Terry Funk vs. Jumbo Tsuruta, AJPW 6/11/76

2/3 Falls Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk (c) vs. Jumbo Tsuruta.  Elaborate pre-match ceremonies.  They shake hands and lock up.  Funk tries to take Jumbo to the mat, but Jumbo avoids that.  They lock up again.  It’s a struggle as Funk tries to get Jumbo down.  Jumbo backs Funk into the ropes.  Funk switches it around and gives a clean break.  Funk takes over, cranking on Jumbo’s arm.  Funk drives elbows into Jumbo’s arm, then his face.  Jumbo gets Terry up in a fireman carry and sets him on the top rope.  The referee forces a break.  Terry goes back to working Jumbo’s arm.  Jumbo does a back bridge and powers his way back up, then drops Terry to the mat.  Terry keeps hold of his arm and punishes it on the ground again.  Jumbo struggles to reverse a double wrist lock.  Terry stops him and headbutts him in the back to drop Jumbo to a knee.  Jumbo struggles to reverse it again and succeeds this time.  Terry is forced to his knees.  Jumbo switches to an arm lock and cranks on Terry’s arm.  Terry lands some chops, then hits a hop toss to escape.  Jumbo gets a backslide for 2.  Jumbo keeps working Terry’s arm and folds him up like an accordion on the mat.  Terry’s shoulders are forced down for 1.  Terry pushes Jumbo into the corner and hits him with punches and chops.  Jumbo whips Terry into the opposite corner, then hits a hip toss back into his arm hold.  Terry throws Jumbo out of the ring, but Jumbo keeps hold of Terry’s arm, pulls him out of the ring, pulls him back in, hits another arm drag, and keeps working Terry’s arm.  That was fucking amazing.  Terry hits an atomic drop, then misses an elbow drop.  Jumbo arm drags him back into his arm lock.  Terry breaks free and hits a shoulder block, then a double arm suplex for 2, as Jumbo gets his foot on the bottom rope.  They leapfrog each other.  Jumbo gets a reverse cradle for 2, then a sunset flip for the pin to win the first fall in 15:47.  Fucking amazing so far.  There’s a rest period between falls.  Terry paces outside to collect himself.  The second fall begins and they shake hands.  They tease a knuckle lock, but Terry slaps Jumbo’s head.  Repeat.  They lock up and Jumbo lands a couple of clubbing blows.  They trade chops.  Terry headbutts Jumbo and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2.  Terry drives an elbow into the back of Jumbo’s neck for 2.  Terry hits a piledriver for 2.  Terry takes Jumbo outside and snapmares him on the floor.  Funk lands a dropkick, then heads back inside.  Jumbo makes it back to the apron, but Terry runs him into the post.  Back inside, Terry snapmares Jumbo and clamps on a rear chin lock.  Jumbo fights out and fights back.  He throws Terry into the corner, then lands an elbow smash that sends Terry over the top rope to the floor.  Jumbo suplexes Terry in from the apron for 2.  Jumbo goes for an abdominal stretch, but Terry gets a FUCKING ROLLING GROUND COBRA TWIST for the pin to win the second fall in 23:37.  Inter-fall rest period.  Terry slams Jumbo to start the third fall.  Jumbo locks Terry in an abdominal stretch.  Terry’s second (I can’t tell who it is, some bald dude) distracts the ref briefly.  Terry manages to hip toss Jumbo out of the ring.  Terry’s second takes a cheap shot at Jumbo.  Back inside, Terry hits a side suplex for 2.  Jumbo hits a side suplex for 2.  Jumbo stops Terry, then clamps on a chin lock.  Terry punches him in the face.  Jumbo hits a double arm suplex for 2.  Terry hits a backdrop suplex, then a reverse cradle.  Jumbo reverses it for 2.  Jumbo goes for the double arm again, but Terry backs into the corner.  Jumbo throws him into the opposite corner, then hits a backbreaker for 2.  Jumbo hits a German suplex for 2.  Terry leapfrogs Jumbo and hot shots him into the ropes for the pin in 30:36.  This match was fucking amazing, a true masterpiece of professional wrestling.  Terry gets a huge ass trophy.  They shake hands.

This is such a wonderful match.  It made me remember why I love wrestling.  It was just the pick me up I needed after I became horribly depressed watching NXT.

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