TNA iMPACT! 7/8/10

Usual opening video package, highlighting Mr. Anderson.

“Friends Til The End?”

Mike Tenay and Taz are the announcers.  Jeremy Borash is the ring announcer.

Ken Anderson comes to the ring with a steel chair.  He introduces Jeff Hardy.  Anderson tells Hardy the chair shot last week wasn’t on purpose.  He says if he had done it on purpose, he’d admit it, because he’s an asshole.  He says they have a match tonight and he’s going to bring the chair, and if either of them use it, they have a problem.  Anderson leaves.

AJ Styles talks to someone about his issues with Ric Flair and Kazarian.  Commercials.

Victory Road hype video.

Jeff Hardy speaks for like 10 seconds about the chair shot.

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles.  Styles is all business tonight and goes on the attack immediately.  They trade some sweet arm drags, then punch each other.  Kazarian wails on Styles.  Styles pokes Kazarian in the eye and puts the boots to him.  Kazarian hits a monkey flip and a hard looking dropkick for 2.  Kazarian cranks on a rear chin lock.  Ric Flair comes out.  Styles fights out of Kazarian’s hold and does the leap frog, drop down, dropkick.  Flair has sat down in a chair on the ramp.  Styles hits a backbreaker for 2.  Styles cranks on a rear chin lock himself.  They counter each other’s finish.  Styles hits the fireman’s carry backbreaker for 2.  Kazarian counters the suplex neckbreaker and hits his slingshot leg drop for 2.  Kazarian goes for the Flux Capacitor, but Styles fights him off and goes for a springboard.  Kazarian avoids it, but eats the Pele kick.  Kazarian backdrops Styles to the apron and lands a kick to the middle.  Kazarian slingshots outside and kind of DDTs Styles on the apron.  It’s a double count-out in 6:02.  Really good little match until the schmoz finish.  They keep fighting, but Flair gets in the ring and orders them to make peace.  Flair tells them they’re going to be a tag team at Victory Road and they had better win.

We see a lovely shot of Angelina Love’s naked back.  I’d much rather see her naked front.  Commercials.

Daffney vs. Angelina Love.  Daffney is back from injury.  I forgot she worked here.  They lock up.  Love wrings Daffney’s arm.  Love beats up Daffney.  Daffney stumbles around and gets knocked down with a horrible karate chop.  Daffney escapes from a rear chin lock via jawbreaker.  Love hits a couple of World’s Strongest Slams, then a Flatliner for the pin in 2:02.  This was pretty bad, but thankfully it was kept short.  Love says she’ll become the first ever 4 time Knockouts Champion at Victory Road.  TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne comes out and challenges Love to put her career on the line at Victory Road.  Love agrees, but says she’s already talked to the championship committee, and they have agreed that if Velvet Sky or Lacey Von Erich interfere, she will win the title by DQ.

Tonight, RVD vs. Samoa Joe for the first time ever!  It probably is, but I’m not sure.

Brother Devon is backstage blowing off people who question him.  Commercials.

Team 3D/Jesse Neal video package.

Brother Devon and Inc Ink. are in the ring.  Devon calls out Brother Ray.  Ray comes out to stand on the ramp while Devon lectures him about what a great kid Jesse Neal is.  Brother Ray questions Devon’s loyalty and says he made Devon what he is today.  Devon says he’s loyal to both of them, he’s not picking sides.  Ray says at Victory Road it’s going to be Ray vs. Neal vs. Devon.  Commercials.

Non-Title: Samoa Joe vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam.  They lock up, then trade forearms and punches.  RVD drops Joe with the float over kick.  RVD goes up top, but Joe cuts him off and goes for the Muscle Buster.  Joe ends up pushing RVD off the top rope and into the stage.  Joe throws RVD back into the ring.  RVD lands a kick on Joe before he can get back in.  Joe avoids a baseball slide dropkick and connects with a tope suicida.  Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Raven, and Stevie Richards show up in the crowd as usual.  Back inside, Joe covers RVD for 2.  RVD ducks a kick and gets a schoolboy for 2.  RVD lands a kick.  RVD puts the boots to Joe in the corner and lands a flip dropkick.  RVD hits an apron leg drop.  They cut repeatedly to the ECW guys in the crowd.  RVD covers for 2 while Tenay and Taz argue.  Joe and RVD trade punches.  Joe hits the snap powerslam for 2.  Joe applies a facelock on RVD.  RVD fights out and makes a comeback until Joe decapitates him with a lariat for 2.  RVD hits the springboard kick for 2.  RVD hits the Rolling Thunder for 2.  RVD hits the springboard kick again for another 2.  RVD hits a roundhouse kick in the corner, the gets NAILED with another lariat.  Joe takes RVD down with an STO and hits a powerbomb into a half crab.  RVD gets a rope break.  RVD lands some shots.  Joe replies with headbutts.  RVD gets a reverse cradle for 2.  Joe turns it into the Coquina Clutch.  RVD flips off the turnbuckles and lands on top of Joe ala Bret/Piper at WrestleMania VIII to get the pin in 10:41.  Terrific match, and I LOVE that finish.  This was Joe’s best match in a long time.  Joe argues with the referee (apparently his shoulders weren’t down).  Joe slaps the ref and gives him the Muscle Buster!

Kurt Angle talks backstage.  He says Jeff Hardy shouldn’t trust Mr. Anderson.  Commercials.!

Non-Title Ladder Match: Jeremy Buck vs. TNA X Division Champion Doug Williams.  Why are they doing a ladder match to build an Ultimate X Match?  The gimmick apparently is that Williams is afraid of heights.  Williams drops Buck with a shoulder block.  Buck leap frogs Williams and nails an elbow smash and a springboard cross body.  Williams steps out of the ring to avoid buck and hits get with a moonsault.  Buck sets the ladder up, but Williams gets back in and cuts him off.  Williams ties Buck to the tree of woe and tries to climb the ladder, but he’s scared.  Buck hits him with a dropkick and climbs the ladder.  Williams cuts him off and nails him with a European uppercut.  Williams whips Buck into the ladder, then runs at him, but Buck moves and Williams knees the ladder.  Buck catapults Williams into the ladder.  Buck dropkicks the ladder into Williams and hits a springboard facebuster into the ladder.  Ouch!  Buck tries to climb the ladder, but Williams follows and hits and electric chair drop off of the ladder.  Williams climbs the ladder slowly.  Buck springboards to the ladder and hits a sunset flip powerbomb OFF OF THE LADDER!  Williams tries to springboard to the ladder, but Buck catches him with a kick and takes down the big red X for the win in 4:32.  The champion jobs to a jobber?  Typical TNA illogicality, but a fine little match.  Williams beats up the ladder.  I LOL’d.  Commercials.

Highlights of TNA’s house show in Brooklyn last Friday, which was their biggest domestic house show ever.

Hilarious PSA-type video of the Motor City Machine Guns making fun of Beer Money.

Beer Money & Matt Morgan vs. The Motor City Machine Guns & Hernandez.  Sabin and Roode start.  Roode works Sabin’s arm.  Sabin does flippy stuff, then gets punched in the face.  Sabin hits a dropkick and a diving rana.  Sabin hits a flying forearm for 2.  Shelley tags in.  Guns double team Roode for 2.  Storm tags in.  Beer Money try to double team Shelley, but fail.  Sabin tags in and goes at it with Storm.  Morgan nails Sabin with a big boot to knock him off the apron.  Roode throws him back in.  The bad guys get heat on Sabin.  Sabin fights back against Storm, but gets cut off quickly.  Shelley makes the save when Storm covers.  Roode comes in after a fake tag and chokes Sabin.  Roode whips Sabin into the corner for 2.  Sabin drops Roode with a kick and makes the tag to Hernandez.  Super Mex runs wild on Beer Money.  Morgan runs away, not wanting any of Hernandez.  Hernandez pounces Roode, then tags in Shelley.  Hernandez and Shelley double team Roode in awesome ways.  Shelley goes for the Shiranui, but Storm prevents it.  Hernandez hits a springboard double clothesline on Beer Money, then chases after Morgan.  Guns double team Roode.  Storm tries to spit beer, but Sabin kicks him, then lands a suicide dive.  Shelley hits a diving cross body on Roode, but Roode rolls through and gets the pin in 5:53.  Really good little trios match.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero talks about not trusting Mr. Anderson.

Tonight, Hardy vs. Anderson!  Commercials!

Victory Road hype video.

Kevin Nash complains to no one in particular about Eric Bischoff.  Hulk Hogan comes in.  They talk briefly, then Hogan leaves.

Jay Lethal is in the ring.  He cuts a promo on Ric Flair and talks about his sick mother.  Flair comes out and talks shit about Lethal’s mom and talks about how great he is in bed.  Classic Flair stuff.  Flair talks about how great he is, then struts around the ring.  Great segment.  Commercials.

They show Mr. Anderson’s errant chair shot from last week, then hype the Victory Road card.

Ken Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy.  They shake hands and lock up.  Hardy works Anderson’s arm.  Hardy hits a shoulder block.  They counter hip tosses, then Anderson goes for the Lambeau Leap but gets countered.  Anderson hits a neckbreaker for 1.  Hardy hits a jawbreaker.  Anderson avoids a dropkick in the corner.  Cover gets 2.  Hardy hits a clothesline for 2.  Hardy whiffs the Whisper In The Wind for 2.  Actually, Anderson might have taken a solid shot to the face.  Anderson counters the Twist of Fate and hits the Lambeau Leap for 2.  Anderson goes for the Kenton bomb, but Hardy avoids it and hits the Twist of Fate for the pin in 3:33.  Fine little match for the time they had.  They look to be friends again now.  Abyss comes out with his nail board.  He points at them and says “You!”  The referee takes the nail board away.  Hardy and Anderson attack Abyss, but he drops the both.  Abyss chokeslams Hardy and mows down Anderson with a big boot.  Abyss swings the board at Anderson, but Anderson ducks and Abyss takes off the turnbuckle pad with it.  RVD runs in and tries to fight off Abyss, but Abyss throws him out of the ring.  Anderson teases hitting Hardy with a chair, then tells him to move and hits Abyss with it.  RVD takes the chair away and hits the MOTHERFUCKING VAN DAMINATOR!  They babyfaces stand tall, so I’m assuming Abyss is winning on Sunday.  Abyss wakes up.  Fade to black.  Great build for the PPV main event.

Man this was a good show.  Best Impact in a LONG time.  Why are shows this good so rare?

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