TNA iMPACT! 6/24/10

Let’s just get this over with, eh?

“Last week on iMPACT!” video.

“Monster on the Loose.”

Mike Tenay and Taz are the announcers.  Jeremy Borash is the ring announcer.

Hulk Hogan comes out.  He announces RVD vs. Hardy vs. Anderson vs. Abyss for the title at Victory Road.  Abyss comes out (No longer “American Made”).  Hogan asks Abyss what his deal is.  Abyss says “they” told him to.  “They” are coming.  “They” told Abyss he doesn’t need Hogan anymore.  Nobody needs Hogan anymore.  Hogan finally asks who “they” is.  Abyss says everyone will find out soon.  “They” are gonna takes over.  Abyss takes off Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring and chokes him, then stuffs the ring in Hogan’s mouth.  Abyss pours broken glass in the ring.  TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam makes the save.  Abyss powerbombs RVD and goes after Hogan again.  Mr. Anderson makes the save with a steel chair.  Abyss shrugs it off.  Anderson bails and pulls Hogan and RVD to safety.  I will be anyone $100 that this angle does not end well.  Abyss screams that “they” are coming.  Commercials.

Victory Road hype video.

Moments ago, ^  happened.

Hulk Hogan whines to Eric Bischoff about how hurt he is over his boyfriend Abyss breaking up with him.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky are in the bathroom.  Apparently Lacey is out injured, Velvet is mad, and Madison is bitchy.  My guess is they’re all on their periods.

Angelina Love vs. TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Velvet Sky.  Footage of their match a few months ago.  They fight.  They fight outside.  Angelina gets sent into the steps.  Inside, Velvet beats up Love.  Velvet hits the Sky Liner, whatever that is.  To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention.  Love makes her comeback.  Love brings in a chair and kicks Sky in the face.  Sky tries a stun gun but fucking fails.  Sky tries to DDT love on the chair, but Love reverses it and DDTs Sky on the chair.  Love is DQ’d in about 4 minutes.  This fucking sucked.  TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne comes out to taunt Love with the belt.  Do NOT want to see that match at the PPV.

Jay Lethal talks to his brother backstage.  Commercials.

Kevin Nash and Eric Young talk backstage.

Matt Morgan comes out.  They show is recent altercations with Hernandez.  He cuts a stupid promo.  He calls out Hernandez, who Taz claims is in Mexico this week.  Morgan vs. Hernandez in a cage at the PPV.  Also, Morgan is rockin’ a lumberjack beard.  Homicide jumps Morgan and ends up getting his head kicked into the post ala the initial Morgan/Hernandez injury angle.  This was dumb.  Commercials.

AJ Styles asks Ric Flair about a package.  Flair bitches at him.  Stupid.

Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal.  Bit of wrestling to start.  Kazarian begs off, then jumps OVER the referee to attack Lethal.  “That’s for Ric, you stupid bastard!” Kazarian yells.  Kazarian hits an Alabama Slam for 2.  Kazarian puts Lethal on the top rope and kicks him.  Cover gets 2.  Kazarian hits the slingshot leg drop and clamps on a side headlock.  Backstage, Ric Flair and AJ Styles beat up Lethal’s brother.  Lethal hits a handspring elbow smash.  Kazarian goes for a low blow, but Lethal gets a la magistral for 2.  They trade chops and forearms.  Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination, but Kazarian counters and hits it himself for 2.  Kazarian bitches at the referee.  Kazarian goes for the Axe Guillotine Driver, but Lethal counters and hits the backdrop into the neckbreaker (now apparently called the Lethal Injection) for the pin 5:09 (unless my clock fucked up).  Flair appears on the shows Lethal and his brother is getting beaten up.  Why is everything on this show overbooked shit?  Commercials, which are better than this show.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage in his gear, so presumably he’ll be coming out soon.

Tonight, Abyss vs. Anderson Falls Count Anywhere.  Jarrett vs. Sting next.

Jeff Jarrett comes out for the match.  Sting doesn’t.  Sting is up in his clubhouse, so Jarrett goes to meet him.  They fight, but it’s a fake Sting.  In 2010.  The real Sting appears in the ring.  Jarrett throws the fake Sting into the ring, not noticing the other Sting IN THE RING.  The real Sting chokes Jarrett with his bat, then beats him with it.  Sting says “If you’re gonna walk with them, you’re gonna go down with them!”  I wonder if Sting’s “them” is the same as Abyss’ “they.”

On 10/10/10, Bound For Glory in Daytona Beach, Florida!  Commercials. plugs.

Kurt Angle/Desmond Wolfe video package.

Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) vs. Kurt Angle.  Typically fucking great chain wrestling to start.  Wolfe kicks the rope into Angle’s arm, then yells at Chelsea instead of taking advantage.  Angle hip tosses him.  Wolfe side steps Angle in the corner and Angle spears the post.  Wolfe hits a near arm hold suplex, then instead of taking advantage fucking bitches at Chelsea again.  Angle fights back, but Wolfe hits the awesome arm takedown THEN FUCKING BITCHES AT CHELSEA AGAIN INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE MATCH.  Angle tries a sunset flip, but Wolfe fucks up his arm again.  Wolfe works the arm WHILE bitching at Chelsea.  That’s an improvement.  Angle counters and goes for the ankle lock, but Wolfe kicks him away.  Wolfe bitches at Chelsea again.  Angle hits a back body drop and a belly to belly overhead suplex for 2.  Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Wolfe arm drags him.  Angle hits the rolling Germans for 2.  Wolfe hits the Divorce Court for 2.  Angle goes up top, but Wolfe cuts him off and goes for the Tower of London.  Angle counters and hits the Angle Slam, then locks in the ankle lock for the win in 7:04.  Very good match as always between these two.

Anderson has a black eye and is otherwise all fucked up from the stuff with Abyss last week.  Anderson’s ready for him tonight, though.  Commercials.

House show plugs.

Doug Williams vs. The X Division video package.

TNA X Division Champion Doug Williams is in the ring.  He cuts a promo on Brian Kendrick and calls him out.  Kendrick comes to the ring and tells Williams they’ll meet for the title at Victory Road in a match that can also win by submission.  He claims the former will benefit Williams and the latter will benefit him.  That’s stupid.  Williams proposes that they both leave like gentlemen, then tries to jump Kendrick from behind.  Kendrick was ready for it and he locks Williams in the cobra clutch again.  Alrighty then.

Abyss talks to himself backstage.

Anderson vs. Abyss Falls Count Anywhere is still to come.  Joy.  Commercials.

Shannon Moore beats the hell out of Brother Ray backstage.  Jesse Neal is knocked out.  Brother Devon comes in to break it, then grabs Bubba and yells at him.  Devon warns Bubba not to test him.

The Motor City Machine Guns have joined Tenay and Taz for commentary.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Series – Final: Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.  Shannon Moore has to go it alone since Neal is KTFO’d backstage.  Winners face the MCMG for the titles at the PPV.  Roode beats up Moore, but Moore makes a comeback.  Storm accidentally lands an elbow drop on Roode.  Moore hits Storm with a headscissors, then clotheslines Roode out of the ring.  Tommy Dreamer, Raven, and Stevie Richards come in to the crowd and sit down.  Storm sends Moore into the barricade.  Beer Money beat up Moore.  Jesse Neal comes out and gets in the corner.  Moore continues to play face in peril.  Moore fights them off and makes the hot tag to Neal.  Neal runs wilde.  Belly to belly suplex on Storm, but Roode saves.  Clusterfuck.  Moore sends Roode outside and hits him with a suicide dive.  Storm hits a Codebreaker on Neal and goes for the superkick.  Neal gets him up in a fireman’s carry to set up a double team, but Roode takes Moore out.  Neal cradles Storm for 2.  Roode grabs Neal’s leg.  Storm spits beer in his face.  DWI on Neal.  Storm pins Neal in 5:48.  Nothing to see here.

Kazarian and AJ Styles argue in the locker room.  Styles finds his package and opens it up.  It’s his new action figure.  Kazarian tells him to go play with himself.  STUPID.

Main event is next.  Ugh.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Abyss vs. Ken Anderson.  Anderson goes on the attack immediately.  Back and forth brawling.  Anderson hits a Lou Thesz press and punches Abyss, Austin style.  Anderson takes a chair from a fan.  Abyss punches the chair into Anderson’s face.  Abyss sets up the chair in the ring.  Anderson hits a drop toe hold onto the chair for 2.  Anderson hits Abyss in the back with the chair for 2.  Anderson wedges the the chair between the turnbuckles.  Abyss tries to whip him into it, but Angle slides out of the ring, hides under the ring, then hits Abyss with a Singapore cane.  Abyss beats up Anderson on the outside and whips him into the stage while some annoying girl screams.  Abyss removes the floor mat and sets up a chokeslam, but Anderson fights it off.  Abyss throws Anderson back in the ring and beats him with the chair.  Abyss lays the chair on Anderson and tries to jump on him, but gets hit in the balls with the chair.  Anderson gets a cradle for 2.  Anderson goes for the Kenton bomb, but Abyss gets his knees up.  Abyss throws Anderson into the chair wedged into the turnbuckles, then hits the Shock Treatment for the pin in 7:53.  Garbage.

Anderson crawls up the ramp to try to get away, but Abyss catches him and tries to throw him off the stage.  Anderson fights back and goes for the Mic Check.  Abyss avoids it and chokeslams Anderson off the stage.  Hulk Hogan appears and hits Abyss in the back with a chair.  Abyss no sells it and beats up some security guards, who came out to protect the guy who just assaulted a man from behind.  Abyss points at Hogan and says “You” again.  Same bullshit as last week.

Aside from a great 7 minutes when Kurt Angle was wrestling Desmond Wolfe, man this show was motherfucking horrible.  Trash TV garbage.

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