WWE Superstars 9/16/10

WWE open, Superstars open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are the first announcers.  Justin Roberts is the first ring announcer.  Tonight, MVP takes on Luke Gallows!  That’s gonna be a barn burner.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/ Tamina).  Santino goofs off with one of the Usos and gets taken down with a leg sweep.  He yells “That’s my move!” and tags in Kozlov.  Both Usos are wearing short tights this week, so I can’t tell them apart.  One of the Usos argues with Santino, who distracts the referee, allowing the Usos to get the jump on Kozlov.  Usos beat up Kozlov for a while.  Santino gets the tag, gets cut off, and gets beaten up by the Usos.  Santino gets one of them in a heel hook, but the Uso makes the tag.  The other Uso locks Santino in a shoulder hold.  Insta-commercials.  The Uso suplexes Santino for 2.  Kozlov gets the tag and runs wild.  Kozlov hits a powerslam, but the other Uso saves, then low bridges Santino out of the ring.  Kozlov sends him out, then hits the other Uso (the one with the crucifx tattoo) with the Iron Curtain for the pin (5:41 shown).  Nothing to see here.  Tamina wants Santino to show her how to do the Cobra.  He does so as they play snake charmer music.  Tamina hypnotizes him with her cobra, then he sucks her fingers.  Weird.

NXT recap.  More stupidity.

Great Khali vs. Primo (w/ AJ).  Primo throws some ineffective leg kicks.  Khali catches his leg and drops him, then beats up him slow, plodding big man style.  Primo bails and tries to jump Khali from behind.  Primo manages to counter the choke bomb and lands a bunch of ineffective blows.  Khali makes his comeback, then hits the choke bomb for the pin in 3:05.  Again, nothing to see here.  This show is off to a very poor start.

MVP vs. Gallows tonight!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Randy Orton hype video.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are now the announcers, so Tony Chimel is now the ring announcer.

Kane/Undertaker history video.  Ugh.

Grisham and Striker hype the Night of Champions card.

MVP comes out for the main event, which is NEXT!

Luke Gallows comes out for the match with MVP.  Gallows cuts a promo before the match about how he’s his own man now.  He’ll be gone in the next round of cuts.  MVP retorts with a rap.  He tells Gallows to lighten up and offers him a makeover, starting with a nickname: LG.  That’s uncreative.  He says people in the locker room call Gallows big dummy.  They finally start the damn match.

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Luke Gallows.  They lock up.  Gallows beats up MVP.  MVP lands some punches, then hits a drop toe hold and a knee to the back of the head for 2.  MVP Yakuza kicks Gallows out of the ring.  Insta-commercials.  MVP has Gallows in a cravat.  Gallows fights out and backdrops MVP to the apron, then knocks him off with a big kick.  Gallows follows MVP outside and shoves him into the barricade, then throws him back inside.  Gallows hit some elbow drops for 1.  Gallows hits a suplex for 1.  Gallows keeps the heat on MVP.  MVP fights back, but gets mowed down with a big boot.  Gallows hits a big splash for 2.  Gallows hits a splash in the corner for 2.  Gallows does that move I call a stranglehold because I have no better name for it.  It’s the hold where the guy chokes the other guy with his own crossed arms.  MVP fights out.  Gallows hits an over the shoulder powerslam for 2.  Gallows goes for MVP’s Ballin’ elbow, but MVP gets his knees up and makes his comeback.  MVP hits an Exploder and the Playmaker for the pin (6:51 shown).  Mediocre match.  MVP helps Gallows up.  Gallows tries to cheap shot him, but MVP ducks and hits the Paydirt at the Ballin’ elbow.

Sadly, this ends a string of very good Superstars episodes.  Nothing at all worth seeing this week.

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