WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010

WWE open, PPV open, pyro and ballyhoo.  We’re LIVE from Long Island!  Michael Cole, Matt Striker, and Jerry Lawler are the announcers.  Justin Roberts and Tony Chimel are the ring announcers.

Vince McMahon comes out and says Bret Hart won’t be there tonight.  They show the stupid bit from Raw where the NXT season 1 guys put Bret in a limo that crashed into shit.  There’s a “DANIEL BRYAN!” chant.  Drew McIntyre comes out to greet his sugar daddy on his way to the ring.  They show the stupid McIntyre/Teddy Long shit from Smackdown.  They show Vince getting in his limo and leaving.  McIntyre calls for Teddy Long to come out, saying that Vince ordered it.  Long comes out to sit at ringside for the match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Drew McIntyre.  Kofi throws a bunch of kicks.  McIntyre heels it up a bit, then gets monkey flipped, dropkicked, and clotheslined out of the ring.  Kofi hits McIntyre with a tope suicida.  McIntyre chop blocks Kofi’s leg on the apron to get the advantage, then rams Kofi into the post.  Cover gets 2.  McIntyre grounds and pounds Kofi.  Kofi dropkicks McIntyre into the barricade.  McIntyre rams Kofi’s arm into the ring post.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  McIntyre goes to work on the arm.  Kofi arm drags his way free, slides under McIntyre, and gets dropped with a shoulder block.  McIntyre continues working the arm.  The crowd hates McIntyre, presumably in the same “just go the fuck away” way I hate him.  Kofi tries a sunset flip.  McIntyre tries to punch him to block it, but punches the mat.  McIntyre hits a Codebreaker on the arm for 2.  That was creative.  Kofi catches McIntyre with a float over DDT.  Kofi starts making a comeback.  Sunset flip gets 2.  Kofi hits a rebound cross body for 2.  McIntyre hits an enzui knee drop for 2.  Kofi hits a side Russian leg sweep and the Boom Drop.  He sets up for the Trouble In Paradise, but McIntyre backs away and backdrops Kofi to the apron.  McIntyre rams Kofi’s head into the turnbuckle and tries to backdrop suplex him back into the ring, but Kofi lands on top for 2.  McIntyre drops Kofi with a big boot.  McIntyre goes for the Future Shock, but Kofi avoids it and hits a springboard tornado DDT.  Cover, but McIntyre gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Kofi hits the corner punches, but McIntyre powerbombs him across the ring for 2.  Kofi hits the S.O.S. for 2.  Kofi gets McIntyre in a head scissors.  McIntyre pushes him off into the ref to kill him.  McIntyre sends Kofi into the post, then hits the Future Shock.  Cover, but there’s no referee.  McIntyre tries to kick the ref back to life, then throws Teddy Long into the ring.  McIntyre takes off the referee’s shirt and orders Teddy to put it on.  He orders Teddy to make the count, but Teddy stops at 2, and Kofi looks like a total geek for not being able to kick out after having all that time to recover.  McIntyre stalks Long, who begs off.  McIntyre picks Kofi up and goes for the Future Shock again.  Matt Hardy runs in through the crowd and hits the Twist of Fate.  Kofi hits McIntyre with the Trouble In Paradise for the pin in 16:29.  Good match, but I’m not sure how I feel about the booking.  McIntyre, the heel, got screwed after having the match won clean, but he’s a fucking prick so the people seemed to like it.  Still, they couldn’t have had Teddy refuse to count after a belt shot or a low blow or something?

Savannah interviews Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty and Natalya.  They’ll face the Usos and Tamina tonight.  They say they’re fighting for Bret tonight.

Four-Way Match for the WWE Divas Championship: Eve Torres (c) vs. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox.  They pair off and brawl.  They break up a bunch of near falls early.  Maryse and Fox double team Eve briefly.  Gail gets a modified Cristo on Fox while Eve gets a cross armbreaker on Eve.  Gail releases her hold to break Eve’s, then puts Maryse in an armbar.  Fox breaks and… puts Maryse in an armbar.  Poor Maryse’s arms.  Maryse finally escapes and bails.  Eve puts Fox in a camel clutch.  Gail puts Fox in a Boston crab at the same time.  Maryse breaks the holds and sends Eve and Gail outside.  Fox and Maryse go boobs to boobs and nose to nose.  Maryse points her finger at Fox, who threatens to bite it off.  They start fighting.  Maryse lands a thrust kick for 2, as Eve makes it back in to save.  Gail dropkicks Maryse and Eve.  Gail hits a missile dropkick on Maryse.  Striker makes a Jumping Bomb Angels reference that nobody gets.  Gail tries to rana Fox on the floor and gets face planted into the apron.  Eve hits a neckbreaker and a moonsault press on Maryse.  Fox comes in, throws Eve out, and pins Maryse to win the title in 5:42.  They tried, and it was okay.

Rey Mysterio Jr. and The Big Show chat backstage.  I think the point is that Show’s fist is as big as Mysterio’s head.

The Fatal 4-Way theme song is “Showstopper” by Toby Mac.  Who?

Chris Jericho comes out and cuts a promo about how great he is.  He’s challenged Evan Bourne to a rematch from their match on Raw.

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne.  “Y2J!” chants, despite the fact that he’s the heel.  Jericho goes on the attack immediately.  Bourne hits a rana and a high speed basement dropkick for 2.  Jericho hits a clothesline for 2.  “LET’S GO JERICHO!” chants.  Bourne sends Jericho outside and comes off the top rope with a dive.  Jericho hits his springboard dropkick to knock Bourne off the apron.  Back inside, Jericho hits a dropkick for 2.  Jericho applies a rear chin lock.  Bourne lands a spin kick and a running kick to the corner for 2.  Jericho hits a German suplex hold for 2.  Bourne ranas Jericho off the middle rope for 2.  Bourne goes for his knee takedown, but Jericho rolls through and locks in the Walls of Jericho.  Bourne gets a rope break.  Crowd boos.  Long Island loves Jericho, who coincidentally was born on Long Island.  Jericho knocks Bourne off the apron and into the announcer table.  Jericho follows by ramming Bourne’s face into the table.  Bourne sends Jericho into the steps, back hits his diving double knee thing back inside for 2.  Jericho hits a double arm backbreaker for 2.  Bourne avoids the Lionsault and nails Jericho in the head with a kick.  Bourne goes for the Shooting Star press.  Jericho avoids it, but Bourne lands on his feet.  Jericho hits the Codebreaker, but Bourne gets his foot on the rope.  Jericho yells at Bourne to stay down while beating him up.  Bourne gets his wonky cradle for 2.  I’m gonna start calling it the Bourne Clutch until I find out it has an actual name.  Jericho goes for the Walls again, but Bourne somehow turns it into a DDT.  Bourne goes up top again, but Jericho cuts him off.  Bourne knocks Jericho off, but Jericho cuts him off again!  Jericho tries for a superplex, but Bourne throws him off yet again and hits the Shooting Star press to the back for the pin in 12:03.  Very good match.  The crowd was pro-Jericho throughout the match, but they popped when Bourne won.  I wonder where the Jericho losing streak thing is going.

Best PPV Matches DVD plug.

Hype video for the Smackdown Fatal 4-Way.

Four-Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger (c) vs. The Big Show vs. CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows & Serena) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.  Punk sends the Straight Edge Society to the back before the match.  Punk and Swagger both attack Mysterio.  Big Show deals with them both.  Punk jumps on Show’s back and puts him in a sleeper hold.  Show throws him off.  Mysterio goes for Punk’s mask.  Punk takes Mysterio out of the ring with a headscissors.  Show throws Swagger out of the ring.  Mysteroi tries to take the fight to Show.  Show cocks his massive fist and Mysterio bails.  Show palms him like a basketball to bring him back in, then throws him into Swagger to knock Swagger off the apron.  Show covers Mysterio, but Punk saves.  Show covers Punk, but Swagger saves.  Show covers Swagger, but Mysterio saves.  Show manhandles everyone.  Mysterio hits Show with a DDT for 2.  Punk kicks Show in the head.  Swagger breaks covers by Punk and Mysterio.  Swagger hits the Vader Bomb on Show, but Mysterio saves.  Mysterio and Punk takes Show out of the ring.  Swagger clotheslines them both.  Swagger covers Mysterio for 2.  Swagger hits a belly to belly suplex on Mysterio for 2.  Swagger mounts Mysterio and grinds his elbow into the back of Mysterio’s head, then transitions into a chickenwing hold.  Mysterio fights back and goes for the 619, but Punk hits Mysterio with a diving cross body for 2.  Punk covers Swagger for 2.  Punk beats on Mysterio and hits a backbreaker for 2.  Swagger Germans Mysterio and Punk.  Covers get 2.  Swagger goes for the Doctor Bomb on Punk, but Punk kicks him in the head.  Mysterio goes for the 619, but Show grabs him from the outside and sends him into the announce table.  Show runs wild on Swagger and Punk.  Somebody kicks the steps into Show’s leg.  Mysterio hits a 619 around the post.  Punk takes Show out with a dive.  Mysterio runs wild on Swagger and gets caught with a kick.  Punk hits the Go 2 Sleep on Swagger.  Kane comes out, wheeling a casket to the ring.  Kane throws Punk outside and chokeslams him into the casket.  Luke Gallows takes out Kane with a big boot and runs to the back with Punk.  Kane follows.  So Punk just leaves when he can still win the World title?  Mysterio hits the 619 and the springboard splash on Swagger to win the title in 10:28.  It was okay, but the ending was stupid.  I hope Rey’s second title reign is booked better than his first.

The next shitty theme PPV is Money In The Bank, next month!

Josh Matthews interviews the WWE Champion, John Cena.  He says the WWE locker room will stand united against the NXT guys.

They show The Miz regaining the United States Championship last Monday on Raw in a Four-Way against R-Truth, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder.

WWE United States Championship Match: The Miz (c) vs. R-Truth.  Miz does his own version of R-Truth’s rap on his way to the ring and forgets some of the words.  They lock up.  Truth drops Miz with a shoulder block.  Truth continues to school Miz early on.  Miz kicks Truth in the ribs a bunch, then applies a neck and shoulder hold.  Truth hip tosses Miz.  Miz pushes Truth into the post.  Truth barely beats the count back in.  The referee wastes time checking on R-Truth.  Miz beats on Truth in the corner until the referee gets in the ring again.  Miz hits the running clothesline to the corner for 2.  Miz locks Truth in a body scissors.  Truth fights out and the referee gets in the MOTHERFUCKING AWAY AGAIN.  DOES THIS STUPID FUCK THINK HE’S REFFING UFC OR SOME SHIT?  Miz beats on Truth some more.  Truth fights back.  Miz catches him with a knee lift and chokes him with his boot.  They trade punches.  Miz locks in a modified bow & arrow lock.  Truth hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Truth hits a front suplex for 2.  Miz goes for a superplex.  Truth fights him off and hits a missile dropkick.  Truth mounts his comeback and hits a Complete Shot for 2.  R-Truth hits a suplex stunner for 2.  Miz hot shots Truth into the top rope and hits a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for 2.  The crowd is shitting on this.  Truth avoids Miz in the corner.  Miz politely waits in place for Truth to hit a leg drop for 2.  Another cover for 2.  Miz throws Truth to the apron.  Truth goes up top.  Miz cuts him off and goes for a superplex again.  Truth fights him off again and goes for a diving cross body, but Miz avoids it.  Truth gets Miz with an inside cradle for 2.  Truth ducks a kick and schoolboys Miz for 2.  Truth goes for a cradle, but Miz sits on him for the pin in 13:22.  This was okay in spots, but it dragged on, the crowd hated it, and I hated the referee for repeatedly getting in the way.

Don’t try this at home!

Todd Grisham interviews Edge.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty & Natalya vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso & Tamina.  Tamina and Natalya start with some decent chain wrestling.  Smith and Jey tags in and go at it.  Smith gets a jackknife hold for 2.  Smith hits a belly to belly suplex for like 1.  Smith ties Jey to the tree of woe and tags in Kidd.  Kidd dropkicks Jey for 2.  Kidd grabs a side headlock.  Jey fights to his corner and tags in Jimmy.  Jimmy works a wrist lock on Kidd.  Kidd escapes and gets nailed with an elbow.  Jimmy throws Kidd out of the ring and goes for a dive, but Kidd makes it to the apron and catches him with a kick for 2.  Kidd lands on his feet from a backdrop suplex and lands a kick.  Kidd comes off the apron onto Jimmy, but Jimmy turns it into a Samoan drop into the barricade.  Jey tags in and covers Kidd for 2.  Jimmy cranks on Kidd’s neck.  Jey lands a big kick for 2.  Jimmy tags in.  Usos double team Kidd.  Jimmy gets a couple of near falls on Kidd, then clamps on a rear chin lock.  Jimmy cuts off Kidd from making the tag.  Jey tags in and hits a running butt butt for 2.  Kidd continues to play face in peril.  Jimmy hits Kidd with a diving headbutt for 2.  Kidd finally makes the hot tag to Natalya, who runs wild on Tamina.  Natalya hits a couple of suplexes and a Michinoku Driver II for 2, as Jimmy saves.  Smith takes out Jimmy.  Kidd takes out the Usos with a suicide dive.  Tamina ducks a rolling elbow and hits a Samoan drop.  Tamina goes for a Superfly Splash, but Natalya avoids it and hits a discus lariat for the pin in 9:28.  This was very good.

Raw Fatal 4-Way hype video.

Four-Way Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus.  They pair off and brawl.  Cena and Orton quickly dispose of Sheamus and Edge, respectively.  Cena and Orton have a stare down for a while.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment.  Orton goes for the RKO.  Edge and Sheamus attack them again.  Edge and Orton fight outside while Sheamus beats up Cena in the ring.  Edge and Sheamus double team Cena.  Sounds like alternating “LET’S GO CENA!” and “CENA SUCKS!” chants.  At least the crowd is hot.  Edge schoolboys Sheamus for 2.  The Hart Dynasty, R-Truth, and Evan Bourne are watching backstage.  Edge hits a diving clothesline on Sheamus, but Cena saves.  Edge throws Cena out of the ring.  Edge goes up top, but Orton crotches him and goes for a superplex.  Sheamus cuts that off and tries to powerbomb Orton.  Orton fights him off.  Edge goes for a diving cross body and hits Sheamus when Orton ducks.  Orton breaks the cover at 2.  Edge ducks a clothesline from Orton and hits a baseball slide dropkick on Sheamus.  Edge clotheslines Orton out of the ring.  Cena makes it to the apron.  Orton suplexes him in the ring and stars working him over.  Cena avoids a knee drop from Orton.  Sheamus hits Orton with a Polish hammer.  Cena and Sheamus start brawling.  Cena hits the Fisherman buster and goes for the Attitude Adjustment.  Sheamus escapes and hits the uranage backbreaker (Irish Curse) for 2.  Sheamus goes for the Razor’s Edge, but Edge runs in.  Sheamus side steps Edge and sends him into the post.  Cena schoolboys Sheamus for 2.  Sheamus clotheslines Cena.  Orton clotheslines Sheamus.  Orton hits a DOUBLE DDT OF MURDER on Sheamus and Cena.  Orton covers Sheamus, but Sheamus gets a rope break.  Edge drops Orton with a big boot.  Edge goes for the spear on Cena, but Cena avoids it and makes his standard comeback.  “VINTAGE CENA!”  Orton hits the 3.0 on Cena.  Orton hits the powerslam on Edge and starts humping the mat.  Sheamus goes for the pump kick, but Orton dodges it.  Sheamus throws Orton out of the ring and beats up Edge and Cena.  Cena backdrops Sheamus out of the ring.  Orton pulls Sheamus down, causing him to face plant on the apron.  Edge spears Orton off the apron and into the barricade.  Cena locks Edge in the STF.  Edge gets close to the ropes, so Cena pulls him back and reapplies the hold.  Sheamus breaks it and covers Edge for 2.  Sheamus works on Cena’s neck.  Sheamus clotheslines Edge for 2.  Sheamus cuts off Orton from getting back in the ring, then knocks Cena outside too.  Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic on Sheamus.  Sheamus falls out of the ring.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Edge, but Edge pushes Cena into an RKO from Orton.  Orton covers, but Sheamus hits the referee to break it.  Orton sends Sheamus outside.  Edge spears Orton.  Sheamus hits Edge with the pump kick, then covers Orton for 2.  Edge pulls Orton outside.  Sheamus follows.  Orton throws Sheamus over the announce table.  Edge spears Orton into the post.  They show the Harts, Bourne, and R-Truth watching backstage.  The NXT guys (Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, and Skip Sheffield) jump them and tear some shit up.  Back at ringside, Lawler checks on Michael Cole, who got hit when Sheamus got thrown into him.  The NXT guys make their way into the arena and attack Cena.  I think he hit the Attitude Adjustment on Young, but the numbers get the better of him.  The NXT guys attack Edge at ringside.  Sheamus sneaks in and pins Cena to win the title in 17:25.  Sheamus escapes into the crowd.  Tarver hits the world’s shittiest Superman punch on Cena.  Sheffield kills Cena with a clothesline.  Barrett hits his shitty lucha transition finish on Cena, then Gabriel hits the 450 splash.  Sheamus celebrates on stage with the belt.  The NXT guys run after him, so Sheamus gets the fuck out of there.  Cena, Edge, and Orton are all laid out.  There’s another “DANIEL BRYAN!” chant.  The match was pretty good.

The show was really good, even with some shitty stuff involving the McIntyre/Long and Kane angles, both of which I hate anyway.

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