WWE NXT 7/20/10

WWE open.

Earlier today, Matt Striker ran the stupid obstacle course.  This was in Little Rock and I really wish I could have gone.

NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the announcers.  Jamie Keyes and her nails on a chalkboard voice are the ring announcer.

Montel Vontavious Porter is in the ring to do the V.I.P. Lounge.  He introduces his guest, Percy Watson!  MVP is pissed off about what happened last week.  Watson apologizes.  MVP accepts the apology.  Matt Striker comes out (with his music that I forgot he had) and asks MVP why Percy should be ranked #1.  MVP asks the crowd, who seem to like him.  He’s no Kaval, but I like him too.  Watson cuts a promo.  Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris come out.  Rhodes talks about why Harris should be #1.  Harris is “the army tank with a Ferrari engine.”  Harris says he’s real and not a “miniature midget ninja.”  Striker announces a tag match between the two teams NEXT!

WWE.com plug.

Lucky Cannon hype video.

The other Pros are on stage now: WWE United States Champion The Miz, WWE Women’s Champion Layla & Michelle McCool, Zack Ryder, WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, and John Morrison.  Where’s Mark Henry?

Montel Vontavious Porter & Percy Watson vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris.  Watson and Harris start.  Harris beats on Watson.  Watson drops him with a shoulder block and hits an arm drag.  Watson works Harris’ arm.  MVP tags in and beats up Harris.  Watson tags in and hits another shoulder block for 2.  Rhodes tags in and gets arm dragged by Watson.  Rhodes gets the advantage on Watson and tags in Harris.  Watson sends Harris outside with a dropkick and follows.  They brawl outside.  The Pros break it up, then MVP decks Rhodes.  Insta-commercials.  Rhodes beats up Watson.  Watson slams Rhodes, then gets decked again.  Rhodes stomps on Watson and hits a front suplex, then yells at MVP.  Harris tags in and waist locks Watson on the ground.  Harris hits a sick short range lariat for 2.  MVP and Rhodes tag in.  MVP runs wild and hits the Ballin’ elbow.  Harris comes in and gets Yakuza kicked.  Rhodes hits MVP with his springboard kick.  Rhodes tags in Harris and tells him to show why he should be #1.  Harris hits the senton splash on MVP for the pin (7:16 shown).  Okay little match.

Michael McGillicutty hype video.

Lucky Cannon takes on Alex Riley NXT!  Cole mizzes in his pants because his crush will be at ringside.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

They show Mark Henry getting fucked up by Wade Barrett on Raw last night to explain why Henry is absent tonight.

Striker asks both Cannon and Riley/Miz to cut their promos about why they should be #1 NXT week.

Lucky Cannon vs. Alex Riley (w/ WWE United States Champion The Miz).  Riley starts the match with a kick to the fucking gut just like all of these stupid fucks do these days.  Cannon fights back and hits come clotheslines and a big boot for 2.  Riley avoids a diving cross body and hits a TKO for the pin in 1:13.  Well this was brief.  Miz teases bashing Cannon with the Money In The Bank briefcase, but then he doesn’t instead… but then he does!  That jerk!  Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale onto the briefcase, just to be a dick.  Miz walks by the other Pros taunting them with the briefcase.

“Money” was the shitty MITB theme!

Raw Rebound.  Cole and Matthews talk about it.

Voting for the next poll opens tomorrow at noon!

John Morrison and Eli Cottonwood cut promos about why Eli should be #1.  Eli threatens Striker into voting for him.  LayCool and Kaval cut their promos too.  I’m voting for Kaval, because he’s motherfucking Low-Ki.

The stupid obstacle course shit is NXT!

Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty cut their promos about why McGillicutty should be #1.  McGillicutty does the obstacle course in 26.7 seconds.  Riley does it in 40.3, then yells at the referee for making him go back and do the part he fucked up on.  Cottonwood gets disqualified for refusing to go back and redo the push-ups.  Cannon does it in 28.2.  Kaval does it in 29.1.  He was awesome, but struggled on the pushing the heavy cart part.  Watson does it in 31.5.  Harris does it in 50.3.  He wasn’t disqualified for tackling one of the barriers instead of jumping it.  McGillicutty wins and is immune from elimination NXT week.

Okay tag match.  The rest of the show was lame.

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