WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 6/11/10

WWE open, “Last week on Smackdown…” video, Smackdown open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are the announcers.  Tony Chimel is the ring announcer.  We are TAPED from Tampa, Florida!  Tonight, Rey Mysterio Jr. takes on Jack Swagger!

Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring and cuts a promo, saying he’ll win the World Title at Fatal 4 Way.  The World Heavyweight Champion Champion Jack Swagger comes out to retort.  Swagger says Mysterio capitalized on Undertaker’s misfortune.  Swagger talks about all the stuff he’s done.  Mysterio says all of that stuff was stupid, then makes fun of Swagger’s lisp.  The Straight Edge Society come out.  CM Punk calls Monday’s NXT attack an assassination attempt, likening himself to Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy.  He cuts a promo on Mysterio and Swagger and says he’ll become a 4-time World Champion at the PPV.  Mysterio says everyone is tired of Punk’s promos.  Mysterio says Punk should have some dignity and show his bald head.  Punk says Mysterio and Big Show are bald.  I love that comeback.  Big Show comes out.  Show says he’ll win the title at the PPV.  He puts over Mysterio as a fellow babyface, then makes fun of Swagger and Punk, all the while poking fun at himself.  Show says he’ll take Punk’s mask off later tonight.  Punk says Show isn’t going to pull anything off, then says “How about I pull off your face?”  Awesome.  Kane appears in the screen and cuts a promo, speculating that someone in the ring could be responsible for Undertaker being a kumquat.  Kane says whoever did it will end up the casket.  Kane begins to speculate that several or all of them were responsible, then yells and closes the casket, then looks all mad.  Weird.  Commercials.  Long opening segment.

Non-Title: World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.  Swagger takes Mysterio down and out wrestles him.  Repeat.  Mysterio low bridges Swagger out of the ring.  Swagger comes back in and beats up Mysterio.  Mysterio hits a bulldog for 2.  Mysterio hits a springboard rana, the 619, and a springboard splash, but Swagger gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Swagger bails.  Insta-commercials.  Swagger sends Mysterio out of the ring.  During the break, Mysterio hit the Bombs Away off of the apron.  Swagger clamps on a rear chin lock, then transitions to a body scissors.  Mysterio escapes, then eats a clothesline.  Swagger covers for 2.  Swagger hits a throw off the top rope for 2.  Insta-commercials.  Swagger stretches Mysterio across the ring post, then throws him back in the ring.  Cover gets 2.  Swagger goes back to the body scissors.  Mysterio makes a comeback.  Swagger cuts him off and gets him caught in the tree of woe.  Swagger charges, but Mysterio moves and Swagger spears the post.  Mysterio hits the Bombs Away.  Swagger catches him with a boot for 2.  Swagger goes for the Doctor Bomb, but Mysterio counters and hits 2 619s and a springboard leg drop for the pin in 9:43.  Good match.  Swagger jumps Mysterio afterward and puts the boots to him.  Kane comes out and chokeslams Swagger, then Mysterio.

Tonight, footage of the NXTerrorist attack from Raw!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

LayCool and Kaval come out.  LayCool are disgusted with the audience, except for McCool’s parents.  I don’t condone beating women, but I wish Kaval would kick them both in the fucking head.

Non-Title: WWE Women’s Champion Layla (w/ Michelle McCool & Kaval) vs. Tiffany (w/ Kelly Kelly).  Layla slaps Tiffany.  Tiffany throws some forearms.  Tiffany goes op top and gets kicked in the head.  What the fuck is fucking Low-Ki supposed to learn from watching women who can’t wrestle?  Oh right, the WWE style.  Some shit happens.  Tiffany gets an inside cradle for 2, then decks McCool on the apron.  Yay!  Layla hits a neckbreaker for the pin in 1:44.  This sucked.

NXTerrorist attack footage, NEXT!

They show the footage the NXT Season 1 rookies destroying the fuck out of everything on Raw.  I’m honestly tired of seeing it by now, but I’m so glad they’re putting the angle over as something major.

Striker and Grisham talk about the angle.  I love how Striker is all pissed off about it.

Christian comes out.  They show footage of the Handicap Match with Christian against Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero Jr. from Superstars last week.  Vickie Guerrero comes out and is annoying.  I want to choke her out once for every time I’ve ever had to hear her say “Excuse me.”  She introduces Dolph Ziggler.

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero).  Ziggler bails immediately.  Christian chases him.  Ziggler gets the jump on Christian getting back in the ring.  Christian slingshots Ziggler out of the ring to eliminate him from the Battle Royal.  Wait, that was last week.  Christian comes off the top rope to hit Ziggler with a dive to the outside.  Back inside, Christian goes up top, but Ziggler pushes him off and Christian takes a bump to the floor.  Insta-commercials.  Ziggler keeps the heat on Christian.  Ziggler comes off the top and eats Christian’s boots.  Christian fights back with slaps.  Ziggler avoids something off the top, then eats a missile dropkick.  Cover gets 2 for Christian.  Ziggler throws Christian to the apron.  Christian slaps him and hits a diving cross body.  Ziggler rolls through for 2.  Ziggler hits a Fameasser for 2.  Christian hits his corner kick and the diving European uppercut.  Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Ziggler locks in the sleeper.  Christian counters out and hits a springboard sunset flip for the pin in 3:58.  Good match.  Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer jump Christian and lay him out with their finishers.  Ziggler puts Christian out with the sleeper hold.  Ziggler and Vickie hug.

Kane cuts another weird promo backstage with his casket.

Tonight, Big Show takes on CM Punk!

Drew McIntyre comes out SUITED UP!  He calls out Teddy Long.  Long comes out.  McIntyre tells him to watch the TitanTron.  They show McIntyre losing to King Kingston last week, then getting dropped by Matt Hardy, then losing to Hardy on Raw.  McIntyre cuts off Long every time he tries to talk.  McIntyre says, per Mr. McMahon, Matt Hardy is suspended from all WWE programs.  Long tries to talk again, but McIntyre takes his mic and throws it out of the ring.  McIntyre says he has some news for Teddy.  WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston comes out.  He, like me, is sick of McIntyre being a spoiled brat.  They brawl.  Kofi knocks McIntyre to the floor with the Trouble In Paradise.  Yay Kofi!

The Big Show is headed our way!

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

Teddy Long tries to get Mr. McMahon on the phone.  Drew McIntyre snatches his cell phone and throws it away.  McIntyre says next week they have a match, and if Long doesn’t show up, he’s fired.

The Big Show vs. CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows & Serena).  Punk throws some shots that have no effect.  Punk goes to the top.  Show dares him to try it, giant fist cocked.  Punk bails.  Insta-commercials.  Show pulls Punk back into the ring and chops him.  Show’s blows to Punk have a much greater effect.  Show goozles Punk and tries to pull his mask off.  Gallows and the masked SES member jump Show to cause the DQ in 3:31.  SES beat down Show.  Kane comes out.  Chokeslams to the masked man and Gallows as Punk and Serena wisely bail.  Kane chokeslams Big Show too.  Kane stands tall as the show closes.

Pretty good show this week!

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