WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 12/3/10

WWE open.  Tonight, Edge vs. Kane!  The winner picks the stipulations for the PPV title match!  Smackdown open.  We are TAPED from Norfolk, Virginia!  There are tables, ladders, and chairs at ringside!  Todd Grisham, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker are the announcers.

Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out to cut a promo amongst all the plunder.  They show Alberto Del Rio costing Mysterio his King of the Ring Qualifying Match against Cody Rhodes last week and Mysterio returning the favor by costing Del Rio his tournament match against John Morrison on Raw.  Alberto Del Rio comes out to talk shit to him.  Mysterio climbs a ladder.  They talk at each other.  Del Rio climbs the other side of the ladder and calls him a chihuahua.  Mysterio says they’ll meet at TLC.  Del Rio says no, because he’s a pussy.  Mysterio punches him off the ladder.  Del Rio pushes the ladder over and beats up Mysterio.  Mysterio monkey flips Del Rio out of the ring and gives him a leg drop through a table.  Commercials.

WWE.com plug.

Earlier today, WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero walked around backstage.  They encountered Kaitlyn, who is now on Smackdown.  Vickie is mad, but Ziggler congratulates her on winning NXT.

Tony Chimel is the ring announcer.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) & Drew McIntyre vs. Montel Vontavious Porter & Kaval.  MVP and McIntyre lock up.  MVP hits a shoulder block and a knee (maybe) drop for 1.  Kaval tags in.  MVP lifts him up to McIntyre a boot for 2.  McIntyre throws Kaval down, then misses a leg drop.  MVP tags in and hits a sliding Yakuza kick for 2.  McIntyre catches MVP with a kick to the gut.  Ziggle tags in.  MVP beats him up, then decks McIntyre off the apron and throws Ziggler out onto him.  Kaval uses MVP as a step and takes out Ziggler and McIntyre with a dive.  Commercials.  Ziggler beats up MVP.  MVP rallies and hits the Ballin’ elbow.  McIntyre distracts MVP, allowing Ziggler to take out his knee.  McIntyre and Ziggler get the heat on MVP, working the injured leg.  Kaval gets the hot tag and runs wild on Ziggler.  Kaval hits a springboad flying knee.  Cover, but McIntyre saves.  MVP goes after McIntyre and gets sent face first into the announce table.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold.  Kaval counters a suplex and locks in a Dragon sleeper.  Vickie distracts the referee.  McIntyre breaks the hold.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the pin in 11:23.  Fine little match.  That’s MVP’s last hurrah in WWE.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane comes out and chokeslams MVP.  THAT is MVP’s last hurrah in WWE.  Kane Tombstones Kaval.  Kane says the show won’t continue until Edge returns his father.  Edge appears on the big screen.  More of this bullshit.  Ugh.  Paul Bearer is still bound and gagged.  He invites Kane to come retrieve Paul from the loading dock.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.


Raw Rebound.

Kane searches the loading dock for Paul Bearer.  Something big and heavy falls out of a truck and crushes another mannequin Paul Bearer.  ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT.  Smackdown has been worse than TNA lately.  Kane sees Edge wheeling the real Paul Bearer away.  This shit is fucking horrible.  Commercials.

Tonight, Edge vs. Kane, just to make sure we give away every match that we expect to draw on the PPV!

WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger.  They lock up.  Swagger does amateur stuff.  Kofi gets the ropes.  They stare at each other.  Kofi tries to lock up in the corner, but the referee won’t allow it.  They lock up properly and work the lock up.  Kofi hits a monkey flip.  They lock up again.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock, but Kofi breaks free.  Swagger avoids the Trouble In Paradise.  Swagger works over Kofi.  Kofi fights back and hits a running dropkick for 2.  Swagger sends Kofi to the apron.  Kofi kicks him and goes up top.  Swagger meets him and throws him off the top rope.  Cover gets 2.  Kofi rolls outside.  Commercials.  Swagger works Kofi over and applies that double arm hook deal.  Swagger takes out Kofi’s leg twice.  Cover gets 2.  Weird.  Swagger beats up Kofi.  He works the arm again instead of working the leg, which would actually help when he goes for his finish.  I thought Swagger was supposed to be smart.  Swagger applies an abdominal stretch.  Swagger does a gator roll and pulls Kofi against the ropes.  I don’t get it.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock, but Kofi kicks him away and hits a rolling kick thingamafucker to knock Swagger down.  Swagger tries to push Kofi into the steps, but Kofi leapfrogs them.  Kofi hits a diving chop off the steps.  Grisham calls it a Superman punch because he’s mentally retarded.  He’s probably retarded enough to be an MMA judge.  They barely beat the count back into the ring.  Kofi beats up Swagger.  Kofi hits the S.O.S. for 2.  Swagger goes for the Doctor Bomb, fails, but lands a big boot for 2.  Swagger throws Kofi across the ring and goes for the Vader Bomb, but Kofi trips him.  Kofi hits corner punches.  Swagger throws him away.  Kofi hits something from the corner, then hits a diving cross body for 2.  Swagger ducks the Trouble In Paradise.  Kofi tries again.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock.  Kofi blocks it and falls out of the ring.  Kofi hits a Trouble In Paradise from the outside through the ropes and gets the pin in 15:49.  I hated this.  I like both guys.  I think both are good wrestlers, and they have good matches against other people.  In spite of this, and in spite of the fact that they wrestle each other for more than 10 minutes often on TV, none of their matches are any good.

Kane looks for Paul Bearer in the concession area.  Another fake Paul Bearer falls down the stairs.  Edge runs away with the real Bearer again.  This shit is so fucking awful.  Commercials.

Chris Masters vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes attacks, then flinches when Masters tries to throw a punch.  Masters locks in the Master Lock against the ropes.  Rhodes pulls the back of Masters into the ropes.  Rhodes hits a side Russian leg sweep and does a great transition into the cover for 2.  Rhodes applies a camel clutch.  Rhodes works Masters’ arm.  Masters make his comeback.  Rhodes hits the Beautiful Disasters followed by the Cross Rhodes for the pin in 2:56.  Not bad.

Tonight, Edge vs. Kane.  That WILL be bad.  Commercials.

Video package of the extremely horrible Kane/Edge feud that they’re so proud of.

Rosa Mendez vs. Layla (w/ Michelle McCool).  Layla mocks Rosa by pretending to jump rope.  Rosa attacks her.  Layla attacks back.  Rosa fights back.  McCool distracts everyone.  Rosa shoves Layla into her, then gets a schoolgirl for 2.  Fucking ugh.  Layla hits the neckbreaker for the pin in 1:04.  Ugh.  LayCool attack Rosa after the match.  Hornswoggle makes the save.  They get on their knees to fight Hornswoggle, then horse ass around.  Beth Phoenix comes out and kicks their asses.  Much stupidity in this segment.  The Swagger Soaring Eagle comes out to fight Hornswoggle.  Hornswoggle shakes the ropes and gets booted in the face.  Beth gives the eagle the Glam Slam.  Hornswoggle hits a tadpole splash on the eagle.  Yes, much stupidity in this segment.

Speaking of stupidity, Edge vs. Kane tonight.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Raw Rebound.  Different one from earlier.

The main event is next.  Commercials.

Non-Title: World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge.  Edge bails.  Kane follows.  Edge hits a baseball slide dropkick.  Edge dives off the apron.  Kane catches him and rams him into the apron.  Back inside, Kane beats up Edge.  Edge beats up Kane.  They fight outside.  They fight inside.  Kane hits a basement kick for 2.  Kane hits some elbow drops.  Shit happens.  Edge low bridges Kane out of the ring, then spears him off the apron.  Commercials.  Thank God.  Can we just stay on commercials until the finish?  Kane crotches Edge on the top rope and goes for a superplex.  Edge fights him off and dives.  Kane catches him with a punch for 2.  Kane beats up Edge some more.  They go outside.  Edge sends Kane into the steps, then hits a clothesline off the steps.  Kane goes for a chokeslam with Edge on the apron, but Edge pulls his arm down across the top rope.  Edge hits a diving lariat for 2.  Edge hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic for 2.  Kane hits a sidewalk slam for 2.  Kane hits a diving lariat.  Kane goes for the chokeslam.  Edge counters and hits the Edgecution for 2.  Edge goes for the spear, but Kane clotheslines him.  Kane signals for the chokeslam.  Paul Bearer appears on the screen and screams for Kane to come find him.  Kane goes outside and barely beats the count back in.  Edge spears him for the pin in 13:21.  Awful.  Edge says the PPV match will be Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, to the surprise of absolutely no one.  Edge says he’ll give Paul Bearer back now.  Edge brings out a fake Paul Bearer in the wheelchair and leaves.  Kane beats up the fake.  The real Paul Bearer appears on the screen.  He’s on a flat bed truck.  Kane goes backstage to get him, but Edge drives away.  This is the worst fucking storyline ever.

Fucking horrible show.  Whoever came up with this storyline should be set on fire.

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