowd cheers when Nakamura tags in.  They cheer even more when Misawa tags in.  Misawa and Nakamura trade shots as well.  Nakamura takes Misawa’s elbows and uses kicks to knock him down.  Goto comes back in and fires up against Misawa.  Goto gets a two count off a German suplex.  Tempers seem to flare between Goto and Sugiura whenever they interact.  Sugiura is the work horse of the NOAH team, while Misawa, as usual these days, seems like he’s half asleep.  Sugiura gets Nakamura in an ankle lock while Goto and Misawa fight outside.  Sugiura transitions out of the ankle lock into a German, then rols through into a Dragon suplex.  Goto comes in and hits the Shouten on Sugiura.  Misawa hits the Emerald Frosion on Goto.  Nakamura hits the Landslide on Misawa.  All four are down for a moment, then Sugiura and Nakamura go at it again.  They seem to mix well.  Sugiura hits the Olympic Slam on Nakamura for a near fall.  He goes for it again, but Nakamura counters out and they have an awesome counter exchange.  Nakamura locks Sugiura in a nifty cross armbreaker for the win at 15:18.  New Japan wrestlers be strongest!

Hype video for the main event.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match: Keiji Muto (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi.  These two have had two singles matches in the past, I think, and both were in All Japan.  Muto pinned Tanahashi in February 2005, then they wrestled to a time limit draw in last year’s Champion Carnival.  Can Tanahashi finally overcome his mentor?  Good old fashioned wrestling to start.  At 6 minutes, Tanahashi hits a Dragon screw leg whip and starts working Muto’s knee.  Muto fights back and does his Shining elbow, then remembers he’s selling the knee.  Tanahashi drives in the reminder with more kicks to the knee.  Muto gives Tanahashi a Dragon screw of his own, then another off the ring apron to the floor!  Then another ON the floor.  Well, I guess it’s effective.  Muto hits a Shining Wizard and sends Tanahashi back-first into the guardrail.  Another Dragon screw from Muto, this one on the guardrail.  Muto goes back to the ring, then Tanahashi hobbles his way back as well.  Muto does yet another Dragon screw.  Tanahashi has to be hurting by now.  Muto Dragon screw #6 is followed by the figure-four leglock.  Tanahashi survives and counters another Dragon screw attempt.  They take turns dropkicking each other’s knees.  Dragon screw #7 from Muto.  #8 preceeds another figure-four leglock.  Tanahashi rolls through it and reaches the ropes.  Tanahashi counters the next Dragon screw attempt and goes for a German, but settles for chop blocking Muto’s knee instead.  Tanahashi hits a rolling senton from the second rope.  Tanahashi hits a flurry of European uppercuts, then Muto reverses an Irish whip and hits a Shining Wizard in the corner.  Muto hits Dragon screw #9 and two Shining Wizards, but Tanahashi counters the third and hits another Dragon screw variation on the ground.  Tanahashi goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but doesn’t get it, so just drops a bunch of elbows instead.  Tanahashi gets a two count off of the Sling Blade.  I’m glad he doesn’t use that as a finish anymore, it’s so lame.  Trapped German suplex from Tanahashi gets another two count.  He hits the High Fly Flow, but hurts his knee on the landing and can’t cover.  Muto hits the Shining Wizard, Tanahashi hits the Sling Blade, and both men are down.  Tanahashi ducks yet another Shining Wizard attempt and hits yet another Sling Blade.  Tanahashi goes up top, but Muto meets him and hits Dragon screw #10 off the top rope.  Muto hits the Shining Wizard again for the two count.  Muto jumps off the top rope and hurts his knee.  Dragon screw #11 from Muto, followed by figure-four #3.  Tanahashi gets another rope break.  Muto does the Roll of the Dice off the ropes.  Muto looks to go for another Shining Wizard, but Tanahashi surprises him with a Frankensteiner for a two count.  Tanahashi hits the Roll of the Dice off the ropes too.  Tanahashi hits the German suplex, but I think only gets a one count.  Looks like his knee gave out and he couldn’t hold the bridge.  Tanahashi hits the Dragon suplex hold for a two count.  Tanahashi hits another Sling Blade and the High Fly Flow, but goes for a second and misses.  Muto hits the Shining Wizard and goes for the moonsault press, but Tanahashi moves.  Tanahashi hits two High Fly Flows for the win at 30:23.  The match is really great, and my commentary is not meant to criticise.  I just thought it was funny that Muto kept doing Dragon screw leg whips over and over.  It’s still a great match.  There’s just a lot of repetition, but that’s the norm for Japanese main events.  Tanahashi gets the big belt and trophies presenation after the match.  Tanahashi says he wants his first challenger to be his eternal rival, Nakamura.

All in all I’d say it’s a really good show.  It’s easy to watch because most of the matches are short, and I have kind of an attention span problem.  The main event was great, and nothing on the show was glaringly bad except for the 3D/MVP match.  I didn’t like the lucha match, but I won’t call it bad, I just don’t like lucha.