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PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2007 Night 1

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Ring announcer Jon Ian introduces the PWG World Champion, Bryan Danielson.  The audio is pretty shitty, but he apologizes for not being able to participate in the tournament and promises to be back for the next show (after BOLA).  He’s sporting an eye patch, having suffered a detached retina in a match with Takeshi Morishima.

Excalibur and Dino Winwood are in the ring with the trophy that will be presented to the winner of the tournament.  Excalibur introduces referees Bryce Remsburg, Patrick Hernandez, and Rick Knox.  He then introduces the participants in the tournament: Tony Kozina, Tyler Black, Jack Evans, Jimmy Rave, Austin Aries, Joey Ryan, Doug Williams, Susumu Yokosuka, Matt Sydal, Davey Richards, Scott Lost, Human Tornado, Dragon Kid, Roderick Strong, Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, SHINGO, Claudio Castagnoli, PAC, Alex Shelley, PWG World Tag Team Champion El Generico, CIMA, PWG World Tag Team Champion Kevin Steen, and Nigel McGuinness.  Winwood “unveils” the trophy that was covered in clear plastic.  They all pose for pictures.

Excalibur and Bryce Remsburg are on commentary, but you can barely hear the commentary anyway.

The Young Bucks vs. Los Luchas.  The lighter haired Buck and the lucha guy in blue start.  Nick Jackson and Phoenix Star, I think.  Fast paced action with lots of flips and quick tags.  Lots of contrived spots, but it’s fun stuff.  At about 3 minutes, Zokre hits an Asai moonsault into the crowd on the Bucks.  “HOLY SHIT!” chants.  Back in the ring, Zokre hits a suplex on Matt for 2.  Phoenix Star hits a sweet drop into a spear for 2.  Star hits a dropkick on Matt for 2.  Matt hits a neckbreaker across the knee and tags in Nick.  Nick covers for 2.  Bucks hit a cool double team cutter.  Matt covers, but Zokre saves.  Bucks double team Star.  Matt hits a really nice dive to the outside on Star.  Nick catches Zokre with a knee strike in the ring.  Bucks double team Zokre.  Nick covers Zokre, but Star makes it back in to save.  Star gets a sunset flip on Matt, but Nick saves.  Zokre locks Nick in a surfboard.  Star lifts Nick and drops him across Zokre’s knees.  Cover gets 2.  Matt hits an Asai DDT on Star.  More Bang For Your Buck leads to the Bucks getting a double pin in 8:59.  Really fun opener.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block A Round 1: Joey Ryan (w/ Jade Chung) vs. Chris Hero.  Is Ryan supposed to be a sleazy 1970s porn star, or is that just the vibe I get from him?  He hides in the ropes for a bit, then they lock up.  Hero hits an arm drag.  Hero locks Ryan in a half crab.  Ryan gets a rope break and bails.  Ryan stalls for a bit, then kicks Hero in the cut.  He puts Hero in an arm lock, but Hero dances out of it and dropkicks Ryan.  Hero fucks around and poses a bit.  They both throw dropkicks.  Hero nips up.  Ryan tries to nip up and fails.  Four times.  Twice with the referee’s help.  Hero helps too and Ryan finally manages it, but Hero takes him down and hits a senton.  Another senton and a cover gets 2.  Hero gets whipped into the corner and dances around the post, then elbows Ryan.  Ryan dodges a moonsault body block, but gets hit with a dropkick.  Ryan bails.  Hero flips out of the ring and gets sent into the guardrail.  Ryan beats up Hero on the outside, then back in the ring.  Ryan dances.  Hero schoolboys him for 2.  Ryan beats up Hero some more.  Hero side steps Ryan and connects with a rolling elbow smash and a release German suplex.  Hero connects with some chops, then hits a flip neckbreaker for 2.  Hero hits a cravat neckbreaker for 2.  Ryan hits a wrist-clutch Exploder and a couple of superkicks for 2.  Ryan tries to set up something on the top rope, but Hero comes off with a Diamond Dust into a cravat.  Ryan counters him and superkicks him to the floor.  Ryan hits a tornado DDT on the floor.  Back inside, Hero fights back and rams Ryan into the post, then hits a slingshot double stomp the apron, then a slingshot senton.  Hero hits a diving double stomp and covers, but Chung distracts the referee.  Ryan’s Dynasty mate Scott Lost hands Ryan a pair of brass knuckles.  Hero cuts him off and takes the knuckles himself.  Ryan tries a reverse cradle as Hero deals with Lost on the apron, but Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome for the pin in about 16:44 (didn’t hear a closing bell).  The referee sees the knucks in Hero’s hand and reverses the decision, giving the victory to Ryan.  It was a slow paced match, but it was a good match and really fun.  After watching so much ROH lately, it’s nice to watch something that actually gives you time to digest it, as opposed to being move after move with no time to breathe in between.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block A Round 1: Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong.  No fucking around with these two.  They lock up immediately and do a bit of sweet chain wrestling.  Aries some some awesome stuff and goes for the Rings of Saturn (I think he calls it the Horns of Aries), but they’re way too close to the ropes.  They go outside briefly.  Strong tries to get the jump on Aries coming back into the ring, but fails.  Strong connects with an enzui lariat for 2.  Strong goes for slingshot suplex, but Aries counters and hits the Eddie hilo and his swinging elbow drop.  Aries connects with some elbows to the back of Strong’s head.  Aries goes for a suplex, but Strong reverses it and slings him into the ropes.  Strong knocks Aries off the apron into the barricade.  Strong hits Aries with some chops on the outside, then press slams him into the barricade.  Back inside, Strong covers for 2.  Strong hits a weird drop for 2.  I need to learn more move names for the sake of these reviews.  Aries gets a sunset flip out of the corner for 2.  Strong hits a fall away slam and an elbow drop for 2.  Strong connects flush with a dropkick for 2.  They trade forearms.  Strong stomps Aries’ foot, then clubbers his back.  Strong charges Aries in the corner, but gets caught with an elbow.  Aries hits the Stroke, of all things.  Aries low bridges Strong out of the ring and hits a tope suicida.  Aries hits a slingshot flip splash for 2, then a Lionsault for 2.  Strong hits a suplex for 2.  Aries hits a rolling elbow and a DDT for 2.  Aries goes up top, but Strong cuts him off.  Strong falls off the top rope.  Seriously.  Aries goes for a frog splash, but Strong gets his knees up.  Strong hits a uranage backbreaker for 2.  Aries hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for 2, then locks in the Rings of Saturn.  Strong gets an easy rope break.  Strong counters the brainbuster and gets a reverse cradle, but Aries rolls through and hits a Tombstone Piledriver for 2.  Aries goes up top again, but Strong cuts him off and hits a superplex.  Delayed cover gets 2.  Aries gets a reverse cradle for 2.  Aries lands some soccer kicks and goes for the brainbuster, but Strong catches him with an inside cradle for the pin in 14:30.  Really, really good match.  I love the slower pace guys seem to work in PWG as opposed to ROH.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block A Round 1: Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Sydal.  Nice chain wrestling to start.  It always warms my heart to see a nice chain wrestling sequence.  Rave works Sydal’s arm.  Sydal works Rave’s leg.  Sydal speeds things up a bit.  Slingshot dropkick into the corner gets 2 for Sydal, as does a leg drop.  Rave hits a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2.  Sydal does a weird Oklahoma roll into a bow & arrow lock.  Rave escapes and hits a gut buster and a front suplex for 2.  Sydal sends Rave into the post and hits a clothesline to the corner, then his diving double knees to the shoulders thingy.  They trade shots.  Sydal hits a head scissors and a back body drop.  Sydal tries his leg drop Final Cut thing, but they fuck it up.  Cover gets 2 anyway.  Rave hits a spear for 2.  Rave goes for the Pedigree, but Sydal counters and goes for a standing moonsault, but Rave gets his knees up.  Too many buts in that sentence.  Rave hits a knee strike for 2.  Sydal gets an inside cradle for 2.  Sydal hits an enzuigiri and goes up top.  Rave cuts him off, but Sydal slides underneath him and goes for a Frankensteiner.  Rave rolls through and goes for the heel hook, but fails.  They do some reversals and fuck up another spot.  Sydal hits the Shooting Star press for the pin in 9:33.  Okay match, but it had a couple of noticeable fuck ups.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block A Round 1: Alex Shelley vs. Tyler Black.  They lock up and trade arm locks.  Black goes for a series of quick covers.  Shelley gets a crucifix hold for 2.  Great back and forth action.  Shelley stretches Black, then gets another crucifix hold for 2.  Shelley hits a slingshot elbow drop for 2.  Shelley kicks the rope into Black’s throat, then hits an elbow smash for 2.  Shelley does the hold I’ve been calling a stranglehold but they’re calling a straight jacket.  Shelley drops Black and covers for 2.  Black fights back and hits a running Stunner for 2.  Black applies a shoulder hold.  Shelley bites Black’s hand.  Black charges Shelley in the corner, then hits a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2.  Black applies a stump puller, then turns it into a front face lock.  Black hits a knee drop and a basement dropkick for 2.  Shelley side steps Black and sends him to the apron, then kicks him in the chest a couple of times.  Shelley hits a diving knee drop to the back of Black’s head.  Shelley hits a Fisherman suplex for 2.  Shelley locks in a wacky submission hold.  They get back to their feet and trade shots.  Shelley kicks Black in the back of the head, then dives off the top rope.  Black catches him with a dropkick.  Shelley hits a few moves, then they hit each other with a couple of simultaneous elbows.  Black hits a springboard clothesline and goes for a moonsault.  Shelley avoids it, but Black locks in a sleeper hold.  Shelley backdrops Black onto his front.  That sounds confusing.  Shelley hits a tornado DDT for 2.  Shelley locks in the Border City Stretch.  Black gets a rope break.  Shelley lands a kick to the side of Black’s head, then sets Black on the top turnbuckle.  Shelley goes for a move, but Black counters and hits a running powerbomb into the opposite corner.  Black hits a flurry of moves, ending with a standing Shooting Star press for 2.  Shelley locks in the Border City Stretch.  Black counters into a crossface.  Shelley gets a rope break.  Shelley counters a move and goes for a move, and gets kicked in the head.  He responds in kind.  Shelley goes for the Sliced Bread #2, but Black counters into a Tombstone-style Snake Eyes.  Does that make sense?  Black hits a reverse DDT for 2.  Black sets Shelley on the top rope and goes for a superplex.  Shelley tries to turn it into the Sliced Bread #2.  Black ends up hitting a TKO off the top for 2.  Black goes for the Phoenix Splash, but Shelley avoids it and hits a Michinoku Driver II for 1.  Shelley hits a superkick for 2.  Shelley hits a superkick to the chest for 2.  Shelley hits the Sliced Bread #2 for the pin in 20:08.  Really, really good match.  I love this match.  Shelley cuts a post match promo putting over PWG.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block B Round 1: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Doug Williams.  Hand shake.  They lock up and trade arm locks.  Claudio takes Williams down and tries to pin him, but Williams bridges back.  Claudio applies an ankle hold.  Williams manages to turn it into a head lock.  Williams gets a nifty cradle for 2.  Williams applies a stranglehold surfboard.  Castagnoli reverses it into a stranglehold of his own.  Williams reverses it again and turns it into a straight jacket camel clutch.  Claudio reverses it yet again.  Williams reverses it one more time and they start doing other stuff.  Williams gets a schoolboy for 2.  Williams does another wacky hold and transitions into a body scissors.  Claudio escapes and locks in an ankle hold.  Williams tries to escape and almost gets pinned int he process.  They do more great counter wrestling.  Claudio hits the giant swing for 2.  Claudio hits a European uppercut to the back.  Williams is amused.  They trade European uppercuts.  Williams gets a backslide for 2.  They trade European uppercuts again.  Williams hits an arm drag.  Claudio hits another European uppercut.  Williams ducks a clothesline and drops Claudio with yet another European uppercut.  Claudio bails to clear his head.  Williams goes for a tope suicida, but Claudio catches him mid-air with a European uppercut.  They trade European  uppercuts on the outside for a while.  Claudio throws Williams into the front row.  European uppercuts in the crowd.  Williams pokes Claudio in the eye.  More uppercuts.  Finally back into the ring.  MORE European uppercuts!  They finally throw forearms and knock each other down.  Williams hits a couple of jumping knees and a diving knee drop for 2.  Claudio hits the bicycle kick and goes for the Ricola Bomb.  Fails.  Williams fails the Chaos Theory.  They reverse cradles.  Claudio manages to hit the Ricola Bomb for the pin in 14:34.  Really fun match.

Battle of Los Angeles – Block B Round 1: Jack Evans vs. PAC.  They shake hands.  Evans fucks around and gets the crowd to chant something.  Evans talks shit to PAC.  They shake hands again, then after more than a minute finally lock up.  PAC immediately takes Evans down.  They actually do mat work.  Evans goes for a cross armbreaker.  PAC gets a rope break.  They lock up again and trade arm locks.  Evans does a cartwheel head scissors.  Evans does a lot of cartwheels.  Evans hits a basement dropkick for 2.  Evans hits kind of a reverse powerslam, then locks in a stretch plum and attacks PAC’s ribs.  Evans hits a standing Shooting Star press for 2.  PAC avoids Evans in the corner, charges, and hits a dropkick.  Evans with a flip dropkick into the corner.  PAC bails.  Evans flips the apron, then takes a bump on the apron.  PAC hits a baseball slide dropkick.  PAC hits a slam and a leg drop for 2.  PAC hits a suplex and a twisting press for 2.  Evans lands some kicks.  PAC hits a dropsault.  Evans goes outside.  PAC vaults to the floor and eats a spin kick.  Evans hits a cartwheel flip dive to the floor on PAC.  Back inside, Evans goes up top.  PAC cuts him off and goes for a Tiger suplex.  After some counters, Evans hits a running knee strike for 2.  PAC hits a release German suplex for 2.  PAC goes up top and gets cut off.  PAC gets tied to the tree of woe.  Evans hits a diving double knee drop.  Evans goes for the 630, but PAC gets his knees up.  PAC goes for a twisting splash off the top, but Evans moves out of the way.  Evans takes his shoe off for some reason.  They trade blows.  Evans hits a Pele kick.  Evans hits a dropkick and goes for a springboard kick, but misses.  PAC hits his own Pele kick.  Evans hits a spin kick and goes up top.  PAC cuts him off again and hits a slingshot neckbreaker from the top.  PAC hits a Tiger suplex for 2.  PAC hits the Corkscrew Shooting Star press for the pin in 11:37.  Pretty good match, even with my intense hatred of Jack Evans.

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match: Kevin Steen & El Generico (c) vs. Dragon Kid & Susumu Yokosuka.  Yokosuka and Steen lock up.  They trade arm locks.  Steen gets a crucifix hold for 2, then mockingly bows to Yokosuka.  Yokosuka takes Steen down with a leg hold.  Steen counters with a cross armbreaker.  More good mat wrestling.  Generico and Dragon Kid come in and go at it briefly.  Yokosuka tags in and goes after Generico.  Yokosuka chokes Generico with the tassel on Generico’s mask.  I just noticed that CIMA is in DK & Yokosuka’s corner.  DK and Yokosuka double team Generico.  Generico is de facto face in peril.  Steen tags in and beats up DK.  Generico tags in and also beats up DK.  Steen takes another turn and hits a stalling suplex on DK for 2.  Generico works over DK some more.  DK finally makes the tag to Yokosuka.  Yokosuka runs wild.  Weird knee buster by Yokosuka on Generico.  DK hits Generico with a 619 and a diving moonsault to the outside.  Yokosuka hits Steen with some lariats, but can’t drop him.  Steen hits an enzugiri and a Fire Thunder bomb… I think that’s what it’s called.  I could be an idiot.  Yokosuka hits an Exploder on Steen.  Generico comes in and Steen gives him a Dominator onto Steen.  DK and Generico tag in and do stuff.  DK hits a slingshot sunner and locks in the Cristo.  Yokosuka goes outside to cut off Steen from making the save.  Generico manages to get a rope break.  Yokosuka spanks Generico.  Generico back body drops Yokosuka.  They fight on the top rope.  Generico goes for a split legged moonsault, but Yokosuka gets his knees up.  Generico hits a Yakuza kick the corner and goes for the brainbuster off the top, but Steen prevents it.  DK low bridges Steen out of the ring and hits  a Frankensteiner on Generico off of Yokosuka’s shoulder on the top.  Yokosuka hits an Exploder off the top for 2.  DK hits a springboard Dragonrana, but Steen knocks Yokosuka into him to break the pin.  Generico hits a crazy move that ends in a sit-out powerbomb on DK for 2.  Steen tags in and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but DK avoids it.  Steen superkicks DK into a half nelson suplex from Generico.  Steen covers for 2.  Steen goes up top, but Yokosuka cuts him off.  Generico throws Yokosuka out of the ring.  Generico throws DK up to Steen.  DK counters and hits a Frankensteiner off the top on Steen for 2.  DK goes the springboard Dragonrana, but Steen catches him and hits a Schwein for 2.  Steen rolls through a Frankensteiner and hits the Package Piledriver.  Generico follows with the brainbuster.  Steen pins DK in 18:46.  Good match.

This was a really fun show with several really good matches!

ROH Manhattan Mayhem II

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The Hangmen 3 of Adam Pearce, Brent Albright, and BJ Whitmer shave Shane Hagadorn’s head backstage.

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.  Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard are on commentary.

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Erick Stevens & Matt Cross of The Resilience.  Quack and Stevens lock up.  Stevens shoves Quack down.  They lock up again and Quack grabs a side headlock.  Stevens picks him up and drops him.  Stevens continues to overpower Quack until Quack decides to take a breather.  Quack uses his speed and technical ability to match Stevens.  Quack gets Stevens in an octopus hold, but Stevens carries Quack to his corner and Cross tags in.  Quack lets go and tags in Jigsaw.  Cross and Jigsaw wrestle.  Jigsaw does some really nice stuff.  Jigsaw does a crazy multiple revolution spinning head scissors, but Cross face plants him.  Stevens tags in and beats up Jigsaw.  The bad guys get heat on Jigsaw.  Jigsaw surprises Cross with an inside cradle for 2, then continues getting worked over.  Great double team from from Stevens and Cross.  Quack gets the hot tag and runs wild on Stevens.  All 4 guys end up in the ring.  Jigsaw hits an avalanche-style Frankensteiner on Stevens, followed by a Swanton Bomb from Quackenbush.  Cover, but Cross saves.  Quack hits a backbreaker on Stevens and tags in Jigsaw, who misses a diving leg drop.  Cross tags in and gets caught mid air with a kick.  Jigsaw goes for the Jig & Tonic, but Stevens clotheslines Cross and it turns into a sunset flip for 2.  Heels work over Jigsaw.  Stevens hits a backdrop suplex, followed by a corkscrew moonsault from Cross for 2.  Jigsaw avoids a double suplex and tags in Quack.  Quack counters the double teaming and DDTs both of them.  Quack hits a wacky move on Cross for 2, then locks in a cross armbreaker.  Cross gets a rope break.  Stevens tags in and pounces Quack into his corner, where he tags in Jigsaw.  They do some great stuff, ending with Stevens hitting the Doctor Bomb on Jigsaw for the pin in 12:27.  Awesome match!  They shake hands afterward.

Mitch Franklin vs. Jimmy Jacobs.  The returning Jacobs gets a “FUCK HIM UP, JIMMY!” chant.  They shake hands and lock up.  Franklin takes Jacobs over in a side headlock.  Jacobs wrestles out, but Franklin shines some more with nice arm drags.  Franklin gets booed for dropkicking Jacobs’ injured knee.  Jacobs hits Franklin with some chops.  Franklin avoids a charge in the corner and dives, but Jacobs catches him with a clothesline.  Jacobs dropkicks Franklin’s head into the post.  Cover gets 2.  Twice.  Jacobs stretches Franklin and drives him into the mat repeatedly.  Franklin gets a crucifix hold for 2.  Franklin sends Jacobs into the turnbuckles with a diving rana, then schoolboys him for 2.  Franklin hits another wacky move for 2 (sort of a victory roll face plant).  Jacobs counters a bulldog and sets up Franklin on the top, then ties him to the tree of woe.  Jacobs hits a running butt and a dropkick.  Jacobs hits a diving senton, then locks on the End Time for the submission win in 5:15.  Very good little match.

Jack Evans talks backstage.  He says he found a manager.

The Hangmen 3 come out.  Pearce cuts a promo.  Delirious runs out and attacks them before his partners can even make their way out.

Adam Pearce, Brent Albright, & BJ Whitmer (w/ Shane Hagadorn) vs. Delirious, Nigel McGuinness, & Pelle Primeau.  Delirious is quickly overwhelmed.  His partners come out and everybody brawls.  The match settles down and Delirious clotheslines Pearce a thousand times, then tags in Nigel.  “FUCK HIM UP, NIGEL!” chant.  Nigel beats up Pearce on the outside.  Pelle hits Pearce with a dropkick off the apron.  Back inside, Nigel covers Pearce for 2.  Pelle tags in and plants Pearce with a spinning DDT for 2, as Pearce saves.  Delirious tags in and beats up Pearce some more.  Delirious goes for the Cobra Clutch, but Pearce fights back, chokeslams Delirious, and tags out.  The heels make quick tags and beat up Delirious.  Nigel gets a tag, but the referee didn’t see it, so Delirious continues getting destroyed.  Delirious hits a diving rana on Whitmer, then finally makes the hot tag to Nigel.  Nigel runs wild on every one and suplexes Pearce onto Whitmer.  Hagadorn tries to sneak up on Nigel, but gets dropped with a lariat.  Nigel is very generous with his lariats.  Delirious clotheslines Pearce out of the ring.  Nigel hits the Tower of London in Whitmer, assisted by a double stomp from Primeau.  Primeau covers, but Albright saves.  Albright kills fuckers, then gets dealt with by Delirious.  Pearce hits the Rack Bomb on Delirious.  Pelle springboards on Pearce and drops him.  Whitmer MURDER DEATH KILLS Pelle with a sit-out Tombstone for the pin in 11:34.  Really good match.  Whitmer continues to pound on Pelle, egged on by Pearce.  Whitmer hits a BIG whiplash powerbomb.  Pelle is BUSTED WIDE OPEN.  Pearce powerbombs him too.  Albright DRILLS him with a half nelson suplex that would make Taz proud.  Nigel finally chases them off with a chair.  Nigel, Delirious, and random people check on the recently murdered Pelle.

ROH President Cary Silken and Pro Wrestling NOAH representative Ryo Nakata come out.  They shake hands, and Bobby Cruise announces that KENTA, Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima, and Mitsuharu Misawa will be appearing at Glory By Honor.

Delirious rants in Delirious speak backstage.

PAC vs. Davey Richards.  PAC offers a handshake, but Richards spits in PAC’s hand.  They lock up.  Richards backs PAC into the ropes and breaks.  Richards works PAC’s arm.  They do some good mat wrestling.  Richards beats the crap of PAC’s head.  More awesome wrestling.  Richards gets a rope break to escape a hold, then takes a breather on the outside.  They go some more, PAC does some flippy stuff, and Richards bails again.  They trade chops.  PAC backdrops Richards out of the ring and hits a diving twisting thing to the outside.  More awesome fast paced wrestling back inside.  PAC hits a standing moonsault stomp for 2.  PAC gets a fast front cradle out of nowhere for 2.  Richards rams PAC into the corner and hits him with chops and headbutts.  Richards turns PAC inside out with a lariat, then hits a German suplex hold for 2.  Richards hits a cross-armed (straitjacket) German suplex hold for 2.  PAC fights back hits a crazy Shooting Star kick thingy and a German for 2.  Richards locks in the Kimura, but PAC turns it into a cradle for 2.  Richards goes for a gutwrench something, but PAC hits an enzugiri and a reverse Frankensteiner for 2.  Richards catches a diving rana and goes for a powerbomb, but PAC turns it into a Frankensteiner for 2.  PAC goes up top, but Richards cuts him off.  PAC fights him off, but Richards cuts him off again.  Repeat.  PAC lands on his feet from a Spider German.  Richards hits a Tombstone, then locks the Kimura in for the submission win in 12:40.  This was awesome.

Jack Evans comes out.  He says he didn’t have the work ethic to start his own group, so he found some to motivate him.  He introduces his new manage, Julius Smokes.  “WELCOME BACK!” chants for Smokes.  Smokes says the name of the unit will be the Vulture Squad.

They show some clips of the Generation Next group.  These three were the founders of Generation Next, and now they all have (or are forming) their own groups.  Strong has the No Remorse Corps and Aries heads The Resilience.

Three-Way Match: Jack Evans (w/ Julius Smokes) vs. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries.  Strong throws Aries out of the ring, then beats up Evans.  Aries hits the Eddie hilo on Evans, then a Lionsault block on Strong.  Aries and Evans beat up Strong.  Strong tires of being double teamed and bails.  Evan dance kicks Aries.  Evans lands on his feet from a backdrop, but Aries hits the Stroke.  Evans kicks Aries off of a figure-four attempt and Strong low bridges Aries out the ring.  Evans tries a diving rana off the apron on Strong, but gets powerbombed.  Strong bridges a table between the apron and the guardrail.  Strong sets up Aries for a Tiger Driver off the apron, but Aries blocks it.  They reverse suplex attempts.  Aries hits a reverse cradle for 2, then a rebound kick for 2.  Strong counters the brainbuster and hits a fireman carry flapjack.  Evans breaks the cover.  Evans dropkicks both of them, then hits a standing corkscrew press for 2.  Aries DVDs Evans on top of Strong and covers both for 2.  Strong hits a backdrop suplex on Aries, then fights Evans on the top.  Evans hits a dropkick that knocks Strong out of the ring.  This fast paced stuff is hard to call.  Aries turns Evans inside out with a lariat for 2.  Strong comes in and hits a Northern Lights bomb on Aries for 2.  Strong chops Evans some more and goes for the Tiger Driver off the apron.  It doesn’t happen, but more crazy shit does.  Aries and Strong fail at suplexing each other again.  Strong hits a gut buster and locks in the Strong Hold, but Evans saves and hits a reverse Frankenesteiner on Strong.  Aries breaks the cover.  Aries accidentally clotheslines the referee.  Evans drops Aries with a kick and covers, but no referee.  Evans goes up top, but Aries cuts him off and hits a superplex.  Aries goes up top, but Strong pushes him off and through the table.  “HOLY SHIT!” chants.  Davey Richards runs in and helps Strong put the boots to Evans.  Smokes calls out the first member of the Vulture Squad, Ruckus!  Ruckus does a bunch of flippy stuff and a suicide dive to the NRC.  Evans hits a crazy suicide dive on the NRC too.  Aries comes back in and is like “WTF man?”  Smokes tells his boys to kick Aries’ ass.  The Resilience makes the save.  Stevens powerslams Evans.  Cross hits a suicide dive onto the Vulture Squad and Stevens.  Back in the ring, Strong goes for Aries with a chair, but Aries cuts him off and they brawl.  Strong hits a low blow and hits Aries in the back with the chair, then hits a big running kick on Aries.  Strong goes for the Tiger Driver, but Erick Stevens hits Strong with the chair.  Aries hits the brainbuster and the 450 splash on Strong.  Stevens revives the referee, who counts the pin for Aries in 14:43.  Even with all of the overbooked shenanigans, this was awesome.  The faction warfare is heating up in ROH!

Becky Bayless (who is HOT) interviews Jimmy Jacobs.

The Resilience talk backstage.  It’s WAR!

Eddie Edwards vs. Ruckus (w/ Jack Evans & Julius Smokes).  Ruckus refuses the handshake, so Edwards kicks his ass.  Ruckus does some flips and some head scissors.  Edwards avoids a suicide dive, but gets kicked in the face.  Ruckus hits a Shooting Star press off the apron.  They do stuff in the ring.  Edwards counters a tornado DDT and hits a Backpack Stunner for 2.  Edwards hits a clothesline for 2.  Edwards hits a brainbuster for 2.  Ruckus hits a Pele kick.  They trade forearms.  Ruckus rolls through a sunset flip and hits some stomps and a twisting splash.  Ruckus goes for a moonsault leg drop, but Edwards counters into a pinning predicament for 2.  Edwards hits a weird flipping slam for 2.  Ruckus hits a rolling Fisherman suplex for 2.  Ruckus fights off a superplex attempt and hits a corkscrew senton for the pin in 6:10.  Good spot fest.  The Vulture Squad celebrates.  Ruckus and Edwards shake hands and hug.

Chris Hero (w/ Larry Sweeney, Sara Del Rey, & Bobby Dempsey of Sweet & Sour Inc.) vs. Claudio Castagnoli.  Claudio lunges for Sweeney, who runs to the back.  Hero and Claudio go at it.  Hero quickly bails.  Claudio pulls Hero back in.  Hero bails again.  Claudio chases him around the ring.  Hero slides back in and kicks Claudio to the floor, then does his stupid flips and dancing.  Claudio nails him with some European uppercuts.  Yay!  Claudio hits an elbow drop off the middle rope for 2.  Sweeney is back out now.  Claudio goes for the Ricola Bomb, but Hero escapes and bails again.  Claudio hits an axe handle off the apron, then chops Hero against the barricade.  Claudio whips Hero into Dempsey.  Hero side steps Claudio, sends him into the barricade, then Yakuza kicks him over it.  Sweeney trips Claudio on the apron, then begs off.  Del Rey kicks Claudio in the middle behind the referee’s back.  Daizee Haze comes out to bitch to the referee about the interference.  Hero beats up Claudio on the outside.  Inside, Hero hits a couple of sentons for 2.  Hero continues to beat up Claudio.  Claudio finally fights back, sends Hero outside, and hits a tope suicida.  Hero hits a boot from the apron and goes for a springboard something, but Claudio catches his legs and does a lengthy giant swing.  Claudio hits a European uppercut for 2.  Hero counters the Alpamare Waterslide and hits some swinging neckbreakers for 2.  Claudio hits a springboard European uppercut and the Alpamare Waterslide for 2.  Hero avoids a kick and hits an elbow smash, then a German, then a weird suplex neckbreaker for 2.  Hero goes up top, but Claudio cuts him off with some European uppercuts a head scissors off the top.  Claudio hits a bicycle kick for 2!  Hero counters the Ricola Bomb.  They trade forearms.  They counter each others’ backslide attempts.  Hero hits a diving neckbreaker and a diving stomp for 2.  Claudio counters the Hero’s Welcome and hits a diving European uppercut, followed by the Ricola Bomb for the pin in 16:00.  Another really good match!  Haze celebrates with Claudio.  Hero and Sweeney abuse Dempsey after the match.

Claudio talks backstage.

ROH World Championship Match: Takeshi Morishima (c) vs. Bryan Danielson.  The crowd does my favorite chant ever, “YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKIN’ HEAD KICKED IN!”  Danielson throws some kicks at Morishima early.  Alternate “MORISHIMA!” and “LET’S GO DRAGON!” chants.  Morishima gets the better of a Greco-Roman knuckle lock.  Danielson kicks Morishima’s legs some more.  “FUCK HIM UP DRAGON, FUCK HIM UP!” chant.  Morishima pounds on Dragon.  Dragon throws more leg kicks.  Danielson lands a bunch of kicks and is like “Bring it, motherfucker!”  Morishima looks perplexed, but then beats on Danielson for a while.  Morishima hits a butt butt, then kicks the crap out of Danielson some more.  My commentary does not do this match justice.  It’s awesome.  Morishima throws Danielson outside and sends him into the barricade.  Morishima puts Danielson in a chair and nails him with a big boot.  Morishima drives Danielson into the barricade again with another butt butt.  Danielson is selling an eye injury, but starts fighting back.  Danielson bundles Morishima over the barricade and hits a springboard dive OVER the barricade and onto Morishima.  “HOLY SHIT!” chants.  “BEST IN THE WORLD!” chants.  Danielson throws more uppercuts and kicks.  Danielson hits Morishima’s leg with a chair.  Back inside, Danielson hits a missile dropkick that fails to drop Morishima.  Danielson hits him some more, but Morishima turns Danielson inside out with a lariat.  Danielson counters a backdrop drive and lands on top for 2.  Morishima knocks Danielson down repeatedly, but the motherfucker KEEPS FIGHTING.  Danielson finally takes Morishima down and sets to work torturing his leg.  Morishima gets to his feet and dumps Danielson with a release German suplex.  Morishima hits a backdrop uranage for 2.  Danielson avoids a missile dropkick and tortures Morishima’s leg some more.  Morishima hits a Thesz press, then Danielson turns it into a half crab.  Morishima kicks Danielson’s eye to get free.  Danielson lands on his feet from a backdrop driver attempt and gets an inside cradle for 2.  Danielson hits some elbows and a schoolboy for 2.  Danielson goes for a sunset flip, but Morishima sits on him for 2.  Danielson gets Morishima up for a German suplex hold for 2!  Danielson does the elbows to the head.  Morishima gets up.  Danielson kicks at his legs some more.  Danielson KICKS HIS FUCKING HEAD IN!  Cover gets 2.  Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation!  Morishima struggles, but gets a rope break.  Danielson goes for a backdrop suplex off the top, but Morishima turns it around and squashes him!  Morishima tries to knock some feeling back into his legs.  Morishima clobbers Danielson and turns him inside out with another lariat for 2.  Morishima hits the backdrop driver for the pin in 20:18.  Really fucking GREAT match.  Danielson has the ability to have matches like this.  Him doing 1 minute jobs to green guys on NXT is fucking sickening.  Danielson gets a standing ovation after Morishima leaves.  He deserves it.  That match was amazing.  Crowd chants “BEST IN THE WORLD!”  Danielson takes the mic and says that whoever has the ROH World Championship is the best in the world.  He apologizes for letting the fans down.  Crowd chants “THANK YOU DRAGON!”

Larry Sweeney rants and raves about Claudio Castagnoli backstage.

2/3 Falls Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico.  Steenerico jump the Briscoes before the bell.  Steen and Jay brawl outside while Mark and Generico brawl inside.  Mark and Generico go outside too and Mark suplexes Generico onto a chair.  Generico sends Mark into the barricade.  Steen does the same to Jay.  Mark is already bleeding.  Briscoes double team Generico in the ring.  Mark hits a suplex on Generico for 1.  Mark hits a side suplex and a knee drop for 2.  Jay tags in and traps Generico in a figure-four head scissors.  Mark tags in and knocks Steen off the apron.  Steen quickly recovers and saves Generico from getting double teamed.  Steen tags in and brawls with Jay.  Steen rams Jay’s head into Generico’s boot, then tags out to Generico.  Generico hits a body slam for 2.  Jay takes some abuse.  Steen decks Mark on the apron again.  Jay is also bleeding.  Jay hits a blockbuster-like move on Steen, then makes the hot tag to Mark.  Mark runs wild on Steen.  Briscoes hit the veg-o-matic on Steen for 2.  Steen stacks up the Briscoes and tags out.  Generico hits a diving cross body on Jay for 2.  Generico hits the swinging DDT on Jay, then Steen hits his pumphandle backbreaker.  Generico covers Jay for 2.  It’s hard to tell the Briscoes apart when they both have hair.  Jay hits the Death Valley Driver on Generico.  Mark hits a moonsault, then takes out Steen with a dive to the outside.  Jay hits a frog splash on Generico for the pin in 11:04 to win the first fall.  30 second rest period.  Briscoes hip toss Generico out of the ring onto Steen.  The Briscoes bring Steen back into the ring.  Steen realizes he’s fucked.  He blows his nose at Jay and slaps Mark.  The Briscoes beat the shit out of him.  Generico is dead in the aisle.  Steen takes a beating for a while.  Generico finally makes his way back to the apron.  Generico low bridges Mark out of the ring and Steen hits him with a cannonball dive.  Jay kicks Generico off the apron, then hits Steen with a Death Valley Driver on the apron.  Generico DDTs Jay on the floor.  Mark ranas Generico off the apron to the floor.  Mark and Steen trade forearms in the ring.  Generico and Jay tag in and trade blows too.  Generico goes for the brainbuster, but Jay drops him with a front suplex.  Jay goes up top, but Generico cuts him off and goes for the brainbuster.  Mark hits Generico with a springboard Ace Crusher.  Jay hits a diving leg drop on Generico for 2.  Briscoes for the springboard Doomsday Device, but Steen cuts on Mark from hitting it.  Generico gets Jay with a victory roll for 2.  Generico schoolbosy Jay for 2.  Steen tags in and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Jay gets his knees up.  Mark tags in.  He and Steen end up outside.  Mark goes for a rana, but Steen powerbombs him into the apron.  Steen powerbombs Jay into the barricade.  Generico throws Mark back in and hits a diving splash.  Steen hits the Swanton Bomb on Mark.  Generico covers Mark for 2.  Generico hits Jay with an Asai moonsault.  Steen hits Mark with a lariat, then goes for a moonsault, but Mark avoids it.  Mark hits an Exploder on Steen.  Steen no sells it.  Jay comes in and they double team Steen.  Springboard Doomsday Device, but Steen kicks out!  Generico kicks Mark into Jay.  Steen ties Mark to the tree of woe.  Generico hits a somersault dropkick on Mark.  Steen hits the Package Piledriver on Mark.  Generico goes for the brainbuster, but Jay cuts him off.  Jay hits Steen with the Jay Driller, then Mark hits Steen with the Cut-Throat Driver for the pin in 24:44.  Briscoes win 2 straight falls to retain the titles.  Pretty good match.  Generico and the Briscoes face off after the match.  Crowd chants “SHAKE HIS HAND!”  Generico shakes hands with the Briscoes.  Steen chastises him for it.  Generico and Steen argue.  Steen shakes hands with the Briscoes too, then kicks them both in the balls.  That dick.  Steen hits the Briscoes with a ladder, then demands that Generico help him clothesline the Briscoes with the ladder.  Steen and Generico pose with the belts, Generico reluctantly.  Steen blows his nose on the Briscoes again.  Steen and Generico leave with the belts.

Really awesome show with a lot of awesome matches.  Danielson/Morishima in particular was fucking great.