WWE Superstars 11/11/10

WWE open, Superstars open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the first announcers.  Tonight, Kaval takes on Drew McIntyre!  Justin Roberts is the first ring announcer.

Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu!  YOSHI IS BACK!  I haven’t seen him in ages.  Ryder wins the lock up.  Yoshi wins the chopping and kicking contest.  Ryder works Yoshi’s arm.  Yoshi proves that he is more adept at arm work, what with his strong style training.  Ryder tries to throw Yoshi out of the ring, but Yoshi comes back and dropkicks him out of the ring.  Ryder rams Yoshi’s head into the turnbuckle, pulls his head across the top rope, and pulls him out of the ring.  Ryder works Yoshi over on the floor and throws him back into the ring.  Ryder applies a rear chin lock.  Yoshi gets a sunset flip for 2.  Ryder chokes him against the middle rope.  I don’t know if the audio is bad for if the crowd is dead.  Ryder hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Yoshi knees Ryder in the face and goes up top.  Ryder cuts him off and hits a superplex for 2.  Insta-commercials.  Ryder has Yoshi in a cross face.  Yoshi fights out.  Ryder elbows him in the face and goes for a diving rana(?), but gets caught and powerbombed.  Yoshi makes his comeback and hits a handspring elbow for 2.  Ryder boots Yoshi in the face and covers for 2.  Yoshi ducks the Rough Ryder and hits a Shining Wizard for the pin (7:53 shown).  Yay!  Good little match.

NXT recap.

Tonight, Kaval vs. McIntyre!

WWE.com plug.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Primo (w/ AJ).  Primo flexes his muscles.  They lock up.  Zeke pushes Primo away and flexes his muscles.  Primo tries a go behind and eludes a spinning back fist.  Zeke kicks his ass.  Primo takes out Zeke’s knee and tries to keep him down.  Basement dropkick gets 2.  Primo applies a front face lock.  Zeke throws him off and makes his comeback/massacres Primo.  Zeke hits the Book of Ezekiel for the pin in 2:55.  It was fine.  I love Big Zeke squashing fuckers.

Tonight, Kaval vs. McIntyre!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.


Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are now the announcers.  Tony Chimel is now the ring announcer.

Survivor Series hype.

Kane hype video.

The main event is NEXT!

Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval.  Kaval lands some leg kicks.  They do some stuff.  Kaval lands an awesome kick for 2.  McIntyre cuts Kaval off and beats him up in the corner.  Kaval hits a cool victory roll rana.  McIntyre bails.  Kaval hits him with a dive from the top rope to the floor.  Kaval throws McIntyre back into the ring and covers for 2.  Kaval hits the Shining elbow for 2.  Kaval kicks the crap out of McIntyre.  Cover gets 2.  McIntyre catches Kaval with a knee to the middle.  Insta-commercials.  McIntyre has Kaval in a hold on the mat.  McIntyre pulls Kaval’s ribs into the post, then pounds him against the apron.  McIntyre suplexes Kaval onto the apron.  Ouch.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  McIntyre keeps the heat on Kaval.  Kaval makes his comeback with awesome kicks.  Cover gets 2.  McIntyre hits a tilt-a-whirl gut buster for 2.  Kaval hits a handspring kick to the corner for 2.  Kaval goes up for the Warrior’s Way, but McIntyre bails to the apron.  McIntyre goes for the Future Shock on the apron.  Kaval escapes, lands on his feet, and hits a koppou kick up the steps.  Awesome!  McIntyre avoids the Warrior’s Way again and hits the Future Shock for the pin (10:51 shown).  Good match.

Pretty good show this week.

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