WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 2/26/10

“Money In The Bank Robbery”

WWE open, Elimination Chamber highlights, cut to the arena.

Tony Chimel introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, suited up and carrying the gold.  Todd Grisham and Matt Striker are our announce team.  As Jericho comes to the ring, they show Edge spearing Jericho on Raw, then informing Jericho that Edge would be challenging him at WrestleMania.

Jericho cuts his promo.  Edge comes out.  They banter.  Edge is trying to play mind games with Jericho.  Jericho cheap shots Edge.  Edge avoids the Codebreaker and spears Jericho again, seconds after Jericho said “You will never spear me again.”  Good stuff.

WrestleMania hype video.

Triple Threat Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth (w/ David Otunga).  Ziggler bails immediately, so Truth and Morrison go outside and force him into the ring.  They double team Ziggler, then throw him out.  Truth and Morrison go at it.  Truth hits his flippy kick and covers, but Ziggler saves, then bails again.  Morrison gets a cover on Truth and Ziggler saves again.  Morrison chases Ziggler into the ring, where he gets dropped by Truth.  Truth sends Morrison out of the ring, then Ziggler as well.  Truth wipes out Ziggler with a dive.  Truth puts Ziggler back inside.  Morrison keeps Truth from coming in, then covers Ziggler for 2.  Insta-commercials, except for a WWE Kids Magazine commercial.  If you’re gonna cut the commercials, cut ALL OF THEM.  Ziggler is working over Truth after sending Morrison into the post during the break.  Ziggler hits a baseball slide dropkick on Morrison to keep him out.  Ziggler applies the sleeper hold to R-Truth.  Morrison comes in to break it up.  Morrison and Ziggler go at it.  Ziggler hits an awesome inverted powerslam for 2.  Morrison gets an inside cradle, but R-Truth breaks it, then throws Morrison out of the ring.  Ziggler dropkicks R-Truth for 2.  Truth avoids the Zig Zag, but gets caught with a powerslam for 2.  Truth gets an inside cradle on Ziggler, but Morrison comes back in to save it.  Morrison gets rolling on Ziggler.  Truth schoolboys Morrison for 2.  Truth hits a pump kick for 2.  Truth hits a jawbreaker on Ziggler, hits Morrison with an elbow smash after Ziggler ducks.  Ziggler breaks the cover, throws Truth out, and covers Morrison for 2.  All 3 fight on the top rope.  Ziggler gets knocked to the floor.  Morrison blocks a superplex attempt and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Truth.  Morrison hits the Starship Pain, but Ziggler pulls him out of the ring and pins R-Truth (about 9 minutes shown).  It was fine, but slow and clunky in parts.  Nothing to write home about.  So Ziggler is in Money In The Bank and Morrison isn’t?

Undertaker/Shawn Michaels video, WrestleMania card hype.

Vickie Guerrero is headed our way to referee!

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Mickie James (c) vs. Michelle McCool (w/ Layla).  Vickie Guerrero is the referee.  They lock up, do shit, whatever.  Mickie hits a couple of dropkicks.  McCool whips her into the corner.  Mickie fights out and hits a neckbreaker, but Layla “distracts” Vickie.  Mickie argues, throws McCool out of the ring, hits a sloppy baseball slide dropkick and a swank headscissors off the apron.  Mickie kicks an interfering Layla, which allows McCool to get the advantage.  Beth Phoenix is shown watching backstage.  McCool goes for a powerbomb, but Mickie counters into a Frankensteiner.  Mickie tries to keep rolling, but gets dropped.  Vickie goes to count and falls out of the ring.  Layla rubs her ass.  Mickie gets a reverse cradle, but Vickie slaps her instead out counting.  McCool hits a thrust kick and pins Mickie with a prawn hold in 4:26 to retain the title.  This sucked horribly.

Kane vs. Drew McIntyre in a Money In The Bank Qualifier is NEXT!

WrestleMania hype video.

Non-Title, Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Kane vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre.  McIntyre cuts a promo on the way to the ring about being undefeated.  McIntrye tries to get the jump on Kane, but gets his ass kicked.  McIntyre fights back and gets the advantage.  McIntyre hits a clothesline for 2.  McIntyre works a cravate, then a front face lock, then gets dropped to the mat by Kane.  Kane hits a sidewalk slam for 2, then goes up top, but McIntyre avoids the diving clothesline.  McIntyre hits the Zig Zag for 2.  McIntyre goes for the Future Shock, but Kane pushes him into the corner.  Kane goes for the chokeslam, but McIntyre fights out, then eats Kane’s boot.  Cover gets 2 for Kane.  McIntyre goes for his DDT again, but Kane counters it.  McIntyre tries a sunset flip, but Kane kicks him in the head for the pin in 5:12.  What a shitty finish to his undefeated streak.  McIntyre looks like he’s about to lose his shit.  Crowd chants “YOU SUCK!”  McIntyre snatches his belt, yells at Matt Striker, beats up the announce table, and leaves.  The match wasn’t any good.

The Miz is headed our way!

Australia tour!

The United States and Unified Tag Team Champion, The Miz comes out to the ring.  As Tag champion, he cane show up on any show he wants to.  He wants Teddy Long to find challengers for the Tag titles.  Teddy Long comes out and books Miz vs. Edge for tonight.

Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk in a MITB qualifying match is NEXT!

Raw plug.

Smack of the Night: CM Punk winning MITB at WrestleMania 25.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows & Serena) vs. Shelton Benjamin.  Punk goes on the attack.  Benjamin fights back and Punk bails.  Punk drapes Shelton across the top rope from the apron, then hits the springboard clothesline and some punches, then covers for 1.  Punk whips Shelton frontwards into the ropes, then locks him in a front facelock.  Punk hits a neckbreaker for 2.  Punk puts Benjamin in a head scissors.  Benjamin gets out and hits a German suplex for 2.  Shelton makes his comeback.  Swank diving forearm smash.  Punk avoids the Stinger Splash and kicks Benjamin in the head for 2.  Punk hits the diving knee in the corner, but Shelton counters the bulldog.  Gallows gets on the apron to distract Benjamin.  Punk gets Benjamin up for the Go 2 Sleep.  Rey Mysterio appears to pull Gallows off the apron.  Punk gets distracted and Benjamin hits the Paydirt for the pin in 4:55.  This was pretty decent.  Punk is distraught.

Edge vs. Miz TONIGHT!

Raw Rebound, WrestleMania card hype.

Non-Title: Edge vs. WWE United States & Unified WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz.  This is their first ever meeting, if Grisham is correct.  They lock up.  Edge backs Miz into the corner.  Lock up again.  Edge waist locks Miz down, then hits a Northern Lights suplex for 1.  Man, the crowd is dead.  You can’t really blame them after the show they’ve sat through.  Edge raises his arms in a pose and Miz gets mad.  They lock up again.  Miz beats up on Edge a bit and sends him out of the ring.  Edge avoids a baseball slide dropkick, then fucks with Miz a bit, then sends him into the barricade.  They fuck around a bit, but not much of note happens.  Miz sends Edge into the post and Edge takes a bump off the apron.  Insta-commercials.  Miz has Edge in a rear chin lock.  Miz beats on Edge.  Miz hits his clothesline to the corner.  Miz goes for a double axe handle, but Edge catches him and hits a flapjack.  That was neat.  Edge ducks a punch and hits a side Russian leg sweep.  Daniel Bryan is watching backstage.  Edge hits a big boot on Miz.  Clotheslines from Edge.  Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic for 2.  Miz hits a 2 point reverse DDT for 2.  Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Edge counters and hits the Edgecution.  Edge spears Miz for the pin (8:16 shown).  Nothing special here either.  It was actively boring for a while, then picked up a tiny bit towards the end.

Another very lackluster Smackdown.

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