WWE ECW 2/9/10

WWE open.  Tiffany addresses the entire ECW roster.  ECW is about to end and they’ll all be free agents.  Tiffany is ready to party.  Zack Ryder has questions about his future, but fuck that, Tiffany wants to wear beads and drink red fruity drinks.  Woo Woo Woo, you know it!

ECW open, pyro and ballyhoo, Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton are our hosts.  Tonight, Shelton Benjamin takes on Vance Archer in a No DQ Match!

Savannah introduces the first match, where the winners will get a tag title shot next week on the final ECW!

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match: Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft.  Goldust and Barreta start.  Tatsu tags in and drops Barreta with a chop for 2.  Barreta schoolboys Yoshi for 2.  Yoshi gets beat up a bit, then tags in Goldust, who runs wild.  Croft tags in behind Goldust’s back and gets the advantage.  Commercials.  Bad guys get heat on Goldust.  Goldust finally backdrops Barreta and goes to make the hot tag… right after Barreta knocked Yoshi off the apron.  Goldust rallies and powerslams Barreta, then makes the hot tag.  Croft tags in as well.  Yoshi runs wild.  Kick to the middle gets 2.  Yoshi hits the spin kick off the top.  Barreta breaks the cover.  Goldust takes out Barreta.  Yoshi kicks Croft of the head for the pin in 12:05.  Fun formula tag match.

Ted Dibiase Hall of Fame video from Raw plays.  Commercials.

WWE.com plug.

Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) vs. Perry Wallace.  Zeke makes quick work of the erstwhile Luke Hawx.  Uranage gets the pin in 1:12.

Regal cuts a promo.  He wants another title shot for Zeke.  Zeke speaks as well, quoting the Book of Ezekiel.  Hey, he should use that name for his finish.

Benjamin vs. Archer TONIGHT!  Commercials!

Raw Rebound.

Matthews and Saxton hype the Elimination Chamber card.

Backstage, Christian accepts Ezekiel Jackson’s challenge for the ECW Championship next week, with the added provision that it’s an Extreme Rules Match!

Shelton Benjamin comes out and cuts a promo.  He says he wasn’t happy when he first came to ECW, but he came around.  He then talks about his opponent tonight, Vance Archer.  Commercials!

Two big championship matches next week on the final episode of ECW!

No DQ, No Count-Outs Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer.  They lock up and go at it.  Benjamin gets the better of it and Archer bails to regroup.  They go at it some more.  Shelton with a schoolboy into a half crab.  Archer escapes, goes up top, and gets kicked to the floor by Benjamin.  Commercials!  Archer grabs a Singapore cane from under the ring.  Benjamin blocks the shot with a steel chair, hits Archer in the middle, then winds up for a big shot.  Archer moves and Shelton bails the steps.  Archer drops Shelton across the barricade and nails him with a big boot, then hammers him with punches.  Back inside, Archer continues to beat up Benjamin.  The referee stops the match so the ringside medic can close a little cut on Benjamin’s head.  Okay, this “NO BLOOD” policy is fucking ridiculous.  After that stupidity, Shelton gets his second win and goes for a monkey flip out of the corner, but Archer drives him down to the mat for a 2 count.  Archer exposes the top turnbuckle and drives Shelton into it.  Match drags on.  Shelton rallies and lands a big kick for 2.  Archer avoids the Stinger Splash, but Shelton hits a blockbuster.  Shelton hits the Paydirt for the pin in 14:02.  If you didn’t see this match, you didn’t miss anything.

Not as good a show as ECW has been recently.  Next week’s final show should be awesome, though.


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