WWE NXT 4/20/10

WWE open, NXT open.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the announcers.  Matt Striker is the host, already at ringside and with all 8 rookies in the ring.

Striker introduces the rookies: Heath Slater, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Skip Sheffield, and Michael Tarver.  Whoever wins tonight’s contest will be featured on WWE.com.  It’s some stupid American Gladiator type thing.  “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Rookies.”  Slater beats Otunga.  Sheffield beats Barrett.  They argue afterward.  Daniel Bryan beats Tarver when Tarver blows it off.  Young beats Gabriel.  The semifinals are later tonight.  Wonderful!  Let’s prolong the pain!

Tonight, Heath Slater takes on Chris Jericho!

Batista/John Cena video package, following by a run down of the Extreme Rules card.

Wade Barrett hype video.

Slater vs. Jericho TONIGHT!

WWE.com plug.  Fantasy Draft!

Savannah is the ring announcer!

David Otunga (w/ R-Truth) vs. Justin Gabriel (w/ Matt Hardy).  R-Truth is perfectly fine after being blown up on Raw.  Otunga slams Gabriel down.  Gabriel comes back, using his speed to arm drag Otunga and hit him with a dropkick.  Otunga crappily beats up Gabriel some more.  Otunga hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Gabriel sends Otunga outside with a head scissors and hits a nice dive to the outside.  Back inside, a diving cross body gets 2 for Gabriel.  Gabriel goes up top again, but Otunga rolls away.  Otunga throws Gabriel out of the ring.  Gabriel goes for a slingshot sunset flip.  Otunga calls for R-Truth to grab his hands.  R-Truth refuses.  Gabriel gets Otunga over with the sunset flip for the pin in 4:09.  Gabriel’s stuff was fine, but Otunga sucks

The Rock ‘Em Sock’Em semifinals are NEXT!  Joy!  </sarcasm>

Mohegan Sun Casino!

Sheffield beats Slater.  Young beats Bryan.  Finals are later.  Wonderful.

Cole talks shit about Daniel Bryan, who has not, in fact, won anything or been successful in any way on NXT besides having the best matches, which of course doesn’t matter in WWE.

Michael Tarver and Carlito comes out.  Carlito makes Tarver cut a promo.  Tarver talks about blowing off the stupid competition, then issues an open challenge.  Skip Sheffield comes out and accepts.  At least his promo is funny.  The Straight Edge Society and Darren Young come out.  They show Young beating Luke Gallows last week.  Punk also points out that Young is in the finals of “the little stick fighting thing.”  Punk adds Young to the match, making it a Triple Threat Match.

Triple Threat Match: Michael Tarver (w/ Carlito) vs. Skip Sheffield vs. Darren Young.  Tarver and Sheffield beat up Young.  Young low bridges Sheffield out of the ring, then clotheslines Tarver out.  Insta-commercials.  Tarver and Sheffield beat up Young again.  Tarver and Sheffield argue over who is going to get the pin and start fighting each other.  Sheffield hits his big splash on Tarver, but Young saves and sends Sheffield outside.  Luke Gallows comes down to knock Young off the top rope, then takes out Sheffield.  Tarver goes for Young, but Young hits him with his weird full nelson into a Flatliner for the pin in 4:10.  WWE hammers home the fact that Michael Tarver is completely worthless.

Heath Slater hype video.  Slater vs. Jericho is NXT!

Actually, the stick fighting thing is NXT!  Fuck.

WWE Rewind: Last week, Christian beat Wade Barrett.

Slater vs. Jericho is NEXT!  Right after the stupid stick thing.

Sheffield vs. Young is the final.  It’s too close to call, so they have to do it again.  Sheffield wins outright this time, and gets a feature on WWE.com.  Wonderful.  Striker interviews Sheffield.

Chris Jericho (w/ Wade Barrett) vs. Heath Slater.  Jericho slaps Slater.  Slater beats up Jericho.  Jericho beats up Slater.  Jericho hits a backdrop suplex.  Slater fights back, but gets booted in the face.  Jericho hits the bottom rope decapitator thing.  Slater gets beaten up, then makes a comeback.  Slater hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Jericho pokes Slater in the eyes and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Slater cradles him for the pin in 3:06!  Holy upset, Batman!  Basic match, but easily the best thing on this lousy show.  Jericho yells at the referee and tears shit up.  At least they made the upset seem like a big deal.

Really mediocre show this week, par the course as of late.

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