WWE NXT 9/21/10

WWE open, “last week on NXT…,” NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Josh Matthews is alone as the announcer because Michael Cole quit last week.  CM Punk comes out with a blazer over his wrestling gear to do commentary.  Pros Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox, Primo, and Kelly Kelly are already on the stage.

Matt Striker introduces the rookie divas: Kaitlyn, Maxine, Aksana, AJ, Naomi, and Jamie.  Striker says the first elimination is in 2 weeks.  They should just eliminate them all.  Vickie Guerrero makes my ears bleed and takes credit for Kaitlyn winning the obstacle course.  She says Kaitlyn will face Jamie tonight.  She brings out Unified WWE Divas Champions Michelle McCool & Layla because one of the NXT writers reads my blog and wants everyone I hate on this show.  They are obnoxious.  Layla says “deever.”  They obnoxiously bury the rookies.  This is brutal.  Kelly takes offense to LayCool insulting her.  They agree to LayCool & Kaitlyn vs. Kelly, Naomi, & Jamie tonight.  That’s gonna be a barn burner.  Commercials.

WWE.com plug.

They play musical chairs.  I fast forward.  AJ gets a controversial win over Naomi in the final.  I hate this show.

AJ vs. Maxine tonight.  Commercials.

Matthews and Punk banter a bit.

Aksana hype video.

Goldust tells Aksana how awesome that hype video was.  She’s upset.  There are problems with her work visa and she might be deported.  Please, let it happen.  Goldust consoles her and teaches her his breathing technique.

Raw Rebound.

Hell In A Cell hype.

Maxine and Alicia Fox come out.  Maxine vs. AJ is next.  Commercials.

Maxine (w/ Alicia Fox) vs. AJ (w/ Primo).  They show the catfight between them during the joke thing last week.  Punk makes a joke about girl scout cookies.  Maxine slowly shoves AJ down and rams her head against the mat softly.  AJ hits a shoulder block, an arm drag, and fuckes up a kick.  AJ knees Maxine in the face.  Maxine hits a drop toe hold into the ropes, then knees AJ into the ropes.  Maxine applies a rear chin lock.  Shit happens.  Maxine hits a suplex for 2.  AJ boots Maxine in the face and makes her comeback.  Maxine hits a brainbuster, then AJ rolls over and pins her in 2:28.  Seriously.  That was the fucking finish.  Worst match ever.

Michael Cole comes out to be obnoxious.  I thought he quit.  He’s returning.  Joy.

Six diva tag tonight.  Commercials.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Announcers talk.

Striker has the rookies in the ring.  It’s the promo contest.  I don’t care.  AJ is awarded the decision.

Six woman tag is next.  Commercials.

Kelly Kelly, Naomi, & Jamie Keyes vs. Unified WWE Divas Champions Michelle McCool & Layla and Kaitlyn (w/ Vickie Guerrero).  Kelly avoids a kick from Layla, slaps her, and hits a Thesz press.  Jamie tags in.  Layla steals the flower from her hair, gyrates, then throws it at her.  They lock up.  Jamie pushes Layla into the corner, then kicks her leg, then slams her.  Layla tags in Kaitlyn.  Jamie clamps her in a side headlock.  Kaitlyn hits a spear.  The announcers are funny.  Jamie avoids an elbow and wrings her arm, then tags in Naomi.  Kaitlyn carries Naomi to the corner and tags in McCool, who stomps the shit out of “Nadine,” as Punk calls her.  Naomi schoolgirls McCool for 2.  Naomi makes her comeback.  Naomi kicks Layla off of the apron.  McCool whips Naomi.  Layla interferes.  McCool hits a belly to belly suplex and tags in Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn covers, but Naomi reverses the cover for the pin in 3:30.  Yes, that was the finish.  I don’t care enough to get mad.  Kaitlyn shoves McCool, then McCool delivers an Akira Maeda shoot kick to the face.  Vickie yells at Kaitlyn.

This is the worst show I’ve ever seen.  I feel completely brain dead now.

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