R.I.P. Lance Cade (1981-2010)

Former WWE wrestler Lance Cade passed away today, apparently of heart failure.  I’m deeply saddened to hear this.  I always thought he was a very good wrestler who had a ton of superstar potential.  Unfortunately, it seems his personal demons held him back.  His death is shocking, as just last week I was watching him wrestle on a recent All Japan show.

The first live wrestling show I ever went to was a WWE house show in September 2005, and the very first match on that show was The Hurricane & Rosey defending the World Tag Team Championship against the recently debuted Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.  This was just a week before the Unforgiven PPV where Cade & Murdoch won the titles.

I’m very sad at his passing.  It’s always a tragedy when a young man dies an untimely death.  It’s times like this that make me realize what a sleazy business wrestling is, and it makes me question why I have such a passion for it.

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