WWE Superstars 11/4/10

WWE open, Superstars open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are the first announcers.  Tony Chimel is the first ring announcer.

Jack Swagger (w/ The Swagger Soaring Eagle) vs. Kaval.  They lock up.  Swagger cranks Kaval’s arm.  Kaval kicks him and escapes.  Swagger beats up Kaval in the corner.  Kaval fights back.  Swagger throws him out of the ring.  Kaval slings back in as Swagger slips out and hits a dropkick and a dive.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  Kaval lands a kick for 1.  Swagger connects with a knee lift that knocks Kaval to the apron, then knocks him off the apron into the barricade.  Swagger rams Kaval’s back into the barricade, then throws him back in and covers for 2.  Swagger applies sort of a chickenwing armlock.  Kaval fights out and gets booted out of the ring.  Back inside, Swagger locks Kaval in a front face lock, then hits a backbreaker.  Kaval tries to fight back, but gets cut off with another knee lift.  Swagger throws Kaval across the ring and hits the springboard Vader Bomb for 2.  Insta-commercials.  Swagger has Kaval in an abdominal stretch.  Swagger goes for a move, but Kaval lands up on top of him for 2.  Swagger goes to the apron.  Kaval knocks him off with a handspring kick.  Back inside, Kaval makes his comeback.  Kaval hits a kick to the corner for 2.  Kaval goes for a springboard, but Swagger avoids it and hits a German suplex for 2.  Swagger tries to suplex Kaval from the apron.  Kaval counters him and gets a jackknife hold for 2.  Kaval tries and fails to whip Swagger, but drops him with a koppou kick.  Kaval goes up top but Swagger cuts him off.  Kaval hits a springboard enzui leg lariat for 2.  Kaval goes to the apron again.  The eagle trips him.  Swagger locks in the ankle lock for the win (9:51 shown).  Pretty good match.

NXT recap.

Tonight, Mark Henry vs. The Usos in a Handicap Match!

Luke Gallows vs. Vance Archer.  Archer attacks.  Gallows beats him up.  Gallows goes for a boot and gets crotched on the top rope.  Archer beats up Gallows.  Archer hits a leg drop for 2.  Archer hits a Rock Bottom ass drop thing for 2.  Archer goes up top.  Gallows pulls him down and makes his comeback.  Gallows lowers the straps and hits a big splash for 2.  Archer boots Gallows in the corner.  Gallows rallies and hits the Gallows Poll for the pin in 3:09.  Meh.

Tonight, Henry vs. Usos!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Scott Stanford and Jerry Lawler are now the announcers.  Justin Roberts is now the ring announcer.

Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim.  They lock up.  They break.  They lock up again.  Fox takes Gail down with a side headlock.  Gail counters into a head scissors.  Gail hits an arm drag and works on Fox’s arm.  Fox fights out.  Gail hits a rebound cross body for 2.  Fox hits a backbreaker, then a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2.  Fox hits a back body drop.  Fox pulls Gail’s hair.  Of course.  Fox hits another backbreaker for 2.  Gail hits a powerslam or something for like 1.  Gail makes her comeback.  Fox tries to bail.  Gail throws her back in.  Fox cuts Gail off with a cheap shot.  Gail catches her with the Eat Defeat for the pin in 5:01.  Okay little match.

Henry vs. Usos TONIGHT!

Edge hype video.  He’ll face Alberto Del Rio tomorrow night on Smackdown!

Survivor Series hype.

The main event (if you can call it that) is NEXT!

They show clips of the Henry/Jey match from last week where Jimmy got involved.  Tonight, somebody gone get they ass kicked!

Handicap Match: Mark Henry vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/ Tamina).  Henry wants Jimmy, but Jey jumps him from behind.  Henry kicks his ass.  Henry drags Jey to the corner to try to make him tag, but Jimmy wants none of that.  Jimmy blind tags in and jumps Henry from behind.  Jimmy beats up Henry on the ground and tries to get a pin, but that’s not happening.  The Usos double team Henry.  Henry makes his comeback on Jey.  Jey avoids getting squashed with a big splash.  Tamina takes a cheap shot at Henry.  Jey drops Henry with a kick and tags in Jimmy.  Jimmy hits the Superfly splash for the pin in 3:12.  Okay.  Henry vs. The Usos & Tamina next week?

Pretty lame show besides the first match.

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