WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 10/22/10

WWE open, Smackdown open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Todd Grisham, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker are the announcers.  Tonight, Randy Orton vs. Kane in a Champion vs. Champion match!  Tony Chimel is the ring announcer.

Teddy Long has Team Raw (The Miz, CM Punk, John Morrison, Sheamus, Santino Marella, Ezekiel Jackson, and Alex Riley) and Team Smackdown (The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Edge, Rey Mysterio Jr., Jack Swagger, and Tyler Reks).  Riley is substituting for R-Truth, who isn’t allowed to enter Canada.  They’re going to face each other in matches tonight, and the wrestlers get to pick opponents.  Miz says he, Zeke, and Sheamus will team tonight.  Show says it’ll be against him, Kofi, and Mysterio.  Edge books himself vs. Punk.  Morrison books himself vs. Del Rio.  Swagger chooses Santino.  No Reks vs. Riley?  Thank God.  Long orders the six-man tag RIGHT NOW!

The Miz, Sheamus, & Ezekiel Jackson (w/ Alex Riley) vs. The Big Show, Rey Mysterio Jr., & Kofi Kingston.  Mysterio tries to dance around Sheamus.  Sheamus kicks his ass.  Mysterio hits a rana.  Sheamus drops him and beats him up some more.  Cover gets 2.  Mysterio catches Sheamus with a kick and tags in Kofi, who hits a diving cross body for 2.  Sheamus beats him down and lunges for Mysterio, who drops off the apron.  Kofi fights back and low bridges Sheamus out of the ring.  Mysterio hits the seated senton off the apron.  Insta-commercials.  Kofi catches Zeke with the corner kick, then knocks Miz off the apron.  Zeke knocks Kingston down to counter a springboard.  Cover gets 2.  Zeke beats up Kofi.  Miz tags in and beats up Kofi.  Sheamus tags in and beats up Kofi.  Kofi catches Sheamus with a neckbreaker.  Miz tags in and tries to cut Kofi off.  Kofi kicks him away and makes the hot tag to Big Show.  Show runs wild on Miz.  Miz takes a HUGE back body drop.  So does Sheamus.  Mysterio hits the seated senton on Sheamus.  Zeke tries to press slam Mysterio, but Show decks him.  Miz dives at Show.  Show catches him and hits the chokeslam.  Mysterio tags in and hits a big splash off of Show’s shoulders on Miz for the pin (5:48 shown).  Really fun little match.

Tonight, Orton vs. Kane!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Tonight, Edge, vs. CM Punk!  It’s Edge vs. Straight Edge!

John Cena/Wade Barrett storyline highlight video.

Josh Matthews interviews WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.  The show the segment with them and WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan from Raw.  Ziggler vows to “crush” Bryan this Sunday.

Swagger vs. Santino is NEXT!

Jack Swagger (w/ The Swagger Soaring Eagle) vs. Santino Marella.  They fuck around a bit.  Santino tries and fails to take Swagger down.  Swagger hits a belly to belly suplex, then rolls Santino out of the ring.  The eagle tries to mess with Santino.  Hornswoggle comes out to keep the eagle in check.  Yes, the Smackdown mascot is helping the Raw guy against the Smackdown guy.  Santino takes Swagger down with a judo throw and clamps on a headlock.  Swagger rams him into the turnbuckles, then throws him out of the ring.  Hornswoggle keeps the eagle away from him again.  Cole acknowledges how stupid that is.  Santino hits the eagle with the Cobra strike.  Hornswoggle hits a frog splash off the steps.  Santino makes his comeback on Swagger and hits a jumping headbutt for 2.  Santino goes for the Cobra, but Swagger locks in the ankle lock for the win in 2:52.  Silly comedy match.

Morrison vs. Del Rio is NEXT!

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes gives grooming tips.

Tony Chimel introduces Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison.  They lock up.  Del Rio powers Morrison into the corner and cheap shots him instead of giving a clean break.  Morrison takes Del Rio down and pounds on him, then hits the knee strike for 2.  Del Rio sends Morrison into the turnbuckles, then hits a backbreaker for 2.  Del Rio applies a chin lock.  Del Rio keeps the heat on Morrison.  Morrison gets a schoolboy for 2.  Del Rio tags a bump into the turnbuckles.  Morrison takes his comeback.  Del Rio hits a gorgeous German suplex hold for 2.  Morrison ducks an enzuigiri and goes for the Starship Pain.  Del Rio locks in the Minoru Special (Striker actually calls it that this week) for the submission win in 4:31.  Good little match.  Raw is down 0-3 against Smackdown.

Edge vs. Punk is NEXT!

WWE Rewind: The Battle Royal from Raw.

Edge vs. CM Punk.  Punk takes Edge down.  Edge grabs a side headlock and scores a shoulder block for 1.  Edge takes Punk down with another side headlock.  Punk powers him up and into the corner, then beats him up.  Punk works Edge’s arm.  Edge escapes the hold and beats up Punk.  Punk avoids a cross body, causing Edge to hit the ropes.  Cover gets 2.  Punk stomps Edge’s hand, then kicks him down for 2.  Edge hits a swinging neckbreaker.  Punk hits a front suplex into the ropes.  Edge falls out of the ring.  Insta-commercials.  Punk has Edge in a body scissors.  Punk hits a gut buster for 2.  Punk comes off the top rope, but Edge kind of catches him with a powerslam.  They get to their feet and trade blows.  Edge ducks a kick.  Punk counters the Edgecution.  Edge hits a running forearm for 2.  Punk goes for the Go 2 Sleep, but Edge counters into the Edge-O-Matic for 2.  Punk catches Edge with a knee strike for 2.  Edge hits the Edgecution for 2.  Edge goes up top.  Punk cuts him off and goes for a superplex.  Edge throws him down with a front suplex, then sets up the spear.  The Miz and Alex Riley come out and pull Edge out of the ring to cause the DQ (9:45 shown).  Kofi Kingston runs out to make the save.  He ducks Miz and hits Riley with the Trouble In Paradise.  Miz hits Kofi with the Skull Crushing Finale.  Tyler Reks hits Miz with his spinning rack drop thing.  Morrison hits Reks with a spinning DDT.  Alberto Del Rio hits Miz with an enzuigiri.  Zeke hits Del Rio with the Book of Ezekiel.  Swagger locks Zeke in the ankle lock.  Santino goes for the Cobra, but Swagger hits him with the Doctor Bomb.  Sheamus hits Swagger with the pump kick.  Show chokeslams Zeke.  Sheamus drops Show with the pump kick.  Mysterio hits Sheamus with the 619.  Punk hits Mysterio with the Go 2 Sleep.  Edge spears Punk.  So I guess Smackdown wins the fight.  The match was boring.  It was technically good, but it felt like they were working at half speed.  The post match clusterfuck was fun.  It didn’t go so fast you couldn’t follow it.  Team Smackdown stands tall.

Orton vs. Kane TONIGHT!

Layla and Michelle McCool are in the ring dressed as Natalya and Bret Hart, respectively.  These two make me hate wrestling.  McCool is the worst actress on the planet.

Unified WWE Divas Champions Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Natalya & Kelly Kelly.  Layla beats up Natalya.  McCool beats up Natalya.  Natalya drops Layla with a clothesline, then hits a butterfly suplex for 2.  Natalya yells at McCool.  Layla goes for the neckbreaker, but Natalya counters into a backslide.  Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter.  McCool tries to save her, but fails.  Natalya locks Layla in the Sharpshooter for the win in 2:23.  Retarded shit.  Natalya rips off Layla’s fake goatee, puts it on, and does her dad’s signature post. At least we didn’t have to watch Kelly wrestle.


Tale of the Tape for Orton vs. Kane.  Sweet!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Kane hype video.

The main event is NEXT!

Non-Title: World Heavyweight Champion Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton.  They state at each other.  Kane throws the first punch and beats up Orton.  Kane hits a sidewalk slam and signals for the Tombstone.  Orton slips out and hits the 3.0, then humps the mat.  Kane bails.  Orton follows and runs him into the post.  Orton beats up Kane at ringside.  Kane catches Orton with a clothesline.  Kane rams Orton into the side of the ring and the barricade a bunch of times.  Orton is in trouble!  Insta-commercials.  Kane has Orton in a bear hug.  Orton fights out, but gets clotheslined.  Kane covers for 2.  Kane beats on Orton for a while.  He pulls Orton out of the ring and rams his back into the post.  Back inside, Kane bear hugs Orton again.  Kane hits a backbreaker for 2.  Kane hits the diving lariat.  Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Orton fights out and makes his comeback.  Orton hits the powerslam.  Kane rolls to the apron.  Orton hits the DDT OF MURDER, then humps the mat again.  Kane counters the RKO and hits a big boot.  Kane goes for the chokeslam.  The lights go out.  The GONG sounds.  The lights come back on.  Orton hits the RKO for the pin (9:02 shown).  Another technically fine, but boring match.  Kane throws a temper tantrum.  The Undertaker comes through the bottom of the ring and pulls Kane down into the hole.  Kane screams like he’s about to be ass raped.  Fin.

The first half of the show was good.  The second half was slightly above mediocre.  That balances out to a thumbs slightly up.

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