TNA Against All Odds 2010

The show starts with Ric Flair coming into the building and screaming at Christy Hemme about how he hates Eric Bischoff.  He apparently plans to harm Bischoff tonight.

PPV opening video hyping the tournament and the World Title match taking place tonight.  Pyro and ballyhoo.  Mike Tenay and Taz are our hosts LIVE from Orlando, Florida.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Quarterfinal: Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.  They lock up and trade arm holds.  You’re not going to win that game against Wolfe, Pope.  Man, Wolfe’s submission work is so off the charts awesome.  Pope is able to match him in the early going.  Wolfe sends Pope out of the ring, harms him nastily on the apron, then fails the Tower of London.  Wolfe works on Pope’s shoulder.  Wolfe hits a DDT for 2.  Back to working the shoulder.  Pope escapes a hold, but immediately gets locked in another one.  Pope escapes again and hits a flurry of strikes.  Pope hits the Coronation, followed by a diving cross body for 2.  Wolfe catapults Pope into the turnbuckle, but Pope catches himself.  Wolfe goes for the Tower of London, fails, hits a superplex for 2.  Dinero gets a reverse cradle for 2.  Wolfe rings Pope’s arm, charges him in the corner, Dinero avoids it and drops Wolfe very nastily.  Pope hits the Elijah Express for the pin in 7:39.  Match was fine.  Pope advances!

Ric Flair goes into Bischoff’s office and yells at him.  Bischoff yells back at Flair.  Bischoff says he’ll call it in the middle and tells Flair to keep his distance.

Jeremy Borash (He’s back!) interviews the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Matt Morgan & Hernandez, who will be facing each other in the tournament tonight.  They want to see for themselves who is the best.  The fist bump(!) and wish each other luck.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Quarterfinal: TNA World Tag Team Champion Hernandez vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan.  They fist bump(!) and lock up.  Morgan backs Hernandez into the corner and gives a clean break.  Repeat in reverse.  They fist bump and lock up yet again and finally kinda go at it.  Morgan drops Hernandez twice with shoulder blocks.  Hernandez pounces Morgan in response.  Hernandez avoids the Carbon Footprint.  Morgan avoids the Border Toss.  Revolving elbows in the corner.  Hernandez kicks Morgan low and they totally fuck up a cross body off the top.  Morgan nails Hernandez with a discus lariat for 2.  That’s another move I always mark out for.  Annoying alternating chants from the TNA mutants.  Morgan hits a sidewalk slam for 2.  Morgan is selling his ribs.  He does his weird thingy with the opponent over the top rope.  APRON LEG DROP!  I mark for that move as well.  Morgan hits a pair of short range lariats for 2.  Morgan clamps on a rear chin lock.  Hernandez fights back.  Morgan headbutts Hernandez on the apron.  Hernandez shakes it off and hits the springboard shoulder block.  They tease a double KO but both make it up.  Hernandez makes his comeback.  Half-assed chokeslam for 2 by Hernandez.  Hernandez hits the delayed vertical suplex.  Morgan goes out to the ramp and Hernandez wipes him out with a dive, but hurts his own shoulder in the process.  The referee is about to count Hernandez out, but Morgan doesn’t want to win that way.  Morgan helps Hernandez back into the ring, sends his shoulder into the turnbuckle, and pins him with a handful of tights.  What a dick.  Match was okay.  Hernandez is mad.

Video package of the recent goings on involving Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and The Band.  Read the iMPACT! reviews for details.

Christy Hemme interviews Kurt Angle.  Angle apologizes to Hulk since Hulk saved his ass last week.  He goes on to say he’ll win the tournament tonight, starting by kicking Mr. Anderson’s ass.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Quarterfinal: Ken Anderson vs. Kurt Angle.  Anderson throws some kicks at Angle’s leg.  Angle catches Anderson’s leg and goes for the ankle lock, but Anderson scampers for the ropes.  Angle takes Anderson down with a headlock.  Up, shoulder block, back down with the headlock.  Back up, Anderson hammers Angle with punches.  Angle back body drops Anderson and hits a snap suplex for 2.  Angle hits the 10 punches in the corner, whips him into the opposite corner, and charges.  Anderson avoids him.  Anderson yells at Angle and drives Angle’s dog tag into his head.  Angle is BUSTED WIDE OPEN!  Anderson hammers the bloody Angle.  Sick snap DDT gets 2 for Anderson.  Anderson cranks on a rear chin lock.  Angle fights out and makes his comeback.  Anderson kicks Angle in the face out of the corner.  Angle replies with a big belly to belly overhead suplex for 2.  Angle hits a clothesline for 2.  Angle hits the rolling Germans.  Anderson avoids the Angle Slam and hits the Lambeau Leap for 2.  Anderson tries to expose one of the turnbuckles, but gets caught by the referee.  While the referee is fixing it, Anderson exposes the opposite one.  Angle avoids the shot and hits the Angle Slam for 2.  Angle drops the straps and locks in the ankle lock.  Anderson counters his way out and stands in the corner with exposed buckle.  Angle charges, Anderson avoids it, Angle eats the exposed turnbuckle.  Anderson hits the Mic Check for the pin in 9:47.  Good match.  Anderson lays Kurt’s medal on his chest, then spits on him.

Eric Bischoff tells Mick Foley and Abyss to go at it tonight, because if they take it easy on each other, he’s going to make Abyss take his mask off.  He makes it a No DQ Match so they can use the barbed wire bat.  And they HAVE to use the barbed wire bat, or the mask is coming off.

Tenay and Taz talk about what we just saw.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Quarterfinal, No DQ Match: Abyss vs. Mick Foley.  They lock up and Abyss grabs a side head lock.  That’s a very odd thing to see in an Abyss/Mick Foley match.  Abyss drops Foley with a shoulder block.  Foley goes for the barbed wire bat, but Abyss cuts him off and beats him.  Abyss squashes Foley in the corner.  Crowd chants “USE THE BAT!”  Abyss picks it up, then puts it back down.  He doesn’t want to hurt Mick.  Foley slaps and punches him while yelling at him to use the bat.  Abyss fights back.  They brawl to the outside.  Abyss pulls a chair out of the front row (why are there empty seats in the front row?) and hits him in the back with it.  Foley continues to beat up Abyss while yelling at him to use the bat.  Back inside, Foley picks up the bat and charges Abyss.  Abyss gets the boot up to avoid it.  Abyss beats up Foley a bit.  Foley hits a spinning neckbreaker and continues to beat up Abyss.  Vintage Foley running inner thigh to the corner.  Foley pours Abyss’ bag of thumbtacks onto the mat.  Foley punches Abyss.  Abyss sets up the chokeslam, refuses to chokeslam Foley into the tacks, and just chokeslams in the clear part of the ring for 2.  Abyss finds Foley’s sock.  Foley avoids the Mandible Claw and hits the double arm DDT.  Foley takes the referee’s sock off and goes for Abyss.  Double Mandible Claw spot.  Foley, being the master of the move, gets the better of it.  The referee checks Abyss’ arm.  Foley releases the hold before the ref can end it.  Foley picks up the bat.  Abyss catches him with the Black Hole Slam into the tacks for the pin in 7:42.  Abyss seems upset at accidentally using the tacks.  He pulls the tacks out of Foley’s back.  This match was fun considering the storyline.

Christy Hemme interviews the “legendary” Nasty Boys.  Yeah.  Sags looks the exact same that he did in 1996.  Knobs just looks fatter.

Nasty Boys/Team 3D video package.

The Nasty Boys vs. Team 3D.  They brawl.  Well what did you expect, wrist locks?  3D sends the Nasty Boys out of the ring.  Nothing happens for a minute or two.  Seriously, nothing at all.  3D politely waits for the Nasties to come back into the ring.  Ray and Sags finally lock up.  Sags beats up Ray.  The Nastys beat up Ray.  Ray avoids the Pit Stop and hits a backdrop suplex and a leg drop for 2.  Devon tags in.  They call for the 3D, so Sags bails.  Crowd chants “WE WANT TABLES!”  Nothing happens for a little while again.  The Nastys get in the ring.  Devon fights them both and takes himself and Sags out of the ring.  Sags chokes Devon with his shirt.  Thankfully he had another shirt on under it.  Brother Ray comes around and knocks Sags into the camera man.  “Brother Ray just hits Sags like he owed him money.” -Taz.  Nastys get heat on Devon.  Brother Ray gets the hot tag and runs wild.  Ray and Sags fuck up a Rock Bottom.  WASSUP headbutt on Knobs.  3D on Sags.  Ray covers, but the referee is busy trying to get Devon out of the ring.  Knobs hits Devon with a helmet belonging to the previously unseen Jimmy Hart.  Sags pins Ray in 10:40.  So Jimmy Hart is back with the Nasty Boys.  The match wasn’t the train wreck I expected, but it wasn’t especially good either.

Bischoff talks to Samoa Joe backstage.  Joe says he’ll deal with AJ and for Bischoff to deal with Flair.  Bischoff tells Joe to keep his temper under control.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Semifinal: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan.  They milk the crowd for a minute before locking up.  Morgan over powers Pope.  Pope kicks at Morgan’s leg, dropkicks him into the ropes, and tries to whip him.  Morgan throws Pope out of the ring.  Morgan goes outside to beat up Pope.  Morgan keeps the heat on Pope back inside.  Revolving elbows in the corner for the second time tonight.  Morgan squashes Pope in the corner, then does the sidewalk drop.  Morgan with the over the top rope deal, the equivalent to Pope’s Coronation in that the move is impossible to describe without having to pause the match.  If you don’t know what the moves are and read my review to keep up… watch TNA just once to know what I’m talking about.  But I digress.  Pope fights out of a bearhug.  Morgan hits a fall away slam.  Pope counters Morgan with a DDT.  Pope makes his comeback.  Morgan avoids the Coronation and murders Pope with a discus lariat for 2.  Morgan yells at the ref for not counting fast enough.  Morgan hammers Pope in the corner.  Pope avoids the Carbon Footprint in the corner and hits the Elijah Express for the pin in 8:30.  Pretty good match, I thought.  Morgan is frustrated.

JB interviews Mr. Anderson.  ANDERSON!

8 Card Stud Tournament – Semifinal: Abyss vs. Ken Anderson.  Anderson throws punches and chops, fails at Irish whipping Abyss, ducks clotheslines, fails at cross bodying Abyss.  Anderson teases a test of strength, punches Abyss in the face, fails at slamming Abyss, gets slammed himself.  Abyss mows Anderson down with a big boot and clotheslines him to the floor.  Abyss rams Anderson’s face into the steps.  Ouch.  They brawl outside.  Back inside, Anderson takes Abyss down with a dropkick to the knee.  Anderson tries to take Abyss’ mask off.  Abyss fight him off.  Anderson chop blocks the leg and puts the boots to Abyss in the corner.  Anderson works the leg.  Abyss tries a chokeslam.  Anderson blocks it.  Abyss back body drops Anderson.  Abyss throws some punches and hits a sidewalk slam for 2.  Abyss avoids the Mic Check and hits the Shock Treatment for 2.  Abyss catches Anderson coming off the top and goes for a chokeslam.  Anderson fucks his mask up.  Abyss goozles the referee.  Anderson kicks Abyss’ leg and hits the Mic Check for the pin in 8:08.  It was alright.

Christy Hemme interviews AJ Styles and Ric Flair.  I guess Styles didn’t want to completely bleach his hair, but he has gotten highlights.

Styles/Samoa Joe video package.

Tale of the Tape.

Eric Bischoff is headed to the ring to referee the World Title match.  He runs into Hulk Hogan, who warns him to watch his temper.  “No shenanigans,” he says.  He tells Bischoff to call it right down the middle.  Bischoff agrees.  Hogan walks away.  “Dammit!” Bischoff says.  Throughout this, there’s a sign in the background that says “Please keep the Elephant door CLOSED when not in use.”  I don’t know what an elephant door is, but I found it funny.

Elaborate entrances and in-ring intros by JB.  Joe is cashing in his Feast Or Fired briefcase to get this title shot.  Styles now has a robe and looks ridiculous in it.  The robe has a hood.  Heh, neat.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Samoa Joe.  Eric Bischoff is the special referee.  Bischoff does a thorough job of checking both guys for foreign objects.  They lock up.  Styles bails immediately.  “JOE’S GONNA KILL YOU!” chant.  Styles tries to shoulder block Joe and fails, so he punches Joe in the face.  Joe BLASTS Styles with a shoulder block and hits him with a flurry of punches and strikers.  Joe squashes Styles in the corner and rocks him with a big kick.  Joe hits the knee in the corner.  Styles fights back, ducks a lariat, and gets decapitated with a leg lariat.  Cover gets 2 for Joe.  Joe throws some kicks.  AJ catches his leg and hits a Dragon screw leg whip.  Styles takes over and works Joe’s leg.  Styles goes for the figure-four, but Joe kicks him clear out of the ring.  Joe kills AJ with a tope suicida.  Styles takes a bump into the guardrail over it, which I’m almost certain is very unpleasant.  Joe takes Styles back inside.  Styles bails again and Joe gives pursuit.  Styles uses dirty tactics to get the advantage.  Styles moves the floor mats and goes for a suplex.  He fails.  Joe tries a suplex of his own, but Styles avoids it.  Joe blasts Styles with a chop and sends him back in.  Joe stalks Flair a bit and gets back in the ring to eat a dropkick.  They trade chops.  Styles goes for a Frankensteiner off the top, but Joe pushes him away and murders Styles again with a diving leg lariat for 2.  Styles charges Joe in the corner and gets dropped with a STO-like move.  Joe charges Styles in the corner, but Styles gets his feet up to knock Joe down and mounts him with some punches.  Bischoff yells at Styles.  Flair takes the opportunity to ram Joe’s leg into the post.  Styles goes after the leg again.  Joe fights out of the Muta Lock.  Styles applies the figure-four leglock.  Flair helps Styles get leverage.  Bischoff catches him and forces Styles to break the hold.  Joe backdrops Styles clear over the top rope and out of the ring.  Back inside, Joe makes his comeback.  Senton gets 2.  Snap powerslam gets 2.  Styles hits a springboard forearm and mounts Joe for more punches.  Joe replies with a slap rush.  Styles hits the Phenomenon for 2.  Styles sets up the Styles Clash, but Joe counters and goes for the choke.  It ends up being a cobra clutch suplex, which is awesome.  Joe goes for the Muscle Buster.  Flair grabs Joe’s leg.  Bischoff goes outside to deal with Flair.  Joe hits the Muscle Buster and covers.  Bischoff heads in and Flair pulls him out.  Bischoff decks Flair.  Joe yells at Bischoff and threatens him.  Styles hits the Pele kick and the Styles Clash for a very slow 3 count in 21:27.  So everybody in main events kicks out of the Styles Clash, but Joe can’t even kick out with a super slow count?  Flair yells at Bischoff to raise Styles’ hand.  The match was pretty good, but the finish made Joe look like a jackass.  Joe/Styles works much better with Styles playing AJ Styles as opposed to Styles playing a second rate Ric Flair.

Highlights of the tournament.

Christy Hemme interviews Mr. Anderson.  He calls the TNA title “the most prestigious championship in the entire freakin’ world.”  Hyperbole, much?

JB interviews The Pope.  The Band jumps Pope and kick his ass.

They tease that Pope isn’t going to come out for the final match.  Anderson tells the referee to ring the bell and count Pope out.

8 Card Stud Tournament – Final: Ken Anderson vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.  Pope makes his way out.  Anderson meets him in the ramp and attacks him.  Anderson runs back to the ring to break the count, then runs back to beat on Pope some more.  Pope fights back.  They finally get into the ring.  Anderson immediately bails, so Pope follows him out and they fight outside some more.  Anderson gets the advantage.  Pope is selling the knee that he’s been having trouble with lately.  Styles and Flair are shown watching on a monitor backstage.  Anderson finally gets in the ring and awaits his count-out victory.  He knocks Pope off the apron before he can get in.  Pope finally manages to get in the ring and hits Anderson with some strikes.  Pope fails suplex attempts and gets suplexed himself.  Cover gets 2 for Anderson Anderson.  Anderson stomps Pope’s hand.  Pope pimp slaps him and gets an inside cradle for 2.  Anderson drops some elbows and gets a pair of 2 counts.  Pope fights back with a flurry on punches.  Anderson takes him down and beats on him again.  Pope runs the ropes but gets caught with a knee to the middle for 2.  Anderson beats on Pope some more.  Pope makes another comeback.  Pope hits a vertical suplex, transitions into a German, tries to roll with it but gets cut off.  Pope drops Anderson with an STO for 2.  Pope hits the Elijah Express, but Anderson kicks out.  Anderson drops Pope and calls for his microphone to be dropped down from the ceiling.  He talks for a minute, then hits the Mic Check, but Pope kicks out!  Anderson is pissed.  He puts the boots to Pope and hits the Lambeau Leap.  He goes for the Kenton bomb, but Pope avoids it.  Pope avoids Anderson in the corner and hits the Elijah Express for the pin in 15:45.  The match started slow but really picked up towards the end.  Pope winning was a great story.

Destination X plug.

I wouldn’t call this a great show, but there was nothing offensively bad on it, which is a big step up from some of the pre-Hogan and Bischoff shows.  I really liked the story with Pope winning it all.

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