WWE NXT 5/18/10

WWE open, highlights of last week’s show, NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are our announcers LIVE from Ottawa, Ontario.

Matt Striker introduces the Pros: Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Christian, CM Punk, William Regal, and The Miz.  They’re missing a couple.  Striker asks them what they’re looking for in a WWE Superstar.  Miz wants somebody with the “it” factor.  Regal says adaptability.  Punk is just sickened by being around Canadians.  Christian also wants “it.”  He and Regal bicker.  Hardy wants someone who can survive locker room politics.  Jericho wants somebody who will draw money.

Darren Young comes out for the first match.  Punk teases going to the ring with him, the decides not to.  Savannah is the ring announcer.

Darren Young vs. Wade Barrett (w/ Chris Jericho).  What happened to Barrett getting his own music like a month ago?  These two have been at each others’ throats lately.  Barrett shoves Young.  Young takes Barrett down.  Barrett trips Young on the apron and beats him up on the outside.  Barrett whiffs a big boot for 2.  Jericho yells at the announcers.  Barrett stretches Young with a knee to the back and pulls his arms back.  I never know how to describe that move.  Young avoids an elbow drop and makes his comeback.  This match is really sloppy.  Barrett hits a jawbreaker.  Young hits another big right hand and goes for his finish.  Barrett counters and goes for his.  Young counters and goes for a tornado DDT.  Barrett counters.  Young pulls him across the top rope and goes up top.  Barrett crotches him and hits his shitty fireman’s carry front slam for the pin in 3:14.  As I said before, very sloppy match.

David Otunga video.

Tonight, ELIMINATION!  Commercials!

Matt Striker is in the ring with Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan, who were eliminated last week.  They show them being eliminated last week.  Striker asks Tarver for his thoughts.  He doesn’t think it’s fair when he got eliminated by management instead of the pros because they’re threatened by him.  Tarver says some more stuff and leaves.  Striker asks Bryan for his thoughts.  Bryan cuts a really good promo about WWE political bullshit.  He talks about how good he is and gets into an argument with The Miz, tells Striker off for interrupting him, cuts a promo on Michael Cole and attacks him.  YAY!  Commercials.  Boo.

Moments ago, Daniel Bryan fucked Michael Cole’s shit up, and it ruled.

Cole bitches about Danielson.

Justin Gabriel (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Heath Slater (w/ Christian).  They lock up as Cole says he’s going to press charges against Daniel Bryan.  Cole gets up and leaves.  Gabriel hits a dive to the outside that the camera guy missed because Michael Cole being a bitch is more interesting.  Slater puts Gabriel in a grounded abdominal stretch.  Gabriel knees his way free.  Gabriel hits some spin kicks.  Slater hits a flapjack for 2.  Crowd is DEAD.  Slater hits a spinebuster for 2.  Gabriel hits another big spin kick.  Gabriel kicks Slater down from the apron, then hits the 450 splash for the pin in 2:46.  Good little TV match while it lasted.  Everybody shakes hands after the match.

Skip Sheffield talks about being eliminated last week.  He says the pros were intimidated by him.

Tonight, Pros Poll!

Batista/John Cena hype video.

Cole is back.  Fuck.  They hype the Over The Limit card.

Darren Young video.  Earlier tonight, he jobbed to Wade Barrett’s shitty finish.

Striker is back with the Pros.  The Pros Poll is NXT!

Striker has gathered the rookies at ringside.  Pros Poll: #1 Wade Barrett, #2 David Otunga, #3 Heath Slater, #4 Justin Gabriel, #5 Darren Young.  Why the fuck is Gabriel ranked behind Otunga and Slater?  That’s retarded.  Striker gives Young the mic so he can address the Pros.  Young tells the rookies he respects them, so he isn’t going to whine.  He just thanks everyone.  The jackass Canadians sing the “Goodbye” song.  Young says we haven’t seen the last of him.  We’re down to the final four.

They replay Danielson beating on Cole.  Yay!

Okay show this week.  The Danielson stuff was awesome.

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