WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 1/29/10

WWE open. Tonight on Smackdown, DX defends the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship against the Straight Edge Society’s CM Punk & Luke Gallows. DX makes their way to the ring as Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show.

DX starts to do their pre-match spiel, but are interrupted by Rey Mysterio Jr. Mysterio is offended that Michaels thinks it’s a foregone conclusion that The Undertaker is going to beat Mysterio at the Royal Rumble. DX no sells him as any kind of threat. Mysterio says he’ll beat The Undertaker this Sunday. He and Michaels threaten each other. The Straight Edge Society or Punk, Gallows, and Serena comes out. Punk says tonight, he and Gallows will become Tag Team Champions. Triple H tells Punk he’s relieved to know that he’s straight, but nobody cares about his abstinence from alcohol. Triple H says he doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs either, but he doesn’t look like a crack head. He recommends that Punk take a shower. Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out and screws us out the advertised main event, canceling the Tag title match and making Mysterio vs. Michaels and Punk vs. Triple H for tonight. Commercials.

WWE Rewind: Last week, CM Punk shaved Serena’s head.

CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows & Serena) vs. Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Triple H. They lock up. Hunter takes Punk over with a side headlock. Triple H drops Punk with a clothesline for 2, then works the side headlock again. They go back and forth for a bit, trading blows. Hunter goes for the Pedigree, but Punk escapes the predicament and bails. Triple H pulls him back in the ring, then gets distracted by Gallows, which allows Punk to hit the springboard clothesline. Insta-commercial. Punk works over Triple H. Hunter blocks a suplex attempt and suplexes Punk. Punk drops Hunter with a kick to the head for 2. Hunter fights back and hits the spinebuster. Both guys make it to their feet. Triple H makes his comeback. Knee to the face, followed by punches. Triple H tells Punk to suck it, then drops him with a punch for 2. Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Punk backdrops him out. Punk hits the knee in the corner and goes for the bulldog, but Triple H hits a shin breaker and locks in the figure-four leglock. Triple H uses the ropes for leverage. Serena distracts the referee, allowing Gallows to deck Triple H to break the hold. Punk goes for the Go 2 Sleep. Hunter counters and goes for the Pedigree. Serena jumps on Triple H’s back to cause the DQ (9:21 shown). The Straight Edge Society beats down Triple H and teases shaving his head, but Shawn Michaels runs in for the save. They clothesline Gallows out of the ring. Punk uses Serena as a shield to escape. Michaels teases superkicking her, but she bails. Triple H stomps on Punk’s clippers. Good little match.

Tonight, Rey Mysterio takes on Shawn Michaels, plus Drew McIntyre defends the Intercontinental Championship against John Morrison in a No DQ Match!

Chris Jericho is headed our way!

WWE.com plug.

Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth.  These two have been having their issues lately.  They lock up.  Jericho does some stuff, then Truth clotheslines him out of the ring and tries to dive on him.  Jericho avoids it and R-Truth crashes and burns.  Insta-commercial.  Jericho works over R-Truth.  Truth hits a clothesline and starts making a comeback.  Truth takes Jericho over with a head scissors and hits a kick for 2.  Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but R-Truth counters into an inside cradle for 2.  R-Truth avoids the Codebreaker by holding onto the ropes, then pins Jericho with a jackknife hold (4:55 shown).  Fine little match.

They show the Undertaker/Mysterio confrontation from last week, and Batista’s subsequent attack on Mysterio.

Josh Matthews interviews Batista.  Batista says he’ll hurt anyone who gets in his way of winning the Royal Rumble.

John Morrison is headed our way!

Royal Rumble hype video.

Bullshit WWE “fact” of the week.

John Morrison comes out and cuts a promo, leading to…

No DQ Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. John Morrison.  Morrison kicks McIntyre’s ass to start.  These two have been engaged in quite the rivalry.  Morrison clotheslines McIntyre out of the ring and follows him out, but McIntyre surprises him with blows from a Singapore cane he pulled from under the ring.  Back into the ring, cover gets 2.  McIntyre works over Morrison.  Morrison starts fighting back and McIntyre bails.  He tries to take the belt and leaves, but Morrison stops him and throws him back in the ring.  McIntyre manages to get back on the offensive.  Insta-commercial.  McIntyre continues to beat up Morrison.  Morrison avoids the double arm DDT and goes for the Flying Chuck, but McIntyre pushes Morrison out of the ring.  They fight into the crowd.  Back at the ringside area, Morrison wails on McIntyre with the Singapore cane.  McIntyre thumbs Morrison in the eye, then tries to use the cane, but Morrison hip tosses him onto the steps.  Ouch.  Back into the ring, cover gets 2.  Morrison goes for the Starship Pain, but McIntyre gets his knees up.  McIntyre hits the double arm DDT onto the belt for the pin (8:14 shown).  Pretty good match here.

Mysterio vs. Michaels is still to come!

Plug for the Royal Rumble theme song.

Shot of downtown Cincinnati.

The Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool comes to the ring.  She makes fun of Mickie James.  I’m so motherfucking sick of this motherfucking angle.  They show the retarded, food-related shenanigans from last week.  She issues an open challenge.  Mickie James’ music hits, and Layla comes out in a fat suit and a pig nose.  Whoever came up with this angle, I hope his dick turns black and falls off.  The bell rings and there’s a referee, so I guess we officially have…

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Michelle McCool (c) vs. Layla in a fat suit pretending to be Mickie James, who isn’t fat at all.  Seriously, whoever is booking this shit needs to fuck off and die.  Michelle leads Layla around the ringside area holding a donut in front of her.  Michelle trips Layla and pins her in 53 seconds.  I love Striker, but I kinda want to punch him in the dick for playing along with this retarded shit on commentary.

Mysterio/Michaels is still to come, and hopefully won’t piss me off as much as the previous segment.

Royal Rumble “By The Numbers” video.

Grisham and Striker hype the Royal Rumble card.

Shawn Michaels is walking in the back.  He runs into Batista, who tells him to stay out of his way at the Rumble.  Michaels tells Batista he always thought he was overrated.  Batista says “Maybe I should…” but Triple H interrupts before he can reveal what he should maybe do.  Batista bitches down to Hunter.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels.  Michaels works a headlock to start.  Once they get back to their feet, Michaels hits Mysterio with a bunch of chops.  Michaels just fucking throws Mysterio out of the ring.  Back inside, Mysterio hits a deja-vu that puts Michaels in 619 position.  Michaels bails to avoid it and collect himself.  Back inside, Michaels chops Mysterio some more.  Mysterio bails, but Michaels follows him out and chops him again.  Back inside.  Michaels stomps Mysterio in the face.  Michaels avoids the 619.  Mysterio avoids the superkick.  Mysterio ranas Michaels and himself out of the ring.  Insta-commercial.  Raw plug.  Back to action, with Mysterio hammering Michaels.  Mysterio attacks Michaels’ leg.  Michaels throws more chops while selling the leg.  He drops Mysterio with a neckbreaker.  Mysterio hops to the top rope, but Michaels hits him, causing him to get tied to the tree of woe for a moment, but then he falls.  Mysterio goes for a Frankensteiner,  but Michaels catches his leg and locks him in a modified figure-four leglock.  Mysterio gets out of it and rocks Michaels with an enzuigiri.  They trade blows.  Mysterio kicks at the bad leg.  Michaels drops Mysterio and nips up.  Mysterio hits a rana and a springboard Bombs Away for 2.  Mysterio drops Michaels and goes for the springboard splash, but Michaels gets his knees up.  Michaels hits the diving elbow drop and warms up the band for the Sweet Chin Music.  Mysterio cuts him off with a rolling kick and hits the 619.  Mysterio springboards, but flies right into a midair superkick.  Batista runs in and spears Michaels to cause the DQ (about 12 minutes shown).  Pretty good match.  Batista hits a spinebuster on Mysterio and sets up Michaels for the Batista Bomb, but Triple H runs out for the save.  Spinebuster to Batista, then clotheslines him and takes them both out of the ring.  Michaels and Mysterio try to make it to their feet.  The lights go out and the gong sounds.  The World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker, appears and double chokeslams Michaels and Mysterio.

Good show, except for the Piggy James shit I fucking hate.  Next stop, Royal Rumble!

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