WWE NXT 5/4/10

WWE open, NXT open.  Tonight, David Otunga takes on his pro, R-Truth.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the announcers.  Matt Striker is the host.  I’m sure Savannah is around somewhere to be ring announcer.

Matt Striker has the rookies at ringside.  Next week, somebody gets cut.  Tonight’s stupid thing is an obstacle course.  You have to cross monkey bars, climb a rope ladder and ring a bell, go through the crowd to the concession stand and drink a coke, come back to the ring, juggle, do something stupid with a  baseball bat, and push a cart over the finish line.  The winner gets immunity from being cut next week.  Daniel Bryan is up first.  He has his ribs taped, selling his destruction on Raw.  He does it extremely slowly, taking a minute or more to drink a coke.  2:45.5.  The United States Champion The Miz comes out to berate his rookie.  Miz tells him he’s going to face Michael Tarver next in a battle of winless guys.  Commercials.

WWE.com plug.

They show Batista’s destruction of Danielson on Raw.

Daniel Bryan (w/ WWE United States Champion The Miz) vs. Michael Tarver (w/ Carlito).  Tarver beats up Bryan and attacks the bad ribs.  Bryan takes Tarver down and teases a surfboard, then stomps Tarver’s knees into the mat.  Tarver attacks the ribs again and whips Bryan into the turnbuckles.  Bryan catches him with a knee, then a big running knee strike.  Tarver beats down Bryan some more.  Insta-commercials.  Tarver hits an Exploder.  Bryan knees Tarver in the gut and kicks the shit out of him on the ground.  Bryan covers for 2, then goes for a cross armbreaker.  Tarver powers Bryan up and drops him to the mat.  Tarver hits a twisting powerslam for the pin (3:50 shown).  Good little match, which is a testament to how awesome Daniel Bryan is.  After the match, Tarver picks up Bryan and Carlito hits the Backstabber.  Miz taunts Bryan.

They show Darren Young’s bit during the stupid competition for last week where he said he wanted to face CM Punk.

Young is backstage with the Straight Edge Society.  Punk bitches at him, then tells him to win the stupid thing tonight.

Heath Slater does the obstacle course in 1:36.9.  Darren Young bumbles through it slowly in 2:07.6.  I don’t care.  Commercials.

Otunga vs. R-Truth TONIGHT!

Justin Gabriel does it in 1:29.  David Otunga does it in 1:35.  This blows.  Striker tells Otunga his match is right now.  They can’t decided what music to play for him.

David Otunga vs. R-Truth.  Truth slaps Otunga.  They lock up.  Otunga gets backed into the corner, then kicks Truth low and throws him into the post.  Otunga goes work.  Insta-commercials.  Otunga stretches Truth with an abdominal stretch, releases him, but keeps the heat on.  Truth fights back.  Otunga hits some weak looking knee lifts and goes back to the abdominal stretch.  Truth reverses it and makes his comeback.  Truth hits the Lie Detector for the pin (2:34 shown).  This was lame.  Truth dances.

The announcers talk.  Cole is an idiot.

Wade Barrett completely fails at the monkey bars and leaves.  Skip Sheffield does it in 1:31.2.  Striker congratulates him, even though he didn’t beat the time.  Commercials.

Michael Tarver struggles with the monkey bars, then gets qualified for not drinking the coke correctly.

Matt Striker is at ringside with the rookies.  Justin Gabriel wins, so is immune, but doesn’t like Otunga.  Otunga is full of himself.  Tarver things he should be eliminated next week “so the others are safe.”  He actually cuts a good promo here, but I still see little use for him.  Sheffield cuts a babyface promo.  He too thinks Tarver should be eliminated.  He and Tarver trash talk each other.  Slater says he’s going nowhere, but he thinks Tarver is gone.  I hope so.  Gabriel and Otunga bicker.  Barrett also thinks that Tarver should go.  Daniel Bryan says he deserves to be eliminated since he hasn’t won a match.  Young says he wants it more than the other guys.  He and Barrett get into a scuffle.

This show blew.

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