WWE NXT 5/11/10

WWE open, NXT history package, NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  It’s elimination night #1!  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are announcers.  Matt Striker is the host.  Savannah is probably around as the announcer.

Matt Striker introduces the rookies.  They show their handicap win over the Raw guys on Raw, with Daniel Bryan getting the fall.  They show Michael Tarver saying he should be cut.  He has indeed been cut.  Thankfully.  Tarver throws a fit.  They show Daniel Bryan saying the same thing last week, so he’s also eliminated.  THE FUCK?  They’re still going to cut someone based on the Pros’ Poll.  Barrett vs. Slater is next.  Commercials.

Stupid Buzz Aldrin/Mark Henry skit from Raw.

Heath Slater vs. Wade Barrett.  They lock up.  Slater shines.  Barrett avoids a dive to the outside and clotheslines Slater, then throws him into the barricade, then back in the ring.  Slater makes a comeback.  Barrett catches a cross body and hits his shitty finish for the pin in 3:14.  Who cares?  Jericho’s music plays for Barrett.  Wasn’t he supposed to get his own music like a month ago?

Matt Striker interviews Michael Tarver.  I almost feel sorry for the useless shit.

Still to come, another elimination.

WWE Classics hype.

WWE.com plug.

Skip Sheffield (w/ William Regal) vs. Darren Young.  Sheffield powers Young into the corner.  Young fights back.  Sheffield drops him.  Sheffield beats up Young.  Young avoids the Warrior splash and makes his comeback.  Sheffield hits a move and wins in 3:06.  Whatever.

Elimination tonight.  Again.

Smackdown Rebound.

Over The Limit hype.

Earlier tonight, Tarver and Bryan were eliminated.

Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan.  Awesome promo.  He says “Daniel Bryan may be done, but Bryan Danielson… God knows what’s gonna happen to him.”  Interesting.

WWE bullshit fact of the night.

David Otunga vs. Justin Gabriel.  Gabriel shines.  He’s good.  Otunga gets heat.  He’s not good.  Gabriel makes his comeback.  Otunga hot shots him into the top rope, then hits a spinebuster for the pin in 2:46.  Still more “Who gives a fuck?”

Elimination next.

Stupid Buzz Aldrin thing again.

The remaining rookies are back at ringside with Striker.  Darren Young says Barrett should be eliminated.  Slater says it should be Otunga.  I agree.  Gabriel doesn’t care.  Striker presses him, so he says Otunga.  I missed what Sheffield said.  Otunga says everyone.  Striker makes him pick one.  He says Slater.  Barrett also says Otunga.  Nobody likes Otunga.  New Pros’ Poll: #1 Barrett, #2 Otunga, #3 Gabriel, #4 Slater, #5 Young, #6 Sheffield.  Sheffield is eliminated.  He cuts a promo and leaves.  Another elimination next week.  This show blows.

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