WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 6/4/10

WWE open.

Teddy Long is backstage.  He says over the weekend, Kane found The Undertaker in a vegetative state.  There is an investigation.

Smackdown open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are our hosts TAPED from Dallas, Texas.  Tonight, Kofi Kingston defends the Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre.

Some druids bring out a casket.  Kane comes out to eulogize Undertaker.  The coffin is empty.  Kane does his weird eulogy.  He’s just in a worked coma, but they’re acting like he’s dead.  Kane vows vengeance against those responsible, then gets on his knees and cries.  I officially apologize to TNA for bitching about their stupidity.


Tony Chimel is the ring announcer.

Non-Title: World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. Montel Vontavious Porter.  Swagger wears an OU jersey to get heat.  Swagger gets a takedown and does his amateur stuff on the mat.  They face off and MVP slaps Swagger.  Swagger bails.  He comes back in and eats a forearm.  Cover gets 2 for MVP.  MVP grounds Swagger with a side headlock.  Swagger gets to his feet and knees MVP in the corner.  Swagger takes MVP down again and punches him.  MVP turns it over and punches Swagger.  MVP Yakuza kicks Swagger out of the ring.  Insta-commercials.  MVP covers for 2.  During the commercial, MVP hit a dive.  MVP applies an arm hold.  Swagger escapes.  They brawl.  Swagger throws MVP’s shoulder into the post.  Repeat.  MVP falls outside and barely beats the count back in.  MVP tries to rally, but Swagger drops him with a big boot for 2.  Swagger beats up MVP and punishes the hurt shoulder.  Swagger hits an over the shoulder powerslam for 2.  Swagger hits the springboard Vader Bomb for 2.  Swagger works the arm some more.  MVP makes his comeback.  He goes for the Ballin’ elbow, but Swagger gets up.  MVP hits the half assed belly to belly that he does, then drops the elbow for 2, as Swagger gets a rope break.  They counter each other.  MVP hits a Fisherman suplex hold for 2.  Swagger hits a jawbreaker and a proper belly to belly suplex for 2.  MVP misses the Yakuza kick in the corner.  Swagger schoolboys him for the pin (11:56 shown).  Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer jump MVP after the match.  Archer hits a reverse DDT and Hawkins hits the diving elbow drop.

Teddy Long is in his office.  Vickie Guerrero tells him to take action.  She wants Dolph Ziggler to take The Undertaker’s place at Fatal 4 Way.  Teddy Long books a Battle Royal for the spot.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.


NXT recap video,

CM Punk is putting his mask on.  Kane barges in and accuses him of being responsible for Undertaker’s vegetable…ness.  Punk denies responsibility and offers to help, which pisses Kane off for some reason.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Drew McIntyre.  Kofi tries a go behind and gets elbowed in the face.  McIntyre goes on the attack.  Kofi lands a dropkick and starts fighting back.  Sweet monkey flip.  Kofi does the corner punches.  They brawl a bit.  The ref pulls Kofi off.  McIntyre boots Kofi in the face and hits a backdrop suplex for 2.  Matt Hardy comes in through the crowd.  He bought a ticket.  Insta-commercials.  McIntyre hits a tilt-a-whirl stomach breaker.  McIntyre punches Kofi on the ground.  Hardy is sitting in the front row.  McIntyre punishes Kofi outside of the ring.  Suplex on the floor.  Back inside, cover gets 2.  McIntyre clubbers Kofi, then pulls back on Kofi’s arms with his foot on Kofi’s spine.  Kofi hits a neat flip kick.  McIntyre catches Kofi with a knee for 2.  Cover and another 2.  McIntyre keeps the heat on Kofi.  Kofi makes his comeback.  Kofi gets a cradle for 2.  Kofi hits Christian’s corner rebound kick, then a diving cross body for 2.  McIntyre hits a swank neckbreaker across the knee for 2.  Kofi hits an enzui lariat and the Boom Drop, then goes for the Trouble In Paradise.  McIntyre dodges it and bails.  Kofi goes for a dive, but McIntyre avoids it.  McIntyre decks Hardy.  Shouldn’t he be fired for attacking a fan?  Hardy tries to jump the ramp and gets held back by security.  Kofi hits the S.O.S. for the pin (9:55 shown).  Hardy makes it into the ring, hits the Twist of Fate, and runs away from security.  Really good match.  2 really good matches in a row!  Keep this going, Smackdown!

Backstage, Kane is distraught.  Rey Mysterio offers sympathy.  Kane accuses him of being responsible.  Mysterio denies it.  Well, he really was the one who fucked up Taker in the match last week.

Tonight, Battle Royal!


Backstage, Jack Swagger gets heat by putting over OU in Texas, then sings Boomer Sooner.  Kane appears and he shuts up, but nothing else happens.

Rosa Mendez vs. Kelly Kelly.  Kelly hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Mendez gets the heat.  Suplex gets 2 for Mendez.  Women’s Champions Layla and Michelle McCool come out to watch.  Mendez applies a figure-four headlock.  Kelly makes a pissed off comeback.  Kelly hits a diving cross body for 2.  Kelly counters a neckbreaker and hits her half assed Fameasser for the pin in 2:57.  This ended the streak of really good matches.

The Big Show plays cards with Hornswoggle.  Kane comes in and accuses Show of making Taker a carrot.  Show warns him against fucking with him.  Kane kicks the card table over.

Fatal 4 Way hype.

Earlier tonight, we had the creepy Undertaker funeral segment.

Battle Royal is next!

Battle Royal to qualify for Fatal 4 Way featuring Rey Mysterio Jr., Dolph Ziggler, Montel Vontavious Porter, Finlay, JTG, Trent Barreta, Caylen Croft, Chris Masters, Christian, Drew McIntyre, WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Luke Gallows (w/ CM Punk & Serena), and Kane.  Finlay is back!  Probably just because they needed an extra body, but I’m still happy to see him.  Everybody brawls.  CM Punk goes outside and tries to pull CM Punk’s mask off.  Gallows saves.  Punk and Serena leave.  Insta-commercials.  Everybody brawls some more.  Gallows eliminates Croft.  Kane eliminates Masters.  Gallows backdrops Barreta out of the ring and into Croft.  Kane eliminates JTG.  Gallows and Kane have their big guy brawl.  Is Kane still made about the Fake Kane thing from like 4 years ago?  Kingston and McIntyre both get eliminated somehow.  Mysterio narrowly avoids elimination by Archer and Gallows.  Ziggler puts the sleeper hold on Finlay.  Christian eliminates Ziggler.  Finlay eliminations Christian.  Insta-commercials.  Everybody brawls some more.  Chavo avoids the 619 and almost eliminates Mysterio, but Mysterio eliminates Chavo with a sweet head scissors.  Finlay tries to eliminate Mysterio, but Mysterio holds on and plants him with a DDT.  Finlay is still awesome.  Why is he not on my TV every week?  MVP beats up Hawkins and Archer in revenge from earlier tonight.  Finlay and MVP eliminate Archer.  Finlay eliminates MVP.  Kane eliminates Finlay.  Final four are Mysterio, Hawkins, Kane, and Gallows.  Which one of these do not belong?  Mysterio eliminates Hawkins.  Down to 3 now.  The hooded SES guy distracts Kane.  Shenanigans ensue, but Kane eliminates Gallows.  Mysterio and Kane go at it.  Kane avoids the 619 and clotheslines Mysterio.  Mysterio hits the Bombs Away, then eats Kane’s boot.  Mysterio hits a whirlybird cross body type move, then hits the 619.  Kane catches Mysterio springboarding and goes for the chokeslam, but Mysterio ranas Kane over the top rope to win it (12:45 shown).  Battle Royals are always fun.

Pretty good Smackdown, but the opening segment was weird.

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