WWE Monday Night Raw 12/6/10

WWE open, video of last week’s happenings.

Jerry Lawler and CM Punk open the show.  Punk puts over Lawler’s performance last week.  Michael Cole comes out to explain why he screwed Lawler last week.  He refuses to apologize for being in love with The Miz.  The crowd hates Cole.  I wish they’d riot and take him out.  Lawler and Cole banter.  Lawler decides he wants to kick Cole’s ass.  Give him one for me, King!  Cole gives him pause by blaming Lawler for lack of journalistic integrity, or something stupid like that.  He demands an apology from Lawler.  Lawler finally heads to the ring to kick his ass.  The iBooker dings in.  Punk decides he’ll do the reading this week.  He gets a way better reaction than Cole does for doing that crap.  iBooker promises a firing if there is any physicality between Lawler and Cole.  It orders them to shake hands.  Lawler reluctantly shakes Cole’s hand.  Damn that iBooker to hell!  Lawler holds on to Cole’s hand.  He says there’s someone in the back who wants to say something to Cole.  Randy Orton comes out.  Lawler keeps Cole from leaving.  Orton tells Cole to deliver a message to The Miz.  He doesn’t blame Miz for taking the title the way he did, because he would have done the same thing.  He says the only difference between him and The Miz is that Orton backs up what he says.  Orton says he’ll take back the title TONIGHT!  WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley come out.  Miz says the iBooker told him he doesn’t have to defend the title until the PPV, where he’ll face Orton.  Orton asks which 7 guys Miz is going to get to attack him before the match.  He says Riley doesn’t count as a guy.  Riley challenges Orton to match tonight.  Orton agrees.  Miz says the iBooker left it up to him to determine the gimmick for their PPV match.  Orton says that’s fine, then proves that he’s not too injured.  He gives Cole an RKO!  Yay!  Commercials!

Moments ago, ^ happened!  And it was great!  During the break, Cole was helped out of the arena.  Hopefully that means no more Cole tonight.  Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler, and CM Punk are the announcers.  Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

Ted Dibiase Jr. and Maryse come out for a match.

Backstage, Nikki Bella knocks on Daniel Bryan’s locker room door.  He emerges with Brie Bella, who has already volunteered to be his partner.  Nikki wishes them luck, but is pissed.

Ted Dibiase Jr. & Maryse vs. WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella.  Bryan and Dibiase lock up.  Dibiase shoves Bryan away.  Nikki Bella comes out.  Bryan grabs a side headlock.  Bryan hits an arm drag and cranks on Dibiase’s arm.  Dibiase hits a flapjack and tags in Maryse.  Brie hits some dropkicks and a clothesline for 2.  Maryse does something and hurts herself, then yells at everybody.  Brie schoolgirls her.  Dibiase saves.  Bryan gives him a dropkick.  The Bellas pull the switcheroo.   Nikki gets Brie with an inside cradle for the pin in 2:08.  It’s a sad day when a Daniel Bryan match is lame.  Dibiase and Maryse bicker.  Maryse does the “talk to the hand” gesture and leaves.

Tonight, a four-way elimination match for the WWE Tag Team Championship!  Next, a Wade Barrett interview!  Commercials!

WWE.com plug.


Video package of last week’s happenings with The Nexus and John Cena.

Live via satellite… is David Otunga.  Since Wade Barrett is at the arena.  Idiots.  Why the fuck isn’t Otunga at work, for that matter?  Room service brings Otunga his food.  There’s free catering at the arena.  Otunga bitches about the food being cold and kicks him out.  There’s another knock. It’s John Cena, who beats the shit out of Otunga.  Husky Harris jumps Cena.  Otunga runs away.  Cena throws Harris into the wall.  Stupid shit.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd (w/ huge jacked up dude).  Jobber entrance for Smith.  Smith beats up Kidd.  Kidd kicks Smith in the face and flips to the apron.  Smith throws him back in.  Kidd beats up Smith.  Smith makes his comeback.  Kidd cuts him off with an elbow smash and goes up top.  Smith cuts him off and hits a STALLING SUPERPLEX!  Cover gets 2.  Smith tries for the running powerslam, but Kidd counters into a reverse cradle and grabs the tights for the pin in 2:12.  Intense little match.  Smith attacks Kidd again, but big jacked up dude kicks Smith’s ass.

WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater whine to Wade Barrett backstage.  David Otunga comes in sucking wind.  Nexus bicker amongst themselves.  Barrett assure them that everything is fine, then bitches at Otunga for being a failure.  Otunga warns him of a possible mutiny.  Barrett is unconcerned.  Commercials.

Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (c) of The Nexus vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/ Tamina) vs. Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu.  Yoshi and Gabriel trade holds.  Yoshi slides under a big boot and lands some chops.  Yoshi lands a spin kick for 2.  Gabriel lands a kick and tags in Slater.  Yoshi immediately hits a hip toss and an arm drag.  Henry tags in.  Slater scampers away and tags in Jey Uso.  The Usos bail to talk strategy.  Henry throws Jey in the ring the hard way.  Yoshi tags in and hits a diving chop.  The Usos get Yoshi in their corner and work him over.  The announcers argue about mixed tag matches.  Usos double team Yoshi and knock Henry off the apron.  Jey slams Yoshi and hits a headbutt.  Slater blind tags in and hits something to pin Yoshi in 3:02.  Boo!  Jimmy Uso beats up Slater.  Jimmy hits a Samoan drop on Slater, but Gabriel saves.  Slater avoids a headbutt and beats up Jimmy.  Kozlov blind tags in and runs wild on everybody.  Kozlov hits the Iron Curtain on Jimmy for the pin in 4:37.  The Usos leave.  Tamina decides to stay with Santino.  Gabriel works Kozlov’s leg, then fucks up some sort of move horribly.  Nexus get the heat on Kozlov.  Santino gets the hot tag and runs wild on Slater.  Seriously.  Slater cuts him off and puts the boots to him.  Gabriel tags in and kicks Santino in the head for 2.  Gabriel cranks on Santino’s neck.  Santino takes him over with a judo throw.  Gabriel hits a spin kick for 2.  Nexus get the heat on Santino.  Commercials.  Nexus are now working over Kozlov.  Santino gets the hot tag and runs wild again.  Santino hits a Stunner on Gabriel.  Slater saves.  Kozlov takes him out.  John Cena appears on the apron and distracts Gabriel.  Santino hits the Cobra for the pin in 11:56.  The Tag Team Championship changes hands via the Cobra.  At least it was to Gabriel’s injured neck.  Santino, Kozlov, and Tamina celebrate.  Ugh.

Tonight, Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley.  Up next, Sheamus’ King of the Ring coronation ceremony.

Moments ago, ^^ happened.

King Sheamus comes out and cuts a great promo from his throne.  The peasant John Morrison dares to interrupt the King!  They banter.  King Sheamus orders Morrison to bow to him.  Morrison refuses.  Sheamus decks Morrison and orders him to bow.  Morrison kicks his ass.  Morrison throws Sheamus into his throne.  That’s high treason!  Off with his head!

Tonight, Wade Barrett calls out John Cena!  Commercials!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Non-Title: WWE Divas Champion Natalya vs. Melina.  Michelle McCool and Layla are ringside for commentary.  ARGH!  Their voices are TORTURE.  Poor Undertaker.  Natalya and Melina shake hands and go at it.  Natalya does a stall suplex.  The commentary is insufferable.  Cover gets 2.  Melina hits a sunset flip into her knees.  Ouch.  Cover gets 2.  Melina applies a body scissors.  Melina screams.  Natalya hits a clothesline.  Melina hits a dropkick.  Natalya hits a basement dropkick and locks in the Sharpshooter for the win in 2:24.  LayCool jump Natalya.  At least I can’t hear them anymore.

Orton vs. Riley is next.  Commercials.

Earlier tonight, Randy Orton RKO’d Michael Cole, and I was happy.

Alex Riley complains to The Miz backstage.  Miz orders him to beat Orton tonight.

Randy Orton comes out.  The match is next.  Commercials.

Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley (w/ WWE Champion The Miz).  They show how Orton lost the title to Miz 2 weeks ago.  Riley attacks Orton’s injured knee.  Cover gets 2.  More knee torture.  Orton hits an Angle Slam of all things.  Orton beats up Riley.  Orton hits a powerslam.  Riley rolls to the apron.  Orton hits the DDT OF MURDER!  Orton humps the mat.  Miz gives Orton the Skull Crushing Finale to cause the DQ in 2:47.  Miz says he’s going to show Orton what kind of match they’re having at the PPV.  He brings in a table.  He tries to deliver his move again, but Orton fights back and tries to powerslam Miz through the table.  Miz escapes and bails.  Orton powerbombs Riley through the table.  2 table bumps in 2 weeks for young Mr. Riley.

Backstage, Wade Barrett tells David Otunga to have the other guys read.  He’s headed our way!  Commercials.


Wade Barrett comes out and bitches about John Cena not keeping his word.  He calls out Cena, who comes out through the crowd.  David Otunga, Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater come out.  Barrett says they’ll beat up Cena if he threatens Barrett.  Barrett tells Cena that he will never rehire him.  Cena cuts a promo about how he’s having fun with what he’s doing now.  He makes fun of Gabriel and Slater for losing to the Cobra and makes a crack at Otunga and Harris about room service.  He doesn’t care about being fired.  Barrett asks what Cena would do if he hired him back.  Cena makes a Step Brothers reference and says other funny things.  He promises to keep beating up Barrett.  He says Barrett should rehire him so they can settle it like men.  Barrett says that was a threat.  He orders Nexus to attack, but they refuse and leave, despite Barrett’s orders.  Cena kicks Barrett’s ass.  Cena tries to give Barrett the Attitude Adjustment off of the steps through the announce table.  Barrett escapes a runs away.  Cena’s music plays, so apparently he’s friends with the productions guy too.

Wade Barrett stomps around backstage and yells at The Nexus.  Otunga says either Barrett hires Cena back next week, or Barrett is out of Nexus.  Mutiny!

95% of the wrestling on this show sucked, but I thought the storyline stuff was pretty good.

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