ROH 3/15/10

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor on HDNET!

“Last week…”

ROH open.  Tonight, Davey Richards vs. Delirious and Colt Cabana vs. Eddie Edwards in the TV Title tournament!

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer.  Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood are the announcers.

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Round 1: Eddie Edwards (w/ Shane Hagadorn) vs. Colt Cabana.  They observe the Code of Honor.  Is that still a thing?  Back and forth action early on.  Cabana gets a neat Kobashi roll/Gedo clutch type move for 2.  Steve Corino comes out to watch, presumably to fuck with Caban’s head.  Cabana takes Edwards down with a head scissors, then goes outside to argue with Corino.  Edwards takes him back to the ring and gets the advantage.  Edwards works Cabana’s leg.  Cabana hits a side Russian leg sweep, then locks in an Anaconda Vice-type move.  Edwards counters a Colt 45 attempt and hits a double stomp to Cabana’s back for 2.  Edwards works Cabana’s back.  Backbreaker gets 2.  Cabana tries to get going, but gets nailed with a lariat.  Edwards works a waist lock for a bit.  Cabana makes his comeback with some Bionic elbows.  Cabana hits a butt butt (Prazak calls it a “reverse flying ass”) for 2.  Another butt butt in the corner.  Corino comes back out and suckers Cabana into getting locked in Edwards’ half crab for the submission in 9:59.  Good little match, and a lot of fun.

The show the King of Wrestling attacking the Briscoe Brothers at Final Battle.  They’ll meet for the tag titles at The Big Bang!

Kyle Durden interviews the ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers.  Typical funny rambling Briscoes promo.

Announcers hype the Big Bang.

Roderick Strong talks about wanting the ROH World Title and being screwed by Austin Aries and Tyler Black.  He says he’ll win the title at the Big Bang.

Jim Cornette introduces ROH’s newest talent, Shawn Daivari!  Daivari comes out with the turban and crap on, then throws it off when he gets to the ring.  Daivari says he’s not a sheik or a terrorist, he’s a professional wrestler.  He cuts a spirited promo about being a wrestler.

The main event is still to come!

Austin Aries talks about the three-way at the Big Bang.

Big Bang hype video.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tony Kozina.  Neither guy gets an entrance.  Back and forth action with no heat.  Actually, none of this stuff has had any heat.  O’Reilly does rolling butterfly suplexes.  Sweet.  Cover gets 2.  Kozina avoids him in the corner, then spears him in the corner, then lays him across the top rope and dropkicks him.  Cover gets 2.  Kozina comes off the top and hits an hurricanrana off of the apron to the floor.  Nice.  Back inside, Kozina hits a diving cross body.  O’Reilly rolls through the cover and gets 2.  O’Reilly hits some kicks.  Kozina does some flips.  O’Reilly whiffs a dropkick and gets 2.  They trade forearms.  O’Reilly boots Kozina in the face, then falls a minute later.  O’Reilly covers for 2.  Kozina hits a springboard bulldog and a throwback for 2.  O’Reilly connects with some blows and hits a tornado DDT, holds on, goes for a suplex, but Kozina cradles him.  O’Reilly reverses the cradle for the pin in 6:09.  This kinda sucked.  No flow at all, and ZERO heat.

Tyler Black has his turn to talk about the match at the Big Bang.

Main event time!

ROH World Television Championship Tournament – Round 1: Davey Richards (w/ Shane Hagadorn) vs. Delirious (w/ Daizee Haze).  Delirious goes into crazy mode at the bell, which I think is his thing.  They do stuff.  I don’t care at this point.  My 360 is being stupid and the audio has fallen out of sync too, which is extremely annoying.  They keep doing stuff.  Richards hits a snap suplex and a missile dropkcik that went clear across the ring for 2.  The damn audio syncing has completely taken me out of the match.  Delirious hits a big dive from the top rope to the outside.  Delirious hits a big diving lariat for 2.  Richards goes for a handspring elbow, but Derlious headbutts him and hits a neckbreaker drop for 2.  Delirious goes for the Cobra Stretch, but Richards gets him into the ropes.  Richards lands a kick to the mid section.  Richards hits a Northern Lights suplex hold for 2, then locks in the Kimura.  Delirious gets a rope break.  Delirious hits a clothesline and hits the Chemical Imbalance II for 2.  Delirious takes too long to go up top and Richards chops him, then goes for a superplex.  Delirious fights him off and goes for the Shadows Over Hell, but Richards catdhes him with a kick to the middle.  Richards hits a backdrop driver for 2.  Richards with a Buzzsaw kick for 2.  Richards locks in a cross armbreaker.  Delirious turns it into a cover for 2, then locks in the Cobra Stretch.  Delirious turns it into a Cobra Clutch suplex for 2.  Delirious locks int he Cobra Stretch again.  Richards turns it into a cradle for 2.  Richards moves and causes Delirious to spear the post.  Richards dropkicks Delirious’ arm, hits a Tombstone for 2, then locks in the Kimura.  Delirious turns it into a cradle for 2.  Richards rolls back into the Kimura for the win in 13:23.  Okay, this was really good.  They actually brought me back into the match when I was completely out of it.

Black/Aries/Strong hype video.

The main event made this show worth watching.  Otherwise, this AND last week’s show were kind of a chore.  I remember the days when ROH was awesome.  What happened to that?

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