WWE NXT 6/22/10

WWE open, NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the announcers.

Ashley Valence (who?) is apparently the new host.  The first Pros Poll/Fan vote is next week.  She introduces the Pros: John Morrison, Cody Rhodes, WWE Women’s Champions Michelle McCool & Layla, Mark Henry, WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder.  They’re missing some.  Oh, the missing ones are in the opening match.  Still no clue who the new ring announcer chick is, but she’s terrible.

WWE United States Champion The Miz & Alex Riley vs. Montel Vontavious Porter & Percy Watson.  MVP and Riley start officially, but Riley requests that Watson tag in before any contact is made.  Watson needs to not wrestle in glasses, or at least get them knocked off.  Riley hits a shoulder block, then poses.  They lock up and Riley works a headlock.  Watson’s fucking glasses stay on.  How is that possible?  Watson lands a couple of dropkicks and a drop toe hold.  MVP tags in.  MVP and Watson hit a double him toss, then fist bump.  MVP throws Riley out of the ring.  Miz chastises Riley.  Miz and Watson tag in and Miz suplexes Watson OUT OF HIS FUCKING GLASSES.  THANK YOU, MIZ!  Riley tags in and beats up Watson.  Miz chokes Watson behind the referee’s back.  Shouldn’t he be fired?  Riley works a rear chin lock.  Watson escapes with a chin breaker and makes the hot tag to MVP.  MVP runs wild on Riley.  Watson puts his stupid glasses back on at ringside.  MVP hits the Ballin’ elbow because Riley doesn’t move as MVP yells at him too.  Riley kicks MVP in the knee.  Watson and Miz tag in.  Watson hits a big lariat.  His glasses are gone again, thankfully.  Watson hits a wonky splash.  Riley saves.  MVP takes Riley outside.  Miz hot shots Watson into the top rope and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin in 6:17.  Good little match.  Things look heated between MVP and Riley.

Titus O’Neil hype video.  He’ll be in action NXT!  Also, Cole promises RAW FOOTAGE!

Titus O’Neil (w/ Zack Ryder) vs. Michael McGillicutty (w/ WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston).  Inset promo from McGillicutty.  They lock up as the announcers talk about Hennig using his mother’s maiden name, which is a lie.  O’Neil whips McGillicutty into the corners and covers for 2.  O’Neil works a rear chin lock.  They botch a spot and O’Neil covers for 2.  O’Neil slams McGillicutty and goes for a big splash, but gets caught with his knees.  McGillicutty hits a sick neckbreaker drop for the pin in 2:06.  This was kind of bad.

Next week, we get to vote in the Pros Poll!

Tale of the Tape for Kaval vs. Eli Cottonwood.  I’m strangely excited for that.  It’s NXT!

WWE.com plug.

Kaval (w/ WWE Women’s Champion Layla & Michelle McCool) vs. Eli Cottonwood (w/ John Morrison).  Prediction: this will suck.  Kaval throws a kick.  Cottonwood throws him in the corner.  Kaval lands some more kicks.  Cottonwood throws him into the corner again.  Cottonwood locks in a bear hug and sets Kaval on the top rope.  Kaval locks in an ARMBAR! on the ropes.  Kaval kicks him again.  Kaval lands on his feet from a hip toss and hits the Tidal Crush.  Cottonwood throws Kaval to the apron.  Kaval kicks him again and hits a FUCKING GHETTO STOMP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD for 2.  Kaval comes off the top again, but Kaval catches him and hits like a reverse chokeslam for the pin in 2:45.  Wow, this was actually kind of fun despite the fact (rather, this writer’s humble opinion) that Khali-lite sucks.  Mark Henry of all people applauds Kaval.

Lucky Cannon hype video.  He’ll face Cody Rhodes tonight!

Coming up next, footage that way more people who watch this show already saw last night!

LayC0ol console Kaval about his loss.  They give him a pink “Property of LayCool” shirt and try to make him smile.  I hate LayCool, but that’s kind of hilarious.

Matt Striker has joined Cole and Matthews for commentary.  Striker is still being called host, but this is the first we’ve seen of him all night.  They show the angle from last week where Cody Rhodes hit Striker with a cheap shot and knocked him off the stage.

Raw Rebound, AKA the complete destruction of Vince McMahon.  The iBooker says via Cole that there will be “appropriate consequences.”

The main event is NXT!

They finally show the new ring announcer.  She has big boobs, but that’s about it.  She’s also awful.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Husky Harris) vs. Lucky Cannon (w/ Mark Henry).  Rhodes says Lucky wouldn’t last 5 minutes with him, so he makes it a 5 minute challenge.  Rhodes slaps Cannon and takes him down with a side headlock.  Cannon turns it into a cradle for 1 in a spot I love.  Rhodes sends Cannon outside and beats him up on the floor while Cole and Matthews bicker.  Cannon takes Rhodes down and they do some mat wrestling.  Rhodes does a fucking up reverse Gory Special.  Cannon escapes and gets a schoolboy for 2.  Cannon hits a flapjack for 2.  Cannon hits a big boot for 2.  Rhodes NAILS Cannon with a rebound kick, then hits a kind of botched looking Cross Rhodes for the pin in 3:58.  This was kind of bad too.

Up next, Rookies’ Closing Arguments!

Next week, Pros/Fans Poll!

Matt Striker has all of the rookies in the ring to cut promos.  Riley asks if anyone recognizes him, because apparently he was a bully in high school in whichever city this is.  He keeps talking after his time expires.  Kaval (rocking his new shirt) says 10 years ago, WWE told him he was too small, but now he’s here.  He also talks too long.  O’Neil says he’s worked hard for what he has.  Michael McHennig says he has no weaknesses and he’s undefeated.  Cottonwood talks, but I can’t take my focus off of how awkward he moves.  Percy Watson is wacky and great.  Oh yeah!  Lucky Cannon talks about being lucky.  Harris cheap shots Matt Striker and hits a senton on him.  Everyone is like WTF?

Some really bad matches this week, but overall a fun show.

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