Florida Championship Wrestling 2/7/10

My first time watching FCW.  I just had to check out this show.

Steve Keirn opens the show to talk about the passing of Jack Brisco.  They do a 10 bell salute.  Brisco tribute video from Raw.

FCW open, ballyhoo sans pyro.

Some chick interviews Heath Slater, who will be the guest referee in tonight’s main event.

Wade Barrett and Byron Saxton are our hosts.

Savannah is the ring announcer!  This place is a lot like ECW.

Handicap Match for FCW Florida Tag Team Championship: The Fortunate Sons (Joe Hennig & Brett Dibiase) (c) vs. The Dudebusters (Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta, & Caylen Croft).  Barreta jumps Dibiase to start.  Dibiase drops him, then tags in Hennig.  Hawkins tags in.  Hennig drops him with a dropkick, then hits a gutwrench suplex for 2.  Dibiase back in, hits a springboard cross body on Hawkins for 2.  Hawkins rolls to the apron and tries to ram Dibiase’s head into the turnbuckle, but fails.  Dibiase gets pulled outside and beaten up.  Croft tags in and beats up Dibiase.  Insta-commercials.  Dibiase plays face in peril.  I love the heel British announcer, Barrett.  Hot tag to Hennig, who runs wild on Croft.  Hennig goes for the Perfect Plex, fails, hits a Northern Lights suplex, Barreta saves.  Dibiase comes in.  Hawkins hits an Alley Oop on him.  Hennig drops Hawkins.  Croft attacks Hennig from behind.  Hennig counters a double team and hits the Perfect Plex on Croft for the pin (about 6 minutes shown).  Fine little match.

Divas tag team action is next!

Michael Tarver cuts a promo.

Edge is coming to FCW on February 12!

Liviana & Naomi Knight vs. Eve Torres & AJ Lee.  Eve is Lee’s mystery partner.  Eve starts, but Knight wants Lee.  Lee tags in and they go at it.  It’s not good.  Liviana tags in and schoolgirls Lee for 2.  Lee tries to make the tag, but fails.  Liviana applies a camel clutch.  Knight tags in.  Lee continues to play face in peril.  Hot tag to Eve, who runs wild.  Senton on Knight gets 2.  Liviana runs in.  Lee goes after her, but gets thrown out of the ring.  Eve takes out Liviana, then hits a moonsault press on Knight for the pin in 3:55.  When Eve is the best worker in the match, something is very wrong.

The match that is the reason I’m watching this show is NEXT!

Edge comes to FCW on February 12!  BE THERE!

Bryan Danielson vs. Kaval.  They shake hands.  Glad to see they’re still observing the Code of Honor.  They lock up.  Kaval backs Danielson into the ropes.  Clean break.  They do a weird bridge spot.  Kaval knees Danielson in the gut for a 2 count.  Twice.  Awesome chain wrestling.  Kaval dropkicks Danielson in the face a couple of times, then kicks him again for 2.  Awesome stuff.  Glad to see Kaval still kicks the fuck out of the people.  He proceeds to kick the fuck out of Danielson.  Danielson throws some kicks of his own.  Danielson works on Kaval’s elbow.  Danielson gets a couple of 2 counts from different pinning predicaments.  Kaval throws some more vicious kicks at Danielson, with a couple of elbow smashes thrown in.  Danielson attacks the elbow again.  Kaval hits a sunset flip into a double stomp for 2.  Danielson with an awesome butterfly suplex into a cross armbreaker.  Kaval gets a rope break.  Danielson slams Kaval, then comes off the top with a diving headbutt, but Kaval gets his feet up to counter out.  Kaval with a screaming dropkick for 2.  Danielson goes for a butterfly superplex.  Kaval fights him off, headbutts him down, and hits the Warrior’s Way for the pin in 8:42.  Awesome match.

Justin Angel cuts a promo.

Edge!  Edge!  EDGE!

Savannah introduces the main event!

FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship Match: Justin Angel (c) vs. Michael Tarver.  Heath Slater is the Special Guest Referee.  Angel uses Candice Michelle’s old music.  That’s funny and sad.  They trade holds.  Angel gets a la magistral for 2.  They fight outside.  Angel hits a leg lariat off of the steps.  Insta-commercials.  Edge!  Angel works Tarver’s arm.  Tarver tries to fight out of the hold, but Angel keeps it clamped on.  Tarver finally fights out and slams Angel into the post.  Cover gets 2.  Tarver keeps the heat up.  BIG back body drop gets 2.  Back outside.  Angel back body drops Tarver across the steps.  Ouch.  Back inside.  Angel goes up top.  Tarver rolls away.  Angel drops down.  Tarver hits a powerslam.  Slater makes a very quick 2 count.  Angel avoids a punch and hits an STO.  He goes for a springboard moonsault.  Tarver avoids it and gets a fast 2.  A confused Tarver KO punches Slater.  They drag Slater out and another referee comes in.  Angel hits a 450 splash for the pin (about 8 minutes shown).  Match was fine.  Angel celebrates.

The show ends with an old clip of Gordon Solie closing out the old Championship Wrestling from Florida program.  “Goodbye from the sunshine state.”  Neat!

Interesting show.  Everything was fine but the awful divas match.  Danielson vs. Kaval was awesome.

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