WWE NXT 3/30/10

WWE open, NXT highlight video, NXT open, pyro and ballyhoo.  Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are the announcers.  We are LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada.

NXT host Matt Striker is in the ring.  Tonight, we’re going to have the results of the first Pros’ Poll.  He introduces all of the rookies and explains the ranking criteria.  The rankings are:

1. Daniel Bryan
2. Wade Barrett
3. Justin Gabriel
4. Heath Slater
5. David Otunga
6. Skip Sheffield
7. Michael Tarver
8. Darren Young

Striker interviews Young, who says he’ll step up his game.  He interviews Bryan, who bashes Michael Cole and David Otunga.  Otunga and Bryan argue.  Otunga says listening to Bryan talk is like listening to mashed potatoes.  Huh?  They bicker some more.  Striker says the pros will vote again in 6 weeks and whoever is ranked last will be eliminated, then each week another person will be eliminated.  Whoever ends up winning gets a title shot of their choice on PPV.  Striker announces a rookies Battle Royal tonight, with the winner being the guest host next week on Raw.

Cole bitches about Daniel Bryan at the announce table.

An Eight-man Raw vs. Smackdown Pros match is NXT!

The pros come out for the match.  The World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho has his rookie, Wade Barrett, take his place in the match and joins the commentary team.  That’s great.

Christian, WWE United States & Unified WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz, William Regal, & Carlito vs. CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows & Serena), R-Truth, Matt Hardy, & Wade Barrett.  R-Truth schools Carlito to start.  Punk comes in and works over Carlito.  Regal tags to face off with Punk and I get a little excited.  Regal inexplicably drops to his knees and begs Punk for something.  Punk tags in Barrett.  Regal shakes his hand, then tags in Christian.  Fuck.  Barrett beats up Christian.  Christian fights back and hits his diving sunset flip for 2.  Matt Hardy tags in to a big pop.  Miz tags in and they go at it.  Hardy rams Miz’s head into the top turnbuckle.  Wonderful.  Hardy takes Miz out of the ring.  All of the pros face off.  Insta-commercials.  Carlito hits an elbow on Hardy for 2, then clamps on a sleeper hold.  Hardy fights out.  Miz tags in and beats up Hardy, locking him in another sleeper hold.  Hardy escapes with a jawbreaker and makes the tag to R-Truth.  Truth runs wild until Miz hits a reverse DDT-style backbreaker and a neckbreaker.  Regal tags in and mauls the shit out of R-Truth.  That’s always good times.  Carlito tags in and works over R-Truth some more.  Nice dropkick gets 2 for Carlito.  Christian tags in and takes his turn working over R-Truth.  Regal tags in and mauls Truth some more.  That makes me like this match more.  Miz kills R-Truth some.  The mix of heels and faces makes this interesting.  Miz comes off the top rope, but R-Truth catches him with a dropkick and makes the hot tag to CM Punk.  The crowd half pops, then realizes who it is and boos.  Christian tags in for Raw and runs wild on Punk.  They counter each others’ finishes.  Christian hits the corner kick and a missile dropkick, but Barrett saves.  Clusterfuck ensues, with everybody hitting big moves.  R-Truth hits Miz with a dive to the outside.  Barrett tags himself in.  Christian drops Barrett and Punk.  Jericho distracts Christian, allowing Barrett to hit his shitty finish for the pin (13:13 shown).  Good match.

The rookie Battle Royal is TONIGHT!

WWE.com plug.

Las Vegas!  Matthews makes a Hangover reference.

Shawn Michaels’ retirement speech from Raw, with cool highlights from his career.

They reshow the the Pros’ Poll.  There’s a WWE.com Poll to determine that the fans think about the rookies’ standings.

The Battle Royal is NXT!

Battle Royal: Heath Slater vs. Darren Young vs. Michael Tarver vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Skip Sheffield vs. David Otunga vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett.  Everybody jumps Barrett and throws him 10 seconds in.  Everybody brawls.  Insta-commercials.  Skip Sheffield and Darren Young were eliminated during the break.  Bryan eliminates Tarver.  Slater hits Bryan with a cross body that eliminates both of them.  We’re down to Otunga and Gabriel.  They go at it.  Gabriel is pretty awesome.  Gabriel hits the 450 splash.  He gets Otunga up and tries to eliminate him.  Otunga wakes up and throws Gabriel over the top rope to win it (3:48 shown).  Fun times.  R-Truth comes out to celebrate with his rookie.  Matt Striker comes in to interview Otunga.  He says he proved that he should have been #1.  He wants 427 green M&Ms in his dressing room at Raw.  Heh.

Fun show.

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